The Board

May 2018 – May 2019 (Note, chair elections in June)

  • Kelly Falsani, Vice President
    I’m a 5 plus year resident of Armatage and my wife and I believed that getting involved early on would be a great way to meet neighbors, learn about the neighborhood and its priorities. We have a six year old boy and almost four year old girl. We look forward to being involved in this community and the city’s community for years to come.
  • Judy Vecere, Treasurer
    Originally from New Jersey, I moved to Minneapolis to be close to my granddaughter. I’ve lived in Armatage since 2011 and joined the board to become involved in the community and learn about our city.
  • Ryan Antkowiak, Secretary
    My family moved to Minneapolis from Milwaukee, in 2015. My wife, Erin, has siblings that live here and we wanted our boys, Ezra (5) & Ames (2) to grow up with their cousins. We fell in love with the Armatage Neighborhood due to the proximity to the Lakes, 50th & France, downtown Minneapolis, and the airport. It was also important to us to raise our kids in a diverse, city environment. I chose to get involved with ANA because I wanted to meet people in my neighborhood as well as learn about the history of the community in which I live.
  • Tara Brown
    Originally from Indiana, I’ve lived in the twin cities for 10 year and now in the Armatage neighborhood with my husband and two girls for seven years. I joined the board because I wanted to be more involved in the neighborhood. You’ll find me on the ice rink, at the playground, or in my front yard garden.
  • Adriana Dobrzycka
  • Joel Federer
    My wife and two young boys have lived in the Armatage neighborhood for nearly two years. I am running for the ANA board because I want to be more civicly engaged and give back to the community. I want to learn what is important to the residents of Armatage, listen to their ideas, and figure out ways to make them a reality. I want to help build and strengthen our community. I want to have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact on our neighborhood, and surrounding areas, through a variety of methods including family-fun activities, educational and support programs, and potentially renewable energy initiatives.
  • Jim Hoch
    My wife Liz and I have lived in the Armatage neighborhood since 1995. Due to twice daily walks, everyone in a 10 block radius of our house knows my dog Hazel; I’m just the guy on the other end of the leash. My work travel schedule has become more flexible and now allows me the opportunity to be more involved with the ANA. I believe in a strong, vibrant neighborhood. I believe I can bring additional ideas to the organization which will help leverage the ANA’s limited resources to achieve the greatest positive impact on our neighborhood. I am a small business owner with our office located in North Minneapolis.
  • Michael Kootsikas
    Michael and his wife moved back to home in 2015 after living in Chicago to be close to family. In fact, they now live two doors down from Michael’s brother and his wife who moved into the neighborhood in 2010. Michael and Metra are excited to be raising their family in a wonderful neighborhood with such great neighbors! Michael retired from the financial world when he left Chicago and now enjoys his career as a Realtor.
  • Laurel Luxenberg
    My wife Rebecca and I moved to Minneapolis from Portland, OR, in 2012. We moved to armatage in 2014, five months before our daughter was born. I joined the board because I think it’s important to be involved in my community, and would eventually like to get more involved in local politics. Avid Seahawks and Lynx fan!
  • Tyler Mulcahey
  • Stephanie Vigen
    I moved to the Armatage neighborhood about 4-1/2 years ago and I definitely enjoy living in the city. I work in supply chain where I collaborate with cross-functional teams to improve business processes. At work, I am also involved in a Corporate Volunteer Council as well as a Net Impact group which fosters engagement in corporate responsibility and sustainability. In my life, I am passionate about animals (I have two cats), the lakes, design, and the arts. I would like to join the Armatage board to develop a greater connection with the people in my neighborhood and to help others become more involved in their communities.