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January 16, 2018 Minutes

January 16, 2018 Agenda


Date: January 16, 2018

Called to order: 6:37pm

Presided by: Denis Houle, President

Note taker: Joel Federer

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown, Kelly Falsani, Joel Federer, Jim Hoch, Denis Houle, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Stephanie Vigen, Judy Vecere
Other Attendees — Linea Palmisano, City Council; John Freude (staff member to Linea), Larry Matsumoto, Public Works; Nikki Lindberg, Coordinator; Nikki Friederich, Park Director; Gary Remafie, resident; Ann LaBree, resident; Me’Lea Connelly, resident


Public Works

  • 2018 residential streets asphalt resurfacing/overlay
  • 4.37 miles planned from 58th to 62nd and Washburn Ave to Queen Ave.
  • 60th street is a truck route and not in scope of this project – is part of a different road improvement plan
  • Original paving was in 1987
  • There will be an assessment component, notices to include meeting invites
  • Targeted public hearings/Meetings:
    • May 1 at City Council Chambers, and
    • April 23rd 6:30pm at Armatage Community Center
  • Work target dates: End of May, early June – exact dates TBD


Guest: Diamond BBQ

  • Did not attend; will attend February meeting


City Council Update, Linea Palmisano

  • John Freude, new staff contact
  • Linea ran for Council President, did not get it
  • This term Linea is serving on: Public Works, Ways and Means, Chairing new Enterprise Committee, Leads Budget Committee
  • Recognized Super Bowl concerns:
    • How to maintain residential services during festivities
    • Power outage due to ice storm


Park Update, Nikki Friederich

  • Fire on Ice 6pm – 8:30pm this Friday Jan. 19
    • Ice rinks, fire pits, S’mores, DJ, more
  • Ice rinks are now open – closes Feb. 19 12-9pm, possibly longer (or shorter) depending on weather
  • Family Yoga at Community Center, starting this Wed 6pm, weekly until March 14th
  • Summer sports registration opens Feb. 28th


President’s Report

  • Ideas to spend board money
    • Micro grants committee is forming for anyone who would like to join
  • Community Connections Conference Feb. 10th 8am – 4:30pm


Secretary Report

  • December minutes passed, pass along to secretary moving forward for review, not coordinator


Treasurer Report

  • Financial reports sent via email


Committee Updates

    • Community Engagement
      • Washburn Park (Dec 2)
        • Tot Lot design was shared, areas for bigger kids and younger kids
        • Images online on ANA website
      • Happy Hour (Jan 9)
        • Approx. 10 residents attended and 6-8 board
        • Ideas to improve attendance are appreciated
        • Next HH planned for March 6th, come with any questions or ideas – Red Wagon
      • Mobile Menders (Feb 10)
        • 1pm – 4pm at Armatage Rec Center
        • Bring clean clothes in need of basic repairs
        • Will receive a write up in the SW Journal (!)
    • Green Team
      • Fist meeting of year scheduled for Jan. 22nd
      • Discuss events and goals of neighborhood, see where action can be taken
    • Summer Fest, Aug. 12th, 4pm – 7pm
      • Some vendors already booked, actively looking for musical acts


Coordinator Update

    • Business facade grant
      • Dental office on 54th/Penn is first recipient
    • Neighborhood Forest
      • Kenny is interested, $2/kid or about $1k total
      • Would occur on Earth Day
      • ANA Board will reach out to Kenny Board to inquire about joint partnership
    • January newsletter
      • Will be mailed out this week


Meeting Adjourned at 7:31pm

December 19, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Armatage Rec Center

Date: December 19, 2017

Called to order: 6:37 pm

Presided by: Denis Houle, President

Note taker: Joel Federer

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown, Kelly Falsani, Joel Federer, Jim Hoch, Denis Houle, Bri Keeney, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Stephanie Vigen
Other — Nikki Lindberg, Coordinator; Nikki Friederich, Park Director; Rachel Ireland-Henry, Accountant; Cynthia Skrzy, Kenny resident


Kelly Falsani motioned to amend agenda and go around the table with introductions. Bri Keeney seconded. Motion carried.


Council update – No update this week


Park update

  • Ice rink is being flooded.  Anticipate opening the week of Dec 26th
  • New programs are starting in January


President’s Report – Denis Houle

  • Attended tree lighting ceremony
  • Attended 2040 event Attended 2040 event to give community input on the vision of Minneapolis.
    • Another event in January
  • Neighborhood funding group is presenting a plan
  • Request a micro-grant subcommittee that can assist in creating the wording and help to create the criteria. (people within the community can apply for small grants)  See Fulton neighborhood


Secretary Update – November minutes approved online


Treasurer Report – Judy Vicere

  • Current financial statements sent via email.  


Committee Updates

  • Community Engagement – Bri Keeney and Nikki.  Washburn Tot Lot next meeting is Dec 20th from 6-8 pm
    • Issues were raised about safety. Project planner will respond to ANA on this topic
  • Next Happy Hour is January 9th  7-9 pm at Red Wagon Pizza
  • Green Team – Rain garden consultations should be done, property plans developed in January; install date should be decided in February


Coordinator Update – Nikki Lindberg

  • Business facade grant for Penn Dental in process (grant will be for just over $3k)
  • January newsletter – Michael volunteered to be our board member highlight; include info on use of salt on sidewalks, park info, Mobile Menders event, park events/activities

Coordinator Contract Renewal

  • Contract to be renewed for another year with an $1.50/hr wage increase.


New Business

  • Mobile Menders event, providing free sewing and mending services, to be held at Armatage Community Center Feb. 10 1- 4 pm.
  • Neighborhood Forests – Armatage school is not interested. Still trying to confirm with Kenny school.


Meeting adjourned: 7:59 pm


Next regular meeting: January 16, 2018 • 6:30pm


November 21, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Armatage Rec Center

Date: November 21, 2017

Called to order: 6:32 pm

Presided by: Ryan Antkowiak, Secretary

Note taker: Stephanie Vigen

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Jim Hoch, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Judy Vecere, Stephanie Vigen

Other — Rachel Ireland-Henry (accountant)

Residents – Gary Remafedi, Matthew Larson

Guest Presenters

  • Late Night Take Out/Diamond BBQ
    • Did not attend

City Council Update – (Linea Palmisano, City Council Member; Kendal Killian, Ward 13 Aide; Patty Day, Ward 13 Aide)

The following officers were nominated and approved.

  • Did not attend

Park Update – Nikki Friederich, Park Director


  • Nikki Friederich could not attend but Nikki Lindberg provided updates.
  • Youth sports registration is open but filling up fast.
  • Fire and Ice event – January 19th 6:00-8:30pm
  • Tree lighting this Friday @ 7:00pm
    • Sleigh will be delivered on Wednesday.
    • Will collect diapers and formula donations that night. Nikki Lindberg will drop off.

President’s Report – None

Secretary Report

  • October minutes approved online

Treasurer Report – Judy Vecere

  • Current financial statements sent via email.
  • Rachel Ireland-Henry, Accountant
    • Rachel will begin tracking numbers at the first of the year.

Committee Updates

  • Community Engagement – 12/2 open house for Washburn Park
    • Will take place at Armatage Rec Center
  • Happy hours at Red Wagon Pizza – Ryan Antkowiak
    • Next happy hour will be on Tuesday, January 9th from 7:00-9:00pm

Coordinator Update – Nikki Lindberg

  • Communications policy
    • Nikki sent info to NCR. They thought it would be better to meet with some ANA board members so Nikki would like to see who is interested.
    • Sample communication topic: Should ANA accept advertising in the newsletter?
  • Bylaws (link of review went to board)
    • Ready to send to the city.
  • Tree lighting, Friday at 7pm
  • Business facade grants: Penn Dental
    • First application for the grant.
    • Grant would be for a sign that will be internally lit.
    • Roger from SW Business Association will follow up with Nikki Lindberg when that organization receives funding.

New Business

  • Trees for Kids
    • Need to determine if ANA would like to be involved in this for Earth Day 2018.
    • Organization is Neighborhood Forest.
    • Cost to sponsor is approximately $2.00 per child.
    • Tree will be given to children to plant at home.
      • Trees are 6-12” and native to MN.
    • Targeted toward elementary school children although ANA does not have a strong relationship with either of the elementary schools.
    • Ryan Antkowiak will address at the next PTA meeting to help determine interest.

New Business/Other

  • Crime statistics
    • Nikki Lindberg spoke with Minneapolis Police. The Police agree that the crime information should be presented in a different way, however, they do not have a statistician to work on this.
  • Minneapolis 2040
    • The event that is closest to Armatage is at MLK Park on December 11th.
    • Conference is in January.
  • Parking lot at the park is extremely dark.
    • Need to determine what can be done about this to improve safety.
  • Minneapolis Crisis Nursery volunteer event
    • Tara Brown is organizing an event on December 2nd if anyone is interested in participating.

Next ANA meeting is scheduled for December 19th.

Meeting adjourned: 6:55 pm

Submitted by: Stephanie Vigen


January 18, 2018 eNews

Fire on Ice
Neighborhood Ice Skating Party

Friday • 6:00-8:30pm

Come on down for some skating fun with a DJ, cocoa, popcorn and bonfire!

January Meeting Highlights

  • Road resurfacing project (58th-62nd; Xerxes-Penn)

    Pre-public hearing to be held at Armatage Rec Center (details TBD, but anticipated in April). Public hearing at City Hall on May 1. Project work may begin by the end of May. Will will have several people on hand at the April meeting to answer any questions.

    This will be a mill and overlay project, and utility upgrades will take place prior to final paving. 60th is not included because it is a Truck Route, and is on a different maintenance and funding schedule. Project map and FAQ PDF available here.

  • Green Team will meet Monday, January 22 at 7:30pm at Armatage Rec Center. We will be planning our 2018 priorities. All are welcome!
  • The ANA is looking into developing a micro-grant program to support various initiatives and ideas (somewhat inspired by Fulton Neighborhood).

Mobile Menders at Armatage

Saturday, February  10
1:00-4:00 PM
Armatage Rec center

This is a FREE event

•    Do you have a pair of pants that need hemming?

•    Is a button missing from a pair of pants, shirt or jacket?

•    Is there a rip in your favorite shirt?

Mobile Menders is a group of volunteer sewers and menders that do basic clothing repair. If you have something that needs meding, bring the clean item(s)  to the rec center on February 10.

If you have a homebound neighbor, see if they’d like assistance get themselves or their clothes to this event.

Questions: contact

Sewing mends the soul

The 17th Annual Kite Festival

Saturday, January 27
Noon to 4 pm
Lake Harriet by the bandshell
This a is free, fun, family​ festival

  • horse-drawn wagon rides
  • snowshoeing
  • guided nature tours through Roberts Bird Sanctuary
  • ice fishing for kids
  • a marshmallow roast with s’mores​
  • music
  • Wild Rumpus Reading
  • ​Fat Tire Bikes demo
  • AND The Art Shanty Project

​​Minnesota Kite Society experts will be on hand to demonstrate maneuvering spectacular kites throughout the day, offer their expertise to kite flying enthusiasts and to those who are new to the pastime.

Bring your own kite or purchase one at the event. Food Trucks will be available to purchase food and hot drinks.

TIPS Outdoors will teach kids ice fishing skills and safety tips. Equipment and permits for children will be provided.​

Shuttles and Parking​
Free lot parking is available on site, please keep in mind  the lot fills quickly, however free, on-street parking is available throughout the neighborhood and shuttles​ will be available leaving from Linden Hills Park (3100 W 43rd St. Minneapolis)​ to Lake Harriet​ from 11:45 am to 4 pm. West Lake Harriet Parkway delays are expected. Allow ample time to find a spot and walk to the venue.

Text to 911

New service provides significant public safety benefits

Did you know you can now send texts to 911? The service has been available statewide since early December of 2017, and is a great option when you are unable to call 911, such as a domestic incident, a break-in, or a medical event. It is also beneficial for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Dispatchers still prefer that you call 911 if you can, since the immediate two-way communication allows for faster information gather during an emergency.

January 9, 2018 eNews

January 16, 2018 Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Guest: Larry Matsumoto, City of Minneapolis, Public Works regarding road resurfacing project
  • Guest: Diamond BBQ (new restaurant going in at 54/Penn in Jensen’s)
  • City Council Update
  • Park Update, Nikki Friederich
  • President’s Report
  • Secretary Report – December minutes (approved online)
  • Treasurer Report
  • Committee Updates
    • Community Engagement
      • Washburn Park
      • Happy Hour (Jan 9)
      • Fire on Ice Skating Party (Jan 19)
      • Mobile Menders (Feb 10)
    • Green Team
    • Summer Festival
    • Micro-grant program
    • Other program/spending ideas (annual meeting idea?)
  • Coordinator Update
    • Business facade grant
    • Neighborhood Forest
    • January newsletter
  • New Business
  • Adjourn

Upcoming meetings/events

  • Fire on Ice 1/19
  • Minneapolis Connections Conference
    Saturday, February 10th
    Minneapolis Convention Center
    FREE Register online
  • ANA 2/20

Walk and Talk with your City Council Member

We will be working to pull together walk and talks with Council Members in February or March to discuss pedestrian issues around their ward and Minneapolis. Share your thoughts on how to make our streets more safe and comfortable for everyone over a stroll through your Ward.

Interested in getting involved? Click here to let us know your name, address, and what you would like to say to your Council Member. Then Our Streets staff will work with your Council Member to schedule a walk with you and others in your Ward.

MAC Meeting & Winter Listening Session on Jan 30th

In an effort to make meetings more accessible to Minneapolis residents, the next noise meeting by the Metropolitan Airport Commission will be held in the 13th Ward! This will be a great one to attend, as this meeting will be combined with their quarterly Listening Session.

The Winter Listening Session will be held Tuesday, January 30 at 7:00 PM at the Mount Olivet Lutheran Church (Main Building), 5025 Knox Avenue South, Minneapolis.

As for the agenda for the meeting, it will begin with a presentation by MAC staff. Since this meeting will take place shortly before the Super Bowl, it will include a Super Bowl update as well as an update on the January Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) meeting. After the presentation, the meeting will be opened up for some Q&A from the audience.

City taking registrations, license applications for short-term rentals such as Airbnb

The ordinance applies to dwelling units rented for a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days per leasing period. The short-term rental registration fee is $46. Rental licenses for Tier 1 properties will range from $70 to $175, plus $5 for each additional unit, and $112 to $350 for Tier 2 properties, plus $5 for each additional unit. You do not need to reapply if you have a valid rental license and are a Tier 1 or Tier 2 property.

Short-term rental hosting platforms, which collect a fee for booking services and often provide an online platform for property owners to advertise a dwelling unit, are required to submit an annual business license application. The annual license fee for a platform with fewer than 150 active Minneapolis dwelling unit listings is $630, and for a platform with 150 or more active listings in Minneapolis is $5,000.

Go to the City’s short-term rentals webpage to find registration and licenses applications. Hosting platforms can find license applications at the City’s Business Licensing website.

The new regulations will allow the City to track the number of short-term rental units in Minneapolis and require hosting platforms, such as Airbnb and VRBO, to advertise only units that have registered or obtained a rental license.


December 12, 2017 eNews

December Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, December 19
6:30pm • Armatage Community Center

  • Welcome
  • City Council Update
  • Park Update, Nikki Friederich
  • President’s Report
  • Secretary Report – November minutes approved online
  • Treasurer Report
  • Committee Updates
    • Community Engagement
      • Washburn Park (Dec 2)
      • Happy Hour (Jan 9)
    • Green Team
      • Rain gardens: final consultations by mid-Dec; property plans by early Jan; install date decided Feb
  • Coordinator Update
    • Tree lighting recap
  • Coordinator Contract
  • New Business
    • Neighborhood Forests
  • Adjourn

Upcoming meetings/events

  • Armatage Happy Hour 1/9
  • Next regular ANA meeting 1/16
  • Fire on Ice 1/19
  • Minneapolis Connections Conference
  • Saturday, February 10th
  • Minneapolis Convention Center

Snow Removal

Minneapolis ordinance requires property owners of houses and duplexes to clear sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall, and all other property owners must clear their sidewalks within four daytime hours.

The City has stepped up enforcement activities to ensure compliance with the sidewalk snow and ice ordinance, and it increased the number of staff involved with winter sidewalk inspections. Call 311 to report unshoveled sidewalks and learn more about resources available to people who may need help clearing their sidewalks.


Do you enjoy working with older adults and want some part time work?

We are hiring snow removal workers in Hennepin County!

Shovel within 24 hours of end of 2+ inch snowfalls. Commit for the entire season, until the final snow/ice storm of spring. Provide your own equipment & transportation. Paid $16 per hour; hours depend upon snowfall. Can work with multiple senior citizen clients. Age 16+. For details contact Bethany Sapp at or call 952-767-7886. Located in Minneapolis and suburban Hennepin County.

A low-salt diet for our lakes and streams

A little salt can go a long way for managing snow and ice. But too much salt – which may be less than you think – is causing irreversible damage to our lakes and streams.

The danger of ice and snow on roads and sidewalks is a fact of life in Minnesota, and salt and sand can help reduce ice and add traction. When that snow inevitably melts, however, most of that salt and sand wash directly into nearby waters. 

Currently, salt use is not regulated, but it poses a real threat to clean water. The chloride contained in one teaspoon of road salt can permanently pollute five gallons of water. Chloride upsets aquatic environments, can kill birds and some plants, and can impact groundwater used for drinking.

Many people use more salt than they need.  But using more salt does not melt more ice, or melt it faster. In reality, salt only works when the temperature is above 15 degrees. Extra salt crystals will just eventually become a pollutant. It’s best to use no more than one pound of salt per 250 square feet (for scale, a typical parking space is about 150 square feet). One pound of salt fills up a 12-ounce coffee mug.

Want to protect your local lake or stream from chloride pollution? Here are some easy ways you can help:

  • Shovel regularly (a great form of winter exercise) to minimize ice buildup.
  • Break up ice with an ice scraper before deciding if sand or salt is necessary for traction – you may find that it’s not.
  • Salt won’t work if the temperature is below 15 degrees. Use calcium chloride or magnesium chloride instead, or use a small amount of sand for traction.
  • Sweep up any salt that’s visible on dry pavement and use it elsewhere or throw it away. 

By being proactive with your snow management, and using salt and sand wisely, you can save money, time, and the environment without sacrificing safety. Learn more at

Yes, there is still time to register for Winter Youth Sports Leauges

September 19, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Armatage Rec Center

Date: September 19, 2017

Called to order: 6:32pm

Presided by: Denis Houle, President

Note taker: Ryan Antkowiak

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown, Kelly Falsani, Joel Federer, Jim Hoch, Denis Houle, Bri Keeney, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Judy Vecere, Stephanie Vigen
Other — Nikki Lindberg – Coordinator; Nikki Friederich – Park Director; Jessica Kawas – 911 Dispatcher, Linea Palmisano – City Council Member

Residents – Annique London, Jenny Custer, John & Lynn Prokop  


Guest Presenter

  • Jessica Kawas – 911 Dispatcher
  • Updates on changes coming to the service
    • New phone system with questioning; pro-QA is the new system. In the midst of training – all questions will be standardized based on the responses.
  • 10,000 calls per week. Staff of 70 fielding the calls.
    • Minneapolis primarily but the majority are cellphone calls
      • Satellite determined placement
  • If you question whether or not you should call 911, just call 911
    • Trained for Triage if the call is more trivial relative to other events
  • Armatage specific 911 activity – a better question for Jennifer Waisanen
    • She will have the data
      • Data collected however is transmitted to local police to provide the most responsive coverage.
  • Question on response timing; dependent on other activity but in our area of Armatage a 3rd responder call has averaged roughly 10 minutes (Linea Palmisano commentary)
  • Has protocol changed since the Fulton incident
    • No, pro-QA was in motion over a year ago


City Council Update – Linea Palmisano, City Council Member

  • Last night, zero waste event at City Church – community feedback forum
    • Goals
      • 2017 — Less waste being added to the waste stream this year compared to 2015
      • 2020 — Recycle or compost 50%
      • 2023 — Recycle or compost 80%
    • Online survey is still accepting responses for another week. Request to blast out.
      • Goal is to firm up how important this is to take it from residential to commercial
  • Armatage public safety
    • Armatage will only receive one officer specifically assigned to our zone. This is of concern to Linea and to our residents.
  • New police chief – Chief Medaria Arradondo
    • Discussion surrounding former chief settlement package
      • Non-disparagement clause is likely to be removed
  • Mayor presented budget
    • 5.5% Levy increase this year
      • What this amounts to in SW MPLS; this will feel like $100-$200 for a 300-350k home
        • Concerns voiced about pattern of increases and the impact on those on a fixed income
        • Frustration on how high our taxes already are vs. other communities
  • Lots on utility construction conversation
    • Now three vendors – Comcast, CenturyLink and
      • This competitive landscape is good for consumers but has created a construction nightmare. SW actually has handled this better than other parts of the city.
    • Centerpoint Energy has had 3 massive projects that are coming to a close but it has been messy and frustrating for residents
  • Body camera audit
    • Linea is front-and-center as she heads up the audit team
      • Help ensure there are staff directions for police to improve the use of body cameras


Presidents Report


  • Nothing new to report. 311 is a good resource for break-ins, etc….
  • Reminder to lock your car doors.



Secretary Report – Ryan Antkowiak

  • Electronic Votes
  • Reconfirm interest in our Rain Garden proposal ($450 to homeowner, ANA the rest)
  • Creation of Small Business Facade Improvement Grant Program
  • Approval of July minutes


Treasurer Report – Judy Vicere

  • Current financial statements sent via email. Update on contracts sent via email.
  • Establishment of clear tracking between two bank accounts (one for the City monies (Restricted), the other for program income (Non-Restrictive)).


Committee Updates

  • Community Engagement
  • Happy Hour – Red Wagon, Tuesday 10/3 – 7-9pm
  • Washburn Park – Project has begun
    • Met with a consultant and the plan is moving along. A formalized plan is forthcoming. There is also a webpage for this project.
    • Goal is to have this done by the end of next summer.
      • Signage will be prevalent so we can have communication with the project manager along the way.
  • Green Team – additional garden funding or remaining at 10
    • Neighborhood takes on less of the burden; owner takes on more
      • Capacity to fund up to 15
        • Motion passed
  • Safety Update
    • New Safety Coordinator
      • Interact with the crime prevention specialists
      • Dispell amplified social media attention
    • Personal Safety Workshop, Saturday 9/23
  • Summer Festival Recap
    • Rearranged due to the weather
      • Strong turnout considering rain
    • Financially we covered our costs
      • Made a little bit of money
    • Finding volunteers continues to be a struggle
    • Food was great
    • Car show was great


Park Update – Nikki Friederich

  • Fall sports are underway and the fields are packed
    • Flag football is crazy; record numbers – 16 Armatage teams!
      • Coffee Truck will be here now because it is so packed
  • Volleyball Clinic will be hosted here during MEA
  • Playgroup – Saturday morning / Monday evening
  • Looking for toys for the events
  • Halloween Trunk or Treat – Friday, October 27th – 6-8:30pm
  • Activities
    • Horse and carriage ride
    • Bounce House
    • Music
    • Bonfire
    • S’Mores
    • Pumpkin Carving Contest – pumpkins to be donated
  • Still need people/groups to decorate cars – they will provide the candy
  • Motion to approve continued support of this event at $900


Coordinator Update – Nikki Lindberg

  • October newsletter
  • Tara to be featured board member in the newsletter
  • Inquiries about advertising and business notifications
    • Will consider announcing new business but need guidelines so not to discriminate
  • Accountant services
  • Mike Wilson, pointed out some things to consider
    • Judy has us in a great place but the concern is what happens when she steps down or is no longer involved
  • Nikki contacted a local CPA firm that specializes in non-profit work
    • If we wanted to hire them; they would charge us $100/month for management
      • Will review a proposal so we can further vet the CPA firm
  • Air quality survey
  • 13 coordinators met to discuss air quality throughout our city
    • Grant program to test for air pollutants.
    • One per zip code; discussed where to place
    • At this point, all outdoor; not indoor
  • Bylaws – Judy, Joel, Jim, Kelly, Laurel
  • October 9th sub-committee
  • Construction Updates: Upton, 54th
  • Variance notices
  • Concerns over new home building generally being larger than the previous home which reduces the amount of space for water to go. This can compound over time so standardizing rules is being discussed and more discussion to follow.
  • November Event – charity, tree lighting, activities
  • Discussion surrounding doing this again.
    • Difficult to book any entertainment because it being the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Last year we did two trees – $650. ~ $300/tree if we add more.
  • Diaper and formula drive; partner with same charity again?
    • Motion to approve up to $1,000 to repeat the event.
      • Will look at adding more trees.
      • Possibly getting a food truck.
      • Booking some other type of event; sleigh for photo op.
  • Court Watch?
  • Have a presentation to learn more
  • Lucky Oven Bakery – going in old dry cleaner; next to Settegrens.


New Business

  • Consider inviting Mobile Menders to a meeting/event.
  • Volunteer group to sew clothes for those in need.
  • Consider arranging community meeting and greet with members of the MPLS Muslim community.
  • Partner with Armatage Montessori


Meeting adjourned: 8:20pm


Submitted by: Ryan Antkowiak, Secretary


October 17, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Armatage Rec Center

Date: October 17, 2017

Called to order: 6:35pm

Presided by: Denis Houle, President

Note taker: Bri Keeney

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown, Kelly Falsani, Joel Federer, Jim Hoch, Denis Houle, Bri Keeney, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Stephanie Vigen

Other — Nikki Lindberg – Coordinator; Nikki Friederich – Park Director; Linea Palmisano – City Council Member


Residents – Gary Remafedi



Quarterly Safety Update

  • Safety coordinator unable to attend tonight
  • Part 1 crimes report
  • Crime statistics are about the same as past years
  • One neighbor commented that it would be helpful if data were reported in a different manner: For example, “incidents per 1000 people” (add denominator to data); could then also compare to other neighborhoods in the city. Another suggestion is to look at continuum of crime reporting. For example, “What percentage of 911 calls end up in crime report?” or “What incident of crime actually end up in prosecution?” These data reporting adjustments would give us a better picture of what is actually occurring.

City Council Update

Park Update, Nikki Friederich

  • Halloween – Trunk or Treat – ANA Station (Friday Oct. 27; 6:00-8:30pm)
    • Still looking for Trunk or Treat people–the park provides the candy and little swag/toys
    • Snacks and popcorn; Sweet Dreams food truck; music; bounce house
    • Park is looking for volunteers to help with popcorn and s’mores
  • Skate park: Park Board is doing skate park activity plan; see Park Board website to give feedback online or other contact info. Looking at placement, needs/wants, concerns, etc.
  • Washburn Tot Lot feedback session: Come to the Tot Lot for snacks and give feedback on the new redesign of the Tot Lot! Rain plan: Maybe in Armatage Rec Center?

President’s Report

  • Denis: Neighborhoods 2020 still meeting, looking at March 2018 to unveil new plan and funding; at next NCEC meeting someone from Seattle will attend to talk about how Seattle supports and funds neighborhoods (Seattle and Mpls are top cities for neighborhood support and activity); Mpls Comprehensive 2040 planning going forward (what city should look like in 2040) are due Dec. 31, 2018, to Met Council.

Secretary Report

Electronic votes

Approval of Sept minutes

Treasurer Report

  • Judy sent budget update via email

Committee Updates

Community Engagement

Happy Hour – Red Wagon, Tues 10/3

  • Attendance was about 20 neighbors
  • Board discussed scheduling happy hours through 2018 (every other month); Ryan will check with Red Wagon about what works for them

Washburn Tot Lot – Community meeting 10/28

Muslim community/school event: Joel talking to contacts; response seems positive and will keep discussing and update Board when a plan takes shape

Green Team

  • No update as of now; will have three goals for 2018 to present on at next meeting


  • No update tonight

Summer Festival discuss potential changes

  • Need more volunteers (always challenging); one solution is to change up activities; right now the most challenging area is the carnival games (needs a lot of staff); may need to make tough decision to reduce/eliminate carnival games since we don’t have enough volunteers
  • One person suggested “Heart of the Beast” interactive activity (Brittany and Matthew Keith); another person suggested Circus Juventas
  • Another suggestion: More/better signage to show what activities and areas are at festival
  • Overall the festival went really well, despite the weather, good job Nikki!
  • Car show: Really great turnout despite rain (good job Laurel!)
  • Time of festival: 4-7pm rather than 3-7pm? (overall people like moving it to Sunday from Monday)
  • One suggestion: Location of band was problematic this year (was off to the side)
  • Date next year will be Sunday August 12, 2018, 4-7pm (new time)

Coordinator Update

Communication policy

  • How to accept communications to be in newsletter etc.
  • NextDoor, Facebook, Twitter, etc.–Please share, RSVP, invite others, post, and talk it up!

Accountant services

  • Neighborhood person who does this work; ANA would buy version of QuickBook for her to use (monthly subscription would be about $10/month); accounting services would cost $40/hour
  • This came out of a recommendation from the City: professional using QuickBook; also takes the burden off of the Board Treasurer and opens the position up to more people who may not have an accounting/finance background
  • Judy has the budget and records in really good shape at this point
  • $120 per year for QuickBooks and $1,000 (estimated) per year
  • Motion to approve approximately $1200 per year for accounting services and QuickBook subscription (pending reference check); second; motion carriesl


  • Subcommittee finishing recommendations tonight and then will share recommended changes to ANA; after that the City needs to look at it and approve; and after City approves/tweaks then ANA can vote on it. Goal is to get it to the City before the holidays, estimate that ANA will vote on new bylaws in Jan/Feb 2018.

Tree lighting

  • Lights are going up soon
  • Sleigh rental for photos is $250
    • Motion to approve $250 for sleigh rental; second; discussion; motion carries

Conflict of interest policy

  • Board members review and sign

New Business

  • Bri Keeney: seek approval for $600 for toys for the Toddler Play Time at the park: $400 for four transportation vehicles and $200 for large blocks. The ECR4KIDS brand is used by child care centers and public libraries–sturdy, durable, wooden toys that will last a long time.
  • Motion to approve; second; discussion; motion carries!
  • Joel Federer: Have Mobile Menders in Armatage Rec Center (would need strips for plug-ins); would need quite a bit of time in advance to announce and market
  • Denis Houle: Community Connections Conference–great event to meet other people, neighborhood organizations, free food, free registration
    • Saturday Feb 10, 2018, at Convention Center
  • Michael Kootsikas: Continuing to pass out welcome bags to new neighbors who move into neighborhood (cloth bag, magnets, water bottles, etc); looking for suggestions for welcome bags; one good suggestion is the Settergrens Service Providers List; Southwest Business Association list


Adjourn 7:48pm (motion, second, motion carries)


November 14, 2017 eNews

November Meeting Agenda

Nov 21, 2017 • 6:30pm • Armatage Park

  • Welcome
  • Guest: Late Night Take Out/Diamond BBQ
  • City Council Update
  • Park Update, Nikki Friederich
  • President’s Report
  • Secretary Report
    October minutes approved online
  • Treasurer Report
    • Accountant
  • Committee Updates
    • Community Engagement
  • Coordinator Update
    • Communication policy
    • Bylaws (link to begin review sent to board)
    • Tree lighting 11/24 at 7pm
    • Business facade grants: Penn Dental
  • New Business
    • Trees for school kids
  • Adjourn

Tree Lighting and Charity Drive

Friday, November 24 • 7:00pm • Armatage Park

Diapers and formula will be collected at the park in November and at the event for the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.

Enjoy a photo op with a vintage sleigh! 

(Sleigh may be different than one shown)

Minneapolis 2040

Monday, Dec. 11

5:30-7:30 p.m.

Martin Luther King Park multi-purpose room

4055 Nicollet Ave.

Co-hosted by Tangletown, Kingfield, Armatage and Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association

Over the past year, City planners have been doing a lot of listening about the future of Minneapolis. One theme we’ve heard is that everyone must benefit from a growing city. Done right, population growth can help our city become a healthy, sustainable, and thriving place for all. We have some ideas on how to achieve that, and would like to hear your thoughts. 

We want to hear from you!

Engage in Person at Community Meetings in December 

Please attend the interactive engagement event. This event will feature the family-friendly activities created by artists and City-staff, as well as free food from local businesses. 

Washburn Totlot – Park Improvements

You’re invited to TWO community open houses to learn about the Washburn Avenue Totlot’s new playground and provide feedback on its design. The first is On Wednesday, November 22 from 6 to 8 pm; the second Saturday December 2, from 10 am to noon. Both serve the same purpose, so you only need to attend one.

On either day, drop in at the Armatage Recreation Center to:  

  • Review community input from the first engagement event in October
  • Share your thoughts on initial ideas for new playground equipment
  • Use a working model of playground equipment to explore various configurations and combinations

Everyone is welcome!


  • Wednesday, November 22, from 6 pm to 8 pm 
  • OR
  • Saturday December 2, from 10 am to noon 
  • Drop in anytime during either event
  • Armatage Recreation Center, at  2500 W 57th St. (5 blocks from Washburn Avenue Totlot) 

More opportunities to have your say

  • Can’t make it on November 22 or December 2? Join us at a follow-up meeting: Watch for dates and details in an upcoming announcement.
  • For details on this playground project, visit the project webpage.
  • Subscribe to the project’s email list to get announcements for community meetings and other events and to stay informed about the project.
  • Also: Share this email with friends, family and neighbors who may be interested as well! 

November 22, 2017 eNews

Friday night Tree Lighting

& Charity Drive

7:00pm • Armatage Park

Take a break from the craziness of the weekend and join us at the park for a low-key gathering. We will light the trees near the ice rink entrance, enjoy some treats and music, and have a chance to take a photo with an antique sleigh. Plus, we will be collecting diapers and formula for the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.

November Meeting Highlights

  • Winter sports registration for winter sports open now online. Printed brochures available at the park.
  • Our first business facade grant request is with Penn Dental for their new signage.
  • Welcome to Rachel, our new accountant, who is also an Armatage resident.
  • Proposed next neighborhood happy hour: Tuesday, January 9, 7-9 at Red Wagon

Washburn Park Input Open House

Dec 2 • 10am-noon at Armatage Park

NOTE: There is NOT an open house today. Instead, stop by on Saturday, December 2, to see a completed model of the spaces along with different design options. Construction will begin next Spring, so now is the time to help us create something great!

Minneapolis 2040 Open House

Dec 11 • 5:30-7:30 • MLK Park

This is your opportunity to give input regarding the long-term planning for the City of Minneapolis. Minneapolis 2040 input will guide the comprehensive plan, and help shape the future of our city. Food, activities for kids, etc…so everyone is welcome! Drop in and contribute your thoughts!