2014 Highlights


While the ANA Board agreed with the spirit and goals of the Moratorium, the Board unanimously did not support the Moratorium. Eventually, new policies for builders were developed by the City Council.


A violent crime was committed against one of our neighbors. This type of violent crime is unusual in our neighborhood and residents attended our meeting looking for help and answers. The meeting was attended by residents, journalists, news crews and cameras, and the victim. Also in attendance were the prosecuting attorney, a victim’s advocate and Inspector Todd Loining. The ANA responded by asking for residents to fill out a Victim Impact Statements, hosting a Personal Safety Seminar and refocusing efforts on neighborhood safety.


A new month for our Annual Meeting, was held for the first time off site at Wagner’s Greenhouse. The focus was bees, and we heard from great speakers and gave away great honey prizes donated from the Minnesota Honey Company. In partnership with Kenny Neighborhood Association, we saw another great year of participation in our annual garage sale weekend.


Residents enjoyed a beautiful evening watching Despicable Me 2 under the stars at the park. The ANA provided the lemonade and popcorn for the movie.


The Annual Summer Festival! This event gets bigger and better every year. We introduced a food truck, craft event and were able to offer residents the convenience of accepting credit cards. We also brought back the favorites: the games, bounce house, the magician, the massages, the hot dog meals and the silent auction.

The ANA is looking forward to a successful 2015. We will continue to focus on neighborhood safety. We will be mailing out more newsletters in addition to our electronic newsletters. We will continue to host great events like the garage sales and Summer Festival. We are always available the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 to update residents and listen to any questions and concerns.