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Neighborhoods 2020

Want to keep the Summer Festival, Halloween at the Park, Happy Hours, rain garden funding, Fire on Ice, forums on pressing community issues, neighborhood newsletter and eNews, or security rebates? These and more are all services provided and supported by the Armatage Neighborhood Association. Funding for neighborhood groups like ANA and the events we support runs out next year.

The City of Minneapolis is reviewing new guidelines, funding, and whether neighborhood organizations will continue to exist to support our community’s needs. The vision of Neighborhoods 2020 is to have an inclusive community where all people are valued, all communities are engaged, and leadership mirrors the great diversity of the city. See the new recommendations at and submit your comments in support of continued funding and support for neighborhoods in one of the following ways:

*Leave text message or voicemail: (612) 440-5762.
*Write to: Neighborhood and Community Relations
105 5th Ave South, Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Call 612-673-3737

Please cc the ANA at and Council Member Linea Palmisano at Thanks for making your voice heard.

February 19, 2019 Agenda

February 19, 2019 Agenda

  • 6:30pm    Welcome
  • 6:35pm   Southwest Parks & Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plans
    • Madeline Hudek, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
    • Mike Jischke, Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Citizen Advisory Committee
  • 6:55pm    Minnehaha Creek Master Plan
  • 7:05pm    Park Update:
    • Washburn Tot Lot celebration
    • Egg Hunt
  • 7:10pm    2018 Annual Report
  • 7:15pm    Neighborhoods 2020
  • 7:35pm    Other New Business
  • 7:40pm    President’s Report
    • SSL Certificate
  • 7:45pm    Secretary Report – minutes approved via email
  • 7:47pm    Treasurer Report – financials emailed
  • 7:50pm    Committee Updates
    • Green Team
    • Micro-grant program
  • 8:10pm   Coordinator Update
    • Summer Festival
    • Annual Meeting initial planning

Southwest Parks Plan Initial Concept Designs

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board released initial concept designs for each Southwest park and Minnehaha Creek.

See the designs for Armatage Park, Washburn Tot Lot, the triangle at 58th & Oliver and Minnehaha Creek by clicking on the following link: Armatage Neighborhood_SW and MPRT concepts

Your Feedback is Needed!

Take the online survey at the SW Parks Plan project page (open through March 31)

Take the online survey for the Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail at the project page

Drop off a comment: All 13 Southwest Minneapolis Recreation Centers as well as MPRB Headquarters and Parade Ice Arena have a printed packet of concept designs, along with comment cards and drop-off boxes.

Attend a workshop: each workshop has the same format and park design concepts and includes kids’ activities and refreshments.

Thursday, January 31, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm                                                                        Lynnhurst Recreation Center, 1345 W Minnehaha Parkway                                                           This workshop will also have information on the Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan.

Monday, February 4, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center, 4055 Nicollet Ave. S

Thursday, February 7, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm
Whittier Recreation Center, 425 W 26th St.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm
Jones-Harrison Residence, Centrum Room, 3700 Cedar Lake Ave.

January 15, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: January 15th, 2019

Called to Order: 6:30PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Tyler Mulcahey (Secretary)

Board members in attendance: Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Lara Bergman, Brett Anderson, Adriana Dobrzycka, Ryan Antokwiak, Judy Vecere, Tara Brown, Michael Kootsikas, Stephanie Vigen, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator)

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland, Meg Hobday

Board members absent: Jim Hoch

Guest / Donation Request — Meg Hobday, My Very Own Bed (
:: Goal for 2019 is to deliver 600 beds; Beds are sourced from Medallion Sleep Products; Cost of each bed is around $120 ($100 for mattress & boxspring and $20 for metal frame). There is a $60 “dream kit” delivered along with the bed, but those costs are typically covered by personal and corporate donors.
:: No beds were donated last year to kids in Armatage. ~34% of beds were donated to kids in Minneapolis. Kids are chosen for beds via “referrals” from community groups, etc. Kids have to be older than age 2 since the beds provided do not come with safety rails.
:: Growth of the program in years to come will come from more funding, more referral partners, and more awareness
:: Other ways to get involved – Volunteering, donation drives, fleece tie blanket drive
:: Board discussed donating to My Very Own Bed…  Motion for board to postpone decision until February board meeting. Board wants to put together criteria for donations & microgrants before making a decision. Motion approved.

Park Update, Nikki Friederich —

  • Fire on Ice Skating Party – Friday, January 25th from 6:30-8:30pm… Little campfire, hot cocoa, s’mores, popcorn, and a DJ with music
  • Ice rinks are still open. Hours and locations can be found here:
    Ice rinks will be closing around February 18th.
  • Thinking of movie ideas for Movies in the Park for Armatage & Kenny neighborhoods… Send any movie suggestions you have to Nikki, preferably a kid movie, PG or PG13
  • SW Parks Plan Initial Concept Workshops – Earliest one is coming up on January 31st from 6-8pm, open house style, refreshments, kids activities
  • Washburn Tot Lot – Launch/official open party this spring, ANA board to plan

Pedestrian Safety Follow-up — Board to compile list of changes we would like to see. Grassroots effort may be needed. Safety committee to be created for accountability. Joel to finalize and distribute “please use the crosswalks” signs to businesses.

Red Wagon Pizza Company Liquor License Application — Board decided to remain neutral on this matter. Lauren to write a letter stating some concerns that some may have (i.e. expectations of liquor training, responsible serving, etc.) to prevent another accident from having like the one that happened at 54th & Penn.

Summer Festival 2019 — Discussion on this postponed to February board meeting. Lauren to follow up with Nikki (previous Coordinator) for more information regarding the planning of this event. All board members are expected to make it to the Summer Festival if they are able to. Summer Festival to take place on Sunday, August 11th.

President’s Report — Welcome Brett Anderson & Lara Bergman to the board! Brett & Lara to send Joel a 3rd-person bio for the website. The rest of the board should review their bios and update, as needed. Please have this to Joel by the next board meeting in February.

As a reminder, a motion was approved by the board to continue Rachel Ireland’s account contract.

Secretary Report –– December minutes approved via e-mail

Treasurer Report –– Financials e-mailed

Committee Updates —

  • Community Engagement – Next Armatage Neighborhood Happy Hour on March 12th; Put out a tip jar at the next happy hour and encourage attendees to tip for pizza provided by the board.
  • Micro-grant program – Discussion around the application process – we’ll need to make it easy for people. Need to get the word out via multiple channels. Reach out to people who we think could benefit from the micro-grant program and encourage them to apply. Need to look into funding source. Need to put together criteria for selection/eligibility.
    Examples of grants done by other neighborhoods – Community activities, activities in the park, movie in the park, advocacy event (i.e. safety)
    Adriana & Stephanie to provide an outline of what their thoughts are on all of this via e-mail for the board to look over.
  • Green team – Laurel was the chair of the green team, but is no longer on the board. Tara Brown isn’t on the green team either. If anyone would like to chair this committee or be a part of it, let Tara know ASAP. Otherwise, Tara will motion at the next board meeting to dissolve this committee.
    • Next Fix It Clinic is taking place on March 9th from 12-4pm

Coordinator Update —

  • Newsletter update – Instead of using a graphic designer and paying $1,200/year to hire that person, proposal to use and pay for the following computer programs so Lauren can create newsletters, etc. herself. Motion to approve $350 towards the computer programs below. Motion approved by the board.
    • Adobe Creative Cloud – $245 for the first year
    • QuickBooks for Mac – $50/year
    • Acrobat Pro – $55/year
  • Neighborhoods 2020 – It sounds like there will be some basic funding cuts that neighborhoods get. Our budget could be smaller in the future.
  • Social media – Looking at social media streams over last couple months. Not getting a lot of visibility on Facebook. Would like to potentially do a $30 Facebook ad later this year to get more page likes to increase our engagement. Lauren also asked the board to engage, like, comment, share posts, provide ideas/content for social posts, to get more engagement. Tara brought up boosting Facebook events instead of the Facebook page itself.
  • Community Connections Conference – Saturday, February 2nd – Provided by NCR. Free event.
  • Upcoming Ward 13 Summit with Linnea Palmisano – To take place late February – 2040 Comp Plan (next steps of implementation) and Neighborhoods 2020 will be on the agenda
  • CPP Report – Bringing to the next board meeting.
  • Will be printing less agendas at the next board meetings; Board members can use their phones to look at the agenda to save on paper

New Business — None

Meeting Adjourned: 8:49PM

Next Meeting: February 19th • 6:30pm

January 4, 2019 eNews

Tuesday, January 8
7:00-9:00 • Red Wagon Pizza

Join your neighbors for some free pizza and conversation at our first Neighborhood Happy Hour of 2019! Meet neighbors and board members and hear all about what’s happening in Armatage. Cash bar. Help tipping our servers is always appreciated.

Fire on Ice Family Skating Party

Let us know you’re coming to Fire on Ice at Armatage!

Public Hearing Notice

The City of Minneapolis will hold a Public Hearing on January 8, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. or shortly thereafter at Minneapolis City Hall, Room 317, 350 South 5th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415 on Pizzeria Lola‘s application to upgrade its current license from On-Sale Wine/Strong Beer to On-Sale Liquor with no live entertainment, with Sunday Sales.

The City is collecting comments on this application – please send them to Inspector Mohamed Ismail at 612-673-3904 or

Protect Your Personal Information This Tax Season

Tips from the Minnesota Department of Revenue:

As the income tax filing season approaches, beware of scams attempting to steal your personal information. Individuals or organizations may falsely represent themselves as being from the department. Use caution and never provide personal information unless you are sure the situation is legitimate.

When we contact you by phone, mail, or email, we will never:

  • Demand immediate payment without first mailing a letter.
  • Demand that you pay taxes and not allow you to question or appeal the amount you owe.
  • Require that you pay your taxes a certain way, such as with a prepaid debit card.
  • Threaten to contact police or law enforcement agencies to arrest you for not paying.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue will never ask you to provide, update, or verify personal information if you did not previously email us. Do not respond to such emails, and contact us with questions or concerns. If you are concerned about a possibly fraudulent contact from someone claiming to be from the department, call us at 651-296-3781 or 1-800-652-9094 (toll-free). We can determine if the contact you received was legitimate.

January 10, 2019 eNews

January 15, 2019 Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Guest and Donation Request: Meg O’Brien, My Very Own Bed
  • Park Update:
    • Fire on Ice Skating Party
    • SW Parks Plan Initial Design Concept Workshops
  • Pedestrian Safety Follow up
  • Red Wagon Pizza Company Liquor License Application
  • Summer Festival 2019
  • President’s Report
  • Secretary Report – minutes approved via email
  • Treasurer Report – financials emailed
  • Committee Updates
    • Community Engagement
    • Micro-grant program
    • Green Team
  • Coordinator Update
    • Newsletter update
    • Neighborhoods 2020
    • Social media
    • Community Connections Conference – February 2
    • 2018 CPP Report
    • Upcoming Ward 13 Summit
  • New Business

Upcoming meetings/events
Jan 25 – Fire on Ice Family Skating Party (6:30-8:30 pm)
Feb 19 – Monthly Meeting (6:30-8:00 pm)
Mar 9 – Fix-it Clinic (12:00-4:00 pm)
Mar 12 – Neighborhood Happy Hour (7:00-9:00 pm)
Mar 19 – Monthly Meeting (6:30-8:00 pm)

Celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board will host three events at recreation centers on January 21 to honor Dr. King’s life and legacy. Each event is free and open to the public. Join for one, two or all three and please consider bringing a non-perishable food item for the Feeding the Dream Food Drive.

Lunch and performances

Powderhorn Recreation Center11:00am – 2:00pm
Celebrate the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. with performances and lunch. Doors open at 11 am for this free, family friendly event. Volunteers are welcome!

Music, dance and soul food 

Central Gym3:00 – 4:00 pm: Come and celebrate the life and movement of Dr. King. This event will be open to the public with recitals, choirs, music, dance, a guest speaker, and an old-fashioned soul food dinner.

Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration 

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
The holiday culminates with this annual celebration, featuring keynote speaker Paul Robinson, Senior Community Leadership Manager at The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation and Pastor at Grace Outreach Covenant Church, performances and guest speakers, and presentation of MPRB’s annual Living the Dream Award to Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council Vice President (Ward 8).

Fire on Ice Family Skating Party

Let us know you’re coming to Fire on Ice at Armatage!

Upcoming Town Hall Meeting

Senator Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis), Representative Frank Hornstein (61A), and new Representative Jamie Long (61B) invite their constituents to attend a town hall meeting on Saturday, January 26 from 10:00am – 12:00pm. This event is an opportunity to preview the upcoming legislative session, ask questions, share stories and perspectives, and meet their elected officials.

When: Saturday, January 26 from 10:00am – 12:00pm
Where: Mount Olivet Church (Administration Building, Door #3)
5025 Knox Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419
Who: Senator Scott Dibble, Rep Frank Hornstein, Rep Jamie Long
Further Details:

  • Parking: Free street parking is available in the Mount Olivet parking lot. Look for the Administration Building sign and enter door #3.
  • Transit: Metro Transit buses number 4 and 46 stop less than a block from the venue, at the intersection of James Ave. S and W. 50th Street.
  • Biking: There is a bike rack located along James Ave S.

Help Shape the Future of SW Parks

The Southwest Parks Planning team will host four upcoming Initial Concept Workshops in January and February. Everyone is invited: please bring family, friends, neighbors and others! Each workshop has the same format and park design concepts and includes kids’ activities and refreshments. Photo credit: Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Thursday, January 31, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm
Lynnhurst Recreation Center, 1345 W Minnehaha Parkway
This workshop will also have information on the Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan.

Monday, February 4, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center, 4055 Nicollet Ave. S

Thursday, February 7, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm
Whittier Recreation Center, 425 W 26th St.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm
Jones-Harrison Residence, Centrum Room, 3700 Cedar Lake Ave.

Can’t make it? All of the initial park concepts on display at the public workshops will also be posted to the SW Parks Plan project page ( on Jan. 31, along with a link to an online survey where anyone can submit feedback on any design.

Hot Notes on a Cold Night Cabaret

Saturday, February 9 – 6:30 -11:00 pm
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church (3420 Irving Avenue, Minneapolis)

For tickets and to Register click below or Text HotNotes to 52182

Hot Notes on a Cold Night Cabaret celebrates the high-quality Theatre, Dance, Choral, Orchestra, Guitar and Band programs at Minneapolis’s largest public high school. This year, it will cost over $100,000.00 to fund the Performing Arts at Southwest. Minneapolis Public Schools pays approximately $2,500 of that. Hot Notes is where we close that gap.

December 18 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: December 18th, 2018

Called to Order: 6:32PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Tyler Mulcahey (Secretary)

Board members in attendance: Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Judy Vecere, Adriana Dobrzychka, Ryan Antkowiak, Stephanie Vigen, Michael Kootsikas, Jim Hoch, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator)

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland

Board members absent: Tara Brown

Special Election for ANA Board Seats 4 and 8 (Both terms: May 2017 – May 2019)
Prospective board members:
Brett Anderson, Lara Bergman, Eli Johnson, Tim Bina

New board members voted in:

(1) Brett Anderson
(2) Lara Bergman

President’s Report – Thank you to everyone for coming and those who stepped up to run for the two board positions tonight.

Secretary Report – November minutes approved via e-mail

Treasurer Report – Financials e-mailed (to request a copy of the financials from this month, email

Park Update, Nikki Friederich

  • Fire on Ice event on 01/25/2018 from 6:30-8:30pm – Asking the board to have the ANA board provide $250 to help fund the event. Motion to approve $250. Approved by the board.
  • Armatage rinks will be open this weekend. Rinks open 12:00PM each day. Rinks are closed on 12/24, 12/25, 12/31, and 01/01. Buildings will be closed on 12/25 and 12/31.

Committee Updates —

  • Micro Grant Update – Ariana had the opportunity to speak with some nearby neighborhoods to discuss and see what is best for our neighborhood to implement. Work in progress.
  • Next Armatage Neighborhood Happy Hour – January 8th from 7-9pm
  • Michael Kootsikas gives out “welcome bags” to those who are just moving into the neighborhood. If anyone knows of any businesses in the neighborhood that would like to contribute to items in these bags, please contact Michael.

Coordinator Update

  • Business safety rebate program – A few businesses in the neighborhood would like to take advantage of this program. Lauren wanted to get clarification if the purchase and installation of security cameras are eligible for the program. The board agreed that these would be allowed. Lauren will update the ANA website.
    • 49 Armatage residents have taken advantage of the program so far ($4,096.80 used up so far. We had allocated $10,000 for residents and $10,000 for businesses for 2018)
    • Motion to continue the same funding for 2019 as we did for 2018. $10,000 for residents and $10,000 for businesses with same rules/eligibility. Motioned approved.
  • Jan print newsletter
    • Budget – Typically spend a little under $1,100 for each print newsletter that goes to every newsletter & business in the neighborhood.
      • Motion for board to approve budget for each print newsletter: $1,100 for printing, $300 for outsourcing/insourcing graphic design as needed, and $235.59 for postage for total of $1,650. Motion approved.
    • Board feature – Fire & Ice event, New Year resolution, board member feature (Joel Federer for January issue); Save the Date for the garage sale; Save the Date for annual meeting
    • Passed around a “thank you” from the Crisis Nursery for the donation received from the Christmas tree lighting event

2019 Accounting Contract – In 2018, Rachel’s accounting services were $700.

Motion to approve new contract to be for the calendar year of January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. Hourly wage is $40/hour not to exceed 25 hours total for the year (Yearly wage max of $1,000). Motion approved.

New Business – None

54th & Penn Pedestrian Safety Panel

  • Guest: Kathy Waite, 5th Precinct Inspector, and Jennifer Waisanen, 5th Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator
    • Will have her officers patrol or sit at the area when their call volume is down and the officers aren’t tied up.
  • Guest: Jennifer Lowry, City of Minneapolis Public Works
    • Mentioned that Book Club has added lights to their parking lot
  • Guest: John Freude, Aide to Council Member Palmisano
    • City has completed its pedestrian crash study and the results will be released on January 22nd

Some ideas that were discussed:

  • Turn up business node street lights by 20% to take away glare when going up hill and put them on a timer so the brightness is only increased during “busy” times
  • Reduce speed limit to 20mph on Penn –  due to school zone and business node
  • Radar speed signs
  • Gateway signage (i.e. banners showing “54th & Penn”) to bring awareness to drivers that they’re entering a business district. This would also be good for marketing purposes.
  • Flashing 4-way stop at 54th & Penn and/or at nearby intersections.
  • Speed bumps/humps
  • Crosswalk and/or flashing crosswalk between Book Club & Red Wagon (similar to 50th & France)
  • Add 4-way stop to 57th & Thomas (school area)
  • Eliminating left turns out of Book Club and Red Wagon parking lots (private property and city doesn’t have authority to dictate not taking left turns out of parking lots)

Meeting Adjourned: 8:18PM

Next Meeting: January 15th • 6:30pm

November 20, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: November 20th, 2018

Called to Order: 6:33PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Tyler Mulcahey (Secretary)

Board members in attendance: Lauren Anderson (coordinator), Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Ryan Antkowiak, Judy Vecere, Stephanie Vigen, Jim Hoch, Michael Kootsikas, Adriana Dobrzychka

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland and about a dozen neighborhood residents

Board members absent: Kelly Falsani, Tara Brown


  • Kathy Waite, 5th Precinct Inspector & Jennifer Waisanen, 5th Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator – Provided map of crimes that have happened in the neighborhood since May 2018. No “major” crimes like homicide, rape, etc. Mostly burglaries and thefts of motor vehicles. Only 1 arrest has been made of a business burglary. Hard to catch the others because they are crimes of opportunity and there usually are no witnesses. Police force relies on neighbors to report suspicious activity. Residents can reach out to Jennifer for a free home evaluation to go over any potential weaknesses in your home. She can be reached via phone at 612-673-5407 or e-mail at

    Armatage board has a safety rebate program – $100 for individuals and $1000 for businesses.
  • Larry Matsumoto, City of Minneapolis Public Works – 2nd phase of Armatage road resurfacing update – provided maps to show where future resurfacing will take place. Properties within the Pennhurt Residential resurfacing project will see assessments mailed to them soon. Estimated start and end dates of Pennhurst Residential project are unknown at this time, as Public Works is waiting to hear back from the gas companies on their timeline.

Discussion was had about condition of 60th street from France to Kenny neighborhood. This would be a reconstruction project – not resurfacing – and is more costly. Timeline for the reconstruction of 60th is around 5 years.

Discussion was had about sidewalk replacement this year. These were forced assessments due to the fact that property owners are required to maintain their sidewalks. These are different than the resurfacing projects, which are considered “betterment” assessments.

President’s Report  – We recently hired a new ANA coordinator (Lauren Anderson). Welcome and thank you for joining the crew.

Secretary Report – October 2018 minutes approved by the board via e-mail and posted to website.

Treasurer Report – Financials e-mailed to the board (to request a copy of the financials from this month, email

Vote on Proposed Bylaws – Amendment proposed to update Article IX: Fiscal Year in the bylaws: Requesting to change fiscal year from March 1 through February 29 (current bylaws) to January 1st through December 31st to match the city’s fiscal year.  Amendment approved by the board – fiscal year shall now be January 1st through December 31st.

Motion to approve the proposed bylaws (along with previously approved amendment). Approved by the board (see approved bylaws here). 

Park Update, Nikki Friederich –  

  • Halloween event recap: Weather wasn’t the greatest (i.e. raining), so the event was moved indoors. Horse & wagon still did laps outside. Had at least 275 kids that showed up – close to 700-800 people in total showed up.
  • Hockey rinks at Armatage Park will be poured soon. Rinks aren’t ready until the hockey boards are up, so please don’t use them until then. If lights are not lit up, that’s also a sign that the ice is not ready yet.
    • Fire on Ice skating party at Armatage Park – Friday, January 25th from 6:30-8:30pm – DJ, hot coco, s’mores, etc.
    • Skating lessons Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday afternoons. Registration has already started, so if you have kiddos who want to sign up, please do so ASAP! Registration can be found on Minneapolis Parks website.
  • Basketball registration is underway – registration open for 10 days so far and 160 kids signed up so far. Registration is on separate website (not Minneapolis Parks website). Still looking for volunteer coaches for ages kindergarten through HS.
  • Adult fitness classes – new program brochure is available online. Hard copy is at the front desk at Armatage Park.
  • Pre-school offered at Kenny Park

Committee Updates —

  • Community Engagement
    • Washburn Park – No update
    • Happy Hour at Red Wagon – Really good turnout at last HH. Next HH will take place on second Tuesday in December – December 12th
  • Micro-Grant Program – Adriana has been reaching out to other neighborhoods that have similar programs to understand their micro-grant model. Denis will also be helping with this task. My Very Own Bed may be a good candidate for a first applicant for our micro-grant program.
  • Green Team – No update

Coordinator Update

  • 2019 Metro Blooms Rain Garden Project – Armatage partnered with them to install 12 rain gardens in 2018. In order to continue this project in 2019, Metro Blooms needs a commitment ASAP from the neighborhood how many the neighborhood will install.

    Motion to approve 20 “engagements” with Metro Blooms for 2019 (rain gardens or native gardens) pending budget approval by the board at the next board meeting. Motion approved by the board.
  • Charity Drive/Tree Lighting – Happening on Friday, November 23rd at 7pm. Renting a sleigh for folks to take photos. Formula & diaper drive will take place there.

New Business – Voting of new board member to replace Laurel will take place at next month’s board meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:34PM

Next Meeting: December 18th • 6:30pm


Meeting Minutes

Date: October 16th, 2018

Called to Order: 6:30PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Tyler Mulcahey, Secretary

In attendance: Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Nikki Lindberg, Michael Kootsikas, Jim Hoch, Stephanie Vigen, Kelly Falsani, Adriana Dobrzychka
Other attendees:

Absent: Laurel Luxenberg, Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown,  Judy Vecere



  • Stacy Sorensen, NCR (board survey) – Survey to gather information & demographics of Minneapolis neighborhood organization boards. Please complete and give back to Stacy. For those board members not present, link to the survey will be sent out via e-mail.


President’s Report  – ANA Coordinator Nikki Lindberg’s last meeting is tonight. Happy Hour at Wild Minds on 10/24 at 7:30pm to wish her well. She will be moving onto a position at Minnetonka Center for the Arts.

We are conducting interviews to find an ANA Coordinator replacement and we have some good candidates. 4 board members will be interviewing.

Bylaws committee met a few weeks ago and updated bylaws were shared with the board via e-mail. Updated bylaws will be posted on the ANA website tonight or tomorrow for 30 days of community review/feedback. After that, Board will discuss any recommended changes that may need to be made, then the full bylaws will be voted on by the board vote.

Secretary Report – September 2018 minutes approved by the board.

Treasurer Report – Financials e-mailed to the board.

Park Update, Nikki Friederich –  

  • Volleyball starting up this week; 5 teams this year
  • Winter sports and winter/spring programs registration will start November 7th
  • Halloween Party (Friday, October 26th from 6-8:30pm): Happening in Armatage Park – mostly outdoor event: Hayride, bouncy house, DJ, s’mores, fire pit, and a trick or treat trail for kids to get candy & prizes.

Committee Updates —

  • Community Engagement
    • Washburn Park – No update
    • Happy Hour at Red Wagon – Next one coming up on 11/13; free pizza; cash bar
    • Charity Drive/Tree Lighting – Happening on 11/23. Formula & diaper drive will take place. Renting a sleigh for folks to take photos.
  • ANA Annual Meeting Community Ideas – Sent out via e-mail for the board to vote on to prioritize. Please send Stephanie & Adriana your top 5 that you’d like the board to prioritize. Some are easier to implement and others would take more time to implement. Some of the ideas are things that the park board could address in their planning meeting. Some of the ideas are events/activities that other neighborhoods around us may already offer and residents could take advantage of.
    • Regarding the tool library: An idea that was brought up is to do a “virtual tool library” where we have an online spreadsheet where people can put their name and the tools they have available for residents to use.
    • Here are some of the top ideas that had the top votes from the board:
      • More light at the park/parking lot
      • Dog park
      • Solar gardens + grants
      • Tool library
      • Shade at the pool
  • Micro-grant program – Should be discussed separately from the ANA annual meeting community ideas. Should be broad so the community can take ownership to improve their community. Adriana reached out to several neighborhoods to get ideas on how to create this micro-grant program. If anyone else on the board or community is interested in helping with the micro-grant program, please let Adriana know.

Coordinator Update

  • Search update – Quite a few applications have come in for the new ANA Coordinator. There are 4 board members that will be interviewing candidates this weekend. These 4 board members will give their recommendation to the board.

New Business – None

Meeting Adjourned: 7:04PM

Next Meeting: November 20th  • 6:30pm

2018 Proposed ANA Bylaws

Armatage Neighborhood Association Bylaws

2018 review and recommendations

Article I: NAME

The name of the organization shall be the ARMATAGE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION (ANA herein).


Section 1. Mission

The purpose of the ANA shall be to protect and promote Armatage neighborhood interests and the health, safety, and general welfare of residents within the organization’s geographic jurisdiction in a non-partisan, educational, and cooperative manner. ANA is organized within the context of the State Non-profit Law, specifically 317A.435, Subd.4(c).

Section 2. Purpose

The purpose of the ANA shall be to:

  1. Consider and act upon issues which affect the livability and quality of the neighborhood;
  2. Provide an open process by which members may involve themselves in neighborhood affairs;
  3. Take positions in matters of civic interest and promote those positions in communications;
  4. Inform residents of events or plans affecting the neighborhood; and
  5. Establish and maintain open communication with other organizations, such as district coalitions, educational institutions, other neighborhood associations, and city, county and state government agencies.

Section 3. Policy

No commercial enterprise or political candidate shall be endorsed by the ANA. The name of the ANA and/or its officers, when acting in their official capacities, shall not be used in connection with any commercial, partisan, or sectarian interest or for any other purposes other than that of the regular work of the ANA.


Armatage neighborhood boundaries are set by the City of Minneapolis, and currently are:

  • West side of Logan Avenue and west of property line of 1825 W 59th St and 1900 W 60th Street
  • South side of 54th Street
  • East side of Xerxes Avenue
  • North side of Highway 62


Section 1. Definition of Membership

Membership is the right of any person who:

  • Is 18 years of age or older and resides within the boundaries of the Armatage neighborhood and attends and signs-in at a meeting.
  • Is a single representative of any commercial property, school, park, or church within the boundaries of the Armatage neighborhood, and attends a meeting with an authorization letter on business letterhead, designating that person as the official representative of that business/institution to be presented to the Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.

Section 2. Powers and Duties of Members

There shall be one class of members in the ANA and each member shall be entitled to one vote. At an ANA meeting, members may:

  1. Vote for election of the Board of Directors.
  2. Vote for dissolution or merger of the ANA.
  3. Propose amendments to the Bylaws.
  4. Vote at regular meetings on motions made by Directors.
  5. Not make motions or elect Officers.


Section 1. Composition

The number of Directors shall be no more than eleven (11).

Section 2. Terms of Service

The Board of Directors shall be elected for a two-year term by a majority vote at the annual meeting. The Board shall make provisions to stagger the terms of elected Directors so each year the terms of at least one-half shall expire. A Director may be re-elected or re-appointed without limitation on the number of terms they may serve. Terms may be other than two years depending on when the annual meeting is scheduled.

Section 3. Resignation

A Director may resign from the Board at any time by giving written notice to the ANA.

Section 4. Vacancy

Vacancies of elected positions on the Board shall be filled at a special election held at the next regular meeting of the ANA. The term of a Director filling an elected vacancy expires at the end of the term the Director is filling.

Section 5. Removal

Any elected or appointed Director may be removed, with or without cause, by a two-thirds vote of the Board. No Director may be removed from office unless they have been informed at least 10 days prior to the Board meeting at which the matter is to be considered.

Upon three consecutive uncommunicated absences from board meetings, a Board Director shall be deemed to have vacated his or her position and the position shall be determined to be vacant. The ANA Board will fill the vacancy by majority vote.

Section 6. Powers and Duties of the Board

The Board shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the ANA and for assuring the membership is informed of business that affects them through reasonable means of notification. Elected Directors shall have the same powers and responsibilities. To ensure active participation and representation, Directors shall:

  1. Support the mission of the ANA.
  2. Attend all regular and special meetings of the Board.
  3. Sign the ANA Conflict of Interest and ANA Code of Ethics policies.

(NOTE: Attached Conflict of Interest, Code of Ethics and Grievance policies)

Article Vl: OFFICERS

Section 1. Titles and Eligibility

The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. To be eligible to be an officer, an individual must be an elected member of the Board.

Section 2. Election

At the next Board meeting following the annual election, the first order of business shall be the election of officers by the Directors. Eligible candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by any member of the ANA. Notification of intent to seek and Officer position shall be communicated to the Coordinator seven days prior to the election. A paper ballot will be created listing all nominated candidates, and allowing for write-in candidates, for each Officer role up for election. The candidate for each office who receives the greatest number of votes shall hold the office.

Section 3. Terms

Officers shall serve two-year terms. Officers may serve no more than 3 consecutive terms in the same office. Individuals are eligible to serve in the same office again after being out of office for one full term. The term being served will be prioritized to the officer role first, then to the Director’s role. Terms may be other than two years depending on when the annual meeting is scheduled.

  1. In the event an Officer completes a full three terms, and if no other candidate has stepped forward to replace said Officer, the board may, if the Officer agrees, vote to extend the Officer to another 1-year term upon 3/4 Board approval (9 members of a full Board). Term extensions may continue on a 1-year term basis, or until a replacement Officer is found.
  2. If no new Officer is elected, and the current Officer does not agree to continue in said position, the open position shall rotate monthly among all seated Board of Directors until the open officer seat is filled by secret ballot.

Section 4. Vacancy

In the event of a vacancy, eligible candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by any Director. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes by the Directors shall hold the office. Until the position is filled, the President must delegate the duties of the vacant office to one or more Directors.

Section 5. Removal

Any officer may be removed, with or without cause, by a two thirds vote of the Board. No Officer may be removed unless they have been informed at least 10 days prior to the Board meeting at which the matter is to be considered.

Section 6. Duties of Officers

Duties of officers may be more specifically defined in separate standing rules and procedures approved by the Board. Subject to Board approval, officers may delegate some or all their duties and powers, but retain full accountability for their office. The officers shall be notified in writing of such delegation. In general, the duties of officers are:

A. President.

The President serves as the chief executive officer of the ANA. The President shall:

  1. Preside as chair at all Board and ANA meetings;
  2. Represent the position of the Board and the interests of the ANA; and
  3. Serve as spokesperson and public contact for the ANA.

B. Vice-President.

The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in their absence or when requested by the President.

C. Secretary.

The Secretary shall:

  1. Record and maintain minutes of ANA and Board meetings;
  2. Maintain the non-financial files of the ANA;
  3. Provide notice of all membership and Board meetings;
  4. Maintain current and accurate membership lists;
  5. Record meeting attendance and absences (excused and unexcused) of Directors; and
  6. Manage requests for public record requests.

D. Treasurer.

The treasurer shall have overall responsibility for the ANA’s funds. The Treasurer shall:

  1. Maintain full and accurate accounts of all financial records of the ANA;
  2. Develop and present the annual budget for approval by the Board; and
  3. Present financial reports as directed by the Board.


Section 1. Establishment of Committees

The Board may establish such committees as it deems necessary to promote the purposes and objectives of the ANA. The Board shall have the power to define the type of committee, the scope of committee authority, and the duties of the chair. Any person who is either a member of the ANA or eligible to be a member as defined in Article III may participate and vote in committee meetings and be a committee chair.

Section 2. Committee Types

Committees may be one of three types:

  1. Standing Committees: established to address ongoing operations of the ANA under a formal charge from the Board that is reviewed and renewed annually.
  2. Ad-hoc Committees: convened for a limited time to address a particular matter under a formal charge from the Board that expires once the task of the committee is complete.
  3. Sub-Committees: formed by a committee to perform specific functions as requested by the sponsoring committee and consistent with its charter.

Section 3. Normal Committee Process

  1. Every committee shall meet as needed to fulfill their obligations, objectives and goals.
  2. All committee action will be forwarded to the Board where it shall be reviewed and may be approved, amended, rejected, or returned to the committee for further action. Final action of the ANA will be communicated to the appropriate entity by the Secretary.
  3. Every committee shall send meeting notices, reports of its meetings, including dates, persons present, and decisions made, to the Board.
  4. Committees may hold real-time electronic meetings provided at least one committee member is present at a publicly available location specified in the meeting notice. Committees may hold a vote during the meeting.
  5. Proxy and absentee voting shall not be permitted. Absentee means someone who is not attending the meeting in-person or via electronic communications (phone, video conferencing, etc.) in real time.

Section 4. Committee Oversight

The purpose and effectiveness of committees shall be reviewed at least annually by the Board. Committees serve at the pleasure of the Board and their charge may be amended or discontinued at any time. Chairs of committees may be removed, with or without cause, by two-thirds vote of the Board. No committee chair may be removed unless they have been informed at least 10 days prior to the Board meeting at which the matter is to be considered.

Section 5. Committee Limitations

No committee may:

  1. Authorize any payment to Directors, Officers, or vendors;
  2. Approve the dissolution, merger, sale, or transfer of the ANA’s assets;
  3. Elect, appoint, or remove Directors or fill vacancies on the Board; or
  4. Adopt, amend, or repeal the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, or any resolution of the Board.

Article VIII: Meetings

Meetings of the ANA, the Board, and any of its committees shall be open to the public. A meeting may only be closed in cases of legal, human resource or labor management disputes.

Section 1. Regular Meetings

A membership meeting sponsored by the Board shall be held most months with the following exceptions:

a regular meeting is not held the same month as our annual Summer Festival or other major event.

Section 2. Annual Meeting

One Annual Meeting per year shall be held no sooner than 9 months and no later than 12 months from the prior year’s meeting. The business of the annual meeting shall include:

  1. An annual summary of ANA activities.
  2. A report on the state of the ANA’s finances.
  3. Election of Directors as specified in (Article V, Section 2.)
  4. A proposed annual work plan.

Section 3. Special Meetings

A special meeting of the ANA may be held at any time by a call of the Board or by a petition signed by at least 25 members of the ANA. The petition shall be delivered to the ANA Coordinator, who will notify the Board President, and a date for the special meeting will be determined. Notice of a special meeting must be provided at least 30 days in advance and contain a statement of the purposes of the meeting. The notice may also contain other information considered necessary or desirable by the Board and/or by another person calling the meeting. Meeting notice will be communicated via email, website, social media, etc. Business transacted at a special meeting shall be limited only to the purposes stated in the meeting notice.  

Section 4. Quorum

A quorum for any Board meeting shall be one-half plus 1, rounded down, of seated Directors. A quorum for a committee shall include the chair and not less than 2 members or persons eligible for membership in the ANA.

Section 5. Voting

  1. Each ANA member shall be entitled to only one vote.
  2. Voting (yes, no, abstain) on regular business shall be by voice, or a show of hands, with a roll call taken if the vote is inconclusive.
  3. There shall be no proxy or absentee voting during ANA or Board meetings.
  4. Only ANA members may vote for Directors.
  5. Only Directors may vote for Officers.
  6. Except in the case of emergencies or when decisions must be made before the board is able to meet again during a regular meeting, only the following items shall be voted on via email by the Directors:
    1. Minutes
    2. Agenda
    3. Newsletter

Section 6. Conduct of Business

All meetings of the ANA, the Board, and its Committees shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 7. Due Notice

Unless otherwise specified, notice of meetings shall be publicized at least 10 calendar days in advance via the ANA’s website and an opt-in email system available to the public. Notice of meeting cancellation shall be publicized at least 3 calendar days in advance unless emergency or exigent circumstances require cancellation on shorter notice.


The fiscal year shall be from March I through the last day of February.


The ANA will not discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, marital status, income, political affiliation, homeowner/renter status, or any other legally protected class in its policies, recommendations, programs, or actions.


To maintain the public trust and protect the integrity of the ANA, Directors shall disclose to the Board any interest they have in a transaction or decision that may result in a financial gain to them, their business, family members and/or significant other, employer, or other non-profit organizations with which they are affiliated. Any conflict of interest that arises shall be managed according to the ANA Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure.


Officers, Chairpersons, and committee members of the organization are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner.

Failure to fulfill their Board responsibilities as outlined in Article VI (Section 6) may lead to the consideration and implementation of disciplinary action by the Board as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order.

If breaches of conduct or order occur during any meeting, the Chairperson will follow the disciplinary procedures outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order.


A person or group may file a formal grievance if they believe an action taken by the ANA violates these bylaws or City standards. Other forms of conflict resolution are encouraged prior to invoking a grievance. All parties should attempt to resolve disputes through dialogue and/or formal mediation whenever possible. In the event such efforts are not successful, the process for filing a grievance is set forth in the ANA Grievance Policy and Procedure.


The ANA shall indemnify each person who is or has been a Director, officer, or employee of the Association against expenses – including attorney’s fees, judgments, fines, and amounts paid in settlement – actually or reasonably incurred by that person in their service to the Association to the fullest extent of their right to indemnity under current laws of the State of Minnesota.


Section 1. Eligibility

These bylaws may be amended at any time in a manner that is consistent with the Articles of Incorporation and laws of the State of Minnesota. Amendments may be proposed by a majority of the Board of Directors or by a petition of at least 25 members of the ANA. The petition shall be delivered to the ANA Coordinator at least seven days prior to a regular meeting, who will notify the Board, and have it added to the meeting agenda.

Section 2. Process

Persons eligible to propose an amendment may do so by signing a resolution that states the text of the amendment. A copy of the proposed amendment shall be sent to all ANA members at least 30 calendar days prior to the meeting at which it will be considered. The proposed amendment is adopted by an affirmative two-thirds vote of eligible members in attendance at that meeting.

Section 3. Periodic Review

The bylaws of the Association shall be reviewed by the Board at least every 3 years.