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Organics Recycling CONFIDENTial Workshop

Join the Green Team for its Organics Recycling CONFIDENT(ial) workshop on Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00pm at Armatage Park!

Whether you are already recycling organics and ready to up your game or still thinking about taking the plunge and getting started, we will cover examples, tips, tricks, and ideas for home set-ups to help make organics recycling a breeze. It’s free to attend and light refreshments and free compostable bags will be provided.

The ANA Green Team will continue to work on organics recycling and helping our neighbors be even more sustainable in 2020. If you’re interested in getting involved or joining a new neighborhood organics recycling e-list to stay in the know, email us at

December 17, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: December 17, 2019

Called to Order: 6:30pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Ryan Antkowiak

Board members in attendance: Adam Miller, Ryan Antkowiak, Sara Fulton-Koebling, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Michael Kootsikas, Patty Grabski, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere, Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Others in attendance: Linea Palmisano (Council Member, Ward 13), Jordan Nelson (Park Director), Veronica Quito (resident)

Board members absent: Brett Anderson

6:30pm Welcome & Introductions

6:35pm Update from Council Member Linea Palmisano

  • Here to discuss the budget and to provide an update on Pedestrian Safety which are intertwined
      • The city budget process ended Friday
        • Palmisano was the chair of the budget committee and was therefore very involved with this process. Provide great detail about the process and highlighted that as modifications to the original budget take place, any modifications need to be offset elsewhere.
        • Palmisano proposed budget reform but it did not pass; unsure how to proceed here as she feels it will get lost or will be overlooked as we move into a Presidential election year; on the backburner for now
      • Majority of budget goes to Public Works, Fire & Police and to the City department
      • Social services falls under the county
    • Palmisano advocated for better collaboration with the county to more specifically address violence prevention.
      • As part of the final budget, funding that was earmarked for 14 FTE was redirected to improving the training of the policy force. The current training facility is undersized, old and not safe based on modern standards.
        • Also working to get state funding to develop a new training facility
      • Palmisano was proud of these efforts and thinks this is a positive step into helping our police force evolve with the times
    • Pedestrian Safety Update
      • Vision Zero is beginning to be implemented which ultimate goal is to have zero traffic deaths
        • Areas of focus
          • Projected future street use
          • Review of bus routes and stations
          • The movement of people and goods
          • Reasonable and technically defensible
          • Reducing speed limits (where appropriate)
          • Addressing unsafe driving behaviors (distractors such as texting)
        • Pillars of Vision Zero
          • Create equity
          • Eliminate economic disparity as it relates to traffic
          • Utilize data to drive decision making
          • Incorporate and engage the community
          • Be accountable and transparent
        • Significant efforts being made towards education, communication and enforcement
          • One such example: Gang Interdiction Unit
            • Goal is to legally remove a gang member and in doing so show them a better path forward; eliminating the need for and reliance on a gang

7:05pm Park Update

  • Park Director, Jordan Nelson provided a park update
    • Ice rinks are under construction; no open date set but expected in the next 1-2 weeks. Signage on Penn once open.
    • Youth Sports is about to kick off. Over 250 kids signed up for basketball. So much demand needed to contract gym space from Burroughs.
    • 1/24 – Fire & Ice event

7:15pm Chili Cook-off & Fire on Ice event

  • Board Member, Adam Miller provided an update
    • New event this year (Chili Cook-off)
      • Logistics coming together
      • Intend to have 12 contestants
      • Attendees of Fire & Ice can sample the 12 chili’s for $5. Funds will be split between Park and ANA.
      • ANA to provide supplies and a trophy
    • Board approved funding for this event – $105

7:25pm ANA 2020 Planning

  • Board President Joel Federer unveiled a working calendar of all of the events, activities and communications ANA is involved with.
    • With proposed 2020 budget changes, encouraged board members to think about what projects/events they are most passionate about. Expected as a board we will need to step up our volunteer efforts to put less on the coordinator.
    • This could further be needed in 2021 and beyond depending on final budget decisions.

7:30pm  Staffing Contracts:

  • Coordinator
  • Accountant
    • Board President Joel Federer dismissed current coordinator (Lauren Anderson) and current accountant (Rachel Ireland-Henry) from this discussion
      • Discussion of current city budget for staffing as well as our 2019 hourly requirements for both positions
        • Some discussion on how this may change if we see a budget cut; reiterated need for board to step up their efforts to help the coordinator
      • Unanimous desire to retain both the current coordinator and accountant
    • Accountant
      • Offered a contract for 2020. Requested better communication as we approach a budget maximum. Better metrics.
    • Coordinator
      • Discussion surrounding necessary hours (board felt these could be reduced slightly as Lauren no longer has the learning curve she had in her first year) as well as making compensation more inline with other coordinator wages.
        • Offered a contract for 2020. Reduction in hours from an average of 19 hrs/week to 18 hrs/week. Increase in wage as well to fall more in line with average.
    • Both the account and coordinator accepted the board offers

8:15pm Minutes – approved via email

Treasurer Report – financials emailed

8:17pm Committee Updates:

  • Mini Grants 2020 Round
      • Subcommittee already meeting on this and expect demand in 2020
  • Green Team February Organics Recycling Workshop
      • Lauren Anderson (Coordinator) to lead workshop. Recycling is a major passion for Lauren; thrilled to lead the workshop.

8:25pm Adjourned

First Annual Chili Cook-off at Armatage Fire & Ice

Put your chili to the test and sign up to compete against your neighbors and claim the prize of the best chili in the neighborhood.

The Chili Cook-off takes place inside the Armatage Rec Center on Friday, January 24 from 6:30-8:30pm as part of Armatage Park’s Fire & Ice Skating Party. Registration closes on Sunday, January 19 so sign up here to reserve your spot.

It’s free to compete and just $5 to eat. Competitors should plan to bring a full crock-pot or instant pot of chili to the park by 6:00pm on January 24.

Come for the Chili

Help judge our competitors’ offerings! Come to the Chili Cook-off to taste each entry and vote for your favorite chili in Armatage. The cost to eat is $5 per person and tasting is open to all.
Bring or borrow skates and enjoy music and cocoa as part of the Fire & Ice Skating Party and help us crown the neighborhood’s 2020 Chili Champion.

Tree Lights & Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery Supply Drive

While the ANA isn’t hosting a tree lighting event this year, the annual neighborhood-sponsored holiday lights are up in Armatage Park along the east side of the building! 🌟

We hope you will join us in supporting the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery by donating new, unopened formula, diapers, pull-ups, children’s toiletries, new with tags clothing and more now through December 20. Check out the Crisis Nursery’s full wish list at and look for the donation bin in the lobby of the Armatage Rec Center.

November 19, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: November 19, 2019

Called to Order: 6:32PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Brett Anderson

Board members in attendance: Tyler Mulcahey, Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Donte Mearon, Brett Anderson, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Adam Miller, Michael Kootsikas, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere, Sara Fulton-Koerbling

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Nikki (Park Department), Jordan (Park Department), and three neighborhood members

Board members absent: Patty Grabski, Ryan Antkowiak

November 19, 2019 Agenda 

6:30pm     Welcome & Introductions

6:35pm     Park Staffing Change – Nikki has left as Park Director replacing her is Jordan Nelson.  Jordan introduced himself.

6:45pm     ANA Plan Modification – Lauren, Sara, and Joel presented on the ANA Plan Modification

  • Overview of City funding for neighborhoods
    • Overview of current funding for ANA.  Currently receive approx. $31K per year from the City via CPP
    • Have $222,500 of non-contracted funds from NRP funds. Plan mod is to put them under contract
    • N2020 Overview
    • FAQ on neighborhood organizations what they do and don’t do
  • Draft funding plan presented to the community in October
  • Community engagement process
    • Overview of the community process ANA engaged in
  • Summary of community feedback received
    • Pedestrian safety, park improvement, green initiatives, senior support, non-child based activities for neighbors of different ages
  • Proposed plan
    • Funding amounts are for 4 years of services.  Total is $222,500.
    • For the $15K that was left for community suggestions the $15K was proposed to be allocated to Pedestrian safety, park improvements, and green initiatives based on the proportion of persons suggesting it be used for each of those areas.
    • Presented final proposed plan with the updated totals to include the $15K referenced above.
  • Comments from attendees – max 1 min each
    • Question from Audience: What is pedestrian safety and what can we as a neighborhood use that on:
      • Answer: smaller grass root things (e.g., can organize crosswalk people to usher people across at busy intersections, reflective leashes for pets).
  • Final edits to funding plan
  • Voting process – board and those in attendance who are eligible to vote (18+ age, Armatage resident or business representative)
  • Next steps if approved are a legal review with the City and then NRP policy board reviews and approves on 1/21/19.


  • Motion for the board to consider and vote on each component of the plan modification separately, motion approved.  
  • Motion to transfer $40,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.4 Raingardens from the following sources:
    • $69.70 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.1. Youthstart Work Program
    • $2,500.00 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.2. Youth Involvement Program
    • $463.55 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.3. After School Educational Support Programs
    • $7,373.93 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.1. Responsible Driving Program
    • $29,592.82 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $15,000 to existing Safety Priority C.1.2.1 Community Safety (Safety Rebates) from the following sources:
    • $2,831.02 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program
    • $3,395.27 NRP Phase I Plan 1.A.2. Home Improvement Program
    • $8,773.71 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $6,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.7 Informal Gatherings from the following source:
    • $6,000.00 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $14,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.10 Mini Grants from the following source:
    • $14,000.00 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $4,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.8 Improve Park Facilities from the following source:
    • $4,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $78,500 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Staffing from the following sources:
    • $51,055.00 NRP Phase II Plan 1.2.1. Pedestrian Scale Lighting/Banners
    • $2,350.00 Program income 1.2.1. Pedestrian Scale Lighting/Banners
    • $16,000.00 NRP Phase II Plan 1.4.1. “Know Your Neighbor”; Program
    • $9,095.00 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $44,000 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Community Engagement from the following source:
    • $44,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $17,000 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Traffic Calming & Pedestrian Safety from the following source:
    • $17,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $4,000 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Environmental & Greening Programming from the following source:
    • $4,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.

7:30pm Coordinator Update

  • Upcoming projects:
    • Chili Cook-off – to be done during Fire and Ice.  Adriana, Adam and Donte volunteered to work with Lauren to plan this event.  The group to discuss with Jordan (Park Board) food permit.
    • Office Clean-out – Due to the water damage need to clean out the ANA office.  Judy to help Lauren. If anyone else is interested please contact Lauren.

7:40pm Other Business – None

7:45pm President’s Report 

  • Judy is stepping down from her board seat in 7 months.  The next board member will have approximately 1 year remaining from Judy’s term.

7:50pm Minutes – approved via email

Treasurer Report – financials emailed

7:55pm Committee Updates

  • Green Team:
    • 2020 Rain Garden program – For 2020 the $10K will be spread out among 15 rain gardens to allow more people to participate and get some subsidy.  In general the subsidy will go down. However, the group is still discussing offering additional income based grants which were introduced last year.
    • There was a nice bump in people signing up to adopt a drain after the latest eblast.
    • The group is considering doing some organics recycling outreach in 2020
    • Question: Can we require zero impact or offer more $ to events that we are supporting if they comply?  The board seemed interested in exploring this in the future especially for Park Board events.
  • Mini Grants:
    • 2020 Mini Grants dates
      • There will be one cycle in 2020 with up to 4 grants for $1000 each awarded
      • The program will be announced and open on January 7th 2020 and the deadline will be February 28, 2020.  Awards are expected to be announced Mid-April.
      • Anyone interested in participating in the process should contact Adriana.

Meeting adjourned at 7:29 pm

Adopt a Storm Drain

Fall is an important time to keep leaves out of the gutter so they don’t get into the storm drain when it rains. In the storm drain, leaves get carried to the Creek and eventually to Lake Hiawatha, adding the phosphorus that causes algae blooms. Don’t wait for the city to sweep the street, as leaves will be rushing down the drain with each rainfall!

If you haven’t already, consider the county’s Adopt-a-Drain program, signing up to keep one or more storm drains on your street clear so that only water goes into it. You can adopt any drain that hasn’t already been adopted, even if it isn’t in front of your house! This interactive website helps you locate drains near you and adopt any that you choose:

If you need assistance adopting a drain OR if you would like a friendly neighborhood volunteer to assist you the first time you set out to clean your storm drain, please contact the ANA at The ANA’s Green Team will also provide the next twenty people who sign up to Adopt-a-Drain with a free pair of gloves to wear when cleaning your drain. Email us to pick yours up!  Huge thanks to ANA Green Team member Linda Ridlehuber for this article!

October 15, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: October 15, 2019

Called to Order: 6:30pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Donte Mearon

Board members in attendance: Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Michael Kootsikas, Patty Grabski, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere

Others in attendance: Nikki Fredricks (Park Director)

Guests: Clara Schmit- Gonzales and Mah Isaac (City of Minneapolis Department of Regulatory Services), Emma Pachutta (Minneapolis Park & Rec. Board on Parks for All Compressive Design),

Board members absent: Adam Miller, Ryan Antkowiak, Sara Fulton-Koebling, Brett Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

6:30pm Welcome & Introductions

6:35pm Nikki Fredricks (Park Director)

  • Winter programs. Basketball registration. Hockey and wrestling available at Lynnhurst
  • $500 was not enough money to fill skate inventory. They are looking into alternatives live donated and second hand skates.
  • Possible chili cook off fundraiser during Fire and Ice event
  • Looking for volunteers for Trick or Treat Trail
  • Halloween in the Park
    • Motion for $900 to pay for horse and wagon, storyteller, entertainment at event
    • Motion passed

6:45pm Clara Schmit-Gonzales (Traffic) Mah Isaac (Housing) with Minneapolis Regulatory Services

  • New website to check 30 years worth of regulatory services violations –
  • Mah is the Housing Inspector

7:00pm Emma Pachutta from Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

  • Park board comprehensive plan for years 2007-2020. Next plan will be a 20 year plan. Boards mission is safety, sustainability, visionary leadership, and work with shared values of the neighborhoods.
  • Plan is for all of the park and not individual ones. Plan draft early 2020
  • Painted comment boxes are in district parks for feedback. They are collecting over 3000 pieces of raw data to come up with metrics for success

7:20pm Coordinator update

  • Plan Mod Outreach
  • Flyers – Door knocking routes were selected
  • Social media outreach – Board members needed to review comments and data
  • Motion to approve $50 for treats for Tot Lot Pop up. Approved
  • Motion to approve up to $100 for glow sticks and give away items for Halloween table. Approved

7:35pm Council Member Linea Palmisano Ward 13

  • 2040 Plan to build affordable housing at 50th and France parking structure
  • Vision zero survey –
  • Speed limit consistency
  • Minneapolis Police Department training facility

8:15pm Minutes from September meeting will get approved by email

8:15pm Treasurer’s report emailed

8:20pm Green Team

  • 20 volunteers and about 20 bags of trash and leaves
  • Adopt a drain
  • Rain / Native gardens wrap up & 2020 plans

8:25 Mini grants

  • Update on mural project:
    • Working with Cave Vin and Red wagon to paint parking lot walls
    • Will use social media and ANA events to get in put about mural subject
  • Thermal camera project is up on website and in the fall newsletter and neighbors are signing up to borrow it.

8:30 Adjourned

September 17, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: September 17, 2019

Called to Order: 6:35PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Patty Grabski

Board members in attendance: Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Donte Mearon, Patty Grabski,
Joel Federer, Brett Anderson, Ryan Antkowiak, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator) Adam
Miller, Michael Kootsikas, Judy Vecere

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Board members absent: Adriana Dobrzycka, Tyler Mulcahey

  • The ANA discussed its draft plan to reallocate remaining, unspent neighborhood
    funds to keep programs and community services going for approximately the
    next 4+ years should there be a gap or significant decrease in City funding. Bob
    Cooper and Aryca Meyers from the City of Minneapolis were in attendance to
    answer questions on ANA’s remaining funds and draft plan.

    • Category items and dollar allocations were discussed, particularly areas
      that were decreased in allocation going forward: mini grants, staffing and
      safety rebates
    • Estimated current budget is $241,500, plan mod total is $209k, leaving
      $16k uncontracted which will need to be allocated by November
  • More information will be shared starting October 15 for community members to
    give feedback on the draft plan through the ANA’s fall print newsletter, on, in the eNews, on social media, as well as at outreach events
    (Halloween at the Park, a Washburn Tot Lot pop-up play date, and the November
    18 neighborhood meeting where a final vote will take place).

    • A key requirement will be to give a minimum of 21 days notice to the
    • The board discussed creating teams to door knock to solicit resident
  • Summer festival download, key learnings
    • Food vendor setup was an improvement over last year
    • Significant increase in revenue over recent years
    • Screen printing was successful – few kinks to work out to improve
  • Fall and Winter upcoming programs
    • Litter B Gone – all is set for 10/5 event; discussed social media outreach to attract volunteers; see budget request below
    • Halloween party
      • Discussed volunteers to staff a board table
    • Park tree lighting
      • Vote passed to simply light trees and cancel ‘event’ with sleigh, lighting, etc. Supporting details include cost, difficulty in scheduling/ choosing a date near holidays, potential for inclement weather
  • Budget items The board approved motions for the following items:
    • $600 to wrap lights on two trees in Armatage Park next to the skating rink again this year,
    • $20 for warm drinks at the Green Team's upcoming Litter Be Gone clean-up on October 5,
    • A budget increase to $250 for each Neighborhood Happy Hour plus $40 (including tip) from the ANA cash account due to increased attendance at the events,
    • $200 for new shelving and organization in the ANA office.

Meeting adjourned: 8:35pm

October 11, 2019 eNews

October 15, 2019 Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Park Update:
    • Halloween at the Park
    • Equipment Needs
  • Guest: City of Minneapolis Regulatory Services
  • Guest: Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board on Parks for All Comprehensive Design
  • Guest: City Council Member Linea Palmisano, Ward 13
  • Coordinator Update – Plan Mod Outreach
    • Washburn Tot Lot pop-up event
    • Door knocking maps & dates
    • Social media
    • Halloween at the Park display and incentives
  • Other Business
  • President’s Report
    • Winter Pedestrian Safety outreach
  • Minutes – approved via email
  • Treasurer Report – financials emailed
  • Committee Updates
    • Green Team:
      • Litter Be Gone wrap-up
    • Mini Grants:
      • Mural Project
      • Neighborhood Thermal Camera
  • Adjourned

Litter Be Gone: Thank You Volunteers!

Huge thanks to the 22 volunteers who cleaned up our neighborhood streets, sidewalks, parks and storm drains this past Sunday, October 6. We collected 6 huge bags of trash, 5 bags of recycling and 5 yard waste bags of leaves that were clogging storm drains!

The ANA and the Green Team are so grateful to Book Club Restaurant and the citywide Litter Be Gone team for their support of our fall clean-up event!

Funding for Neighborhood Organizations Expires in 2020

We need your help! Funding for neighborhood organizations is set to expire in 2020 and Minneapolis City Council is planning to vote soon on whether or not to continue funding neighborhood organizations, who provide many services to their communities including summer festivals, rain garden grants, micro grants, security rebates and more.

If you find value in these or other services provided by your neighborhood organization and would like funding to continue, please let City Council know with the sample letter at

Share your story for the #WeAreMpls campaign

The #WeAreMpls campaign is a public awareness campaign elevating unique voices in the city reflective of Minneapolis’ rich diversity. The campaign reaffirms the City of Minneapolis’s commitment to be a welcoming place for all people, regardless of ethnicity, race, national origin, gender identity, religion or birthplace.

If you have a story to share, live in Minneapolis and are interested in being featured in the campaign, share your photos and stories on social media with the hashtag #WeAreMpls. You can also share what Minneapolis means to you (350 words max) at

Vision Zero Plan – Comment through October 16

Traffic deaths and severe injuries are unacceptable. Together, we can make our streets safe for everyone. The draft Minneapolis Vision Zero Action Plan outlines steps the City will take in the next 3 years to make progress towards our goal to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries on our streets. Learn more and share your thoughts at

The City is accepting comments on the draft Vision Zero Action Plan through October 16. You can share feedback online or check out the online open house on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM on the City of Minneapolis Facebook page

Free Workshop on Backyard Accessory Dwelling Units

Monday, October 14th
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
MLK Park (4055 Nicollet Ave S)

Everything you want to know about building backyard cottages, basement and attic apartments in Minneapolis!

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are a great way for families to provide a home to a relative, earn rental income, or downsize in their own neighborhood. Join the Family Housing Fund at this upcoming workshop and hear from architects, builders, and lenders on how to design, finance, permit, and build your own ADU. Speakers will share presentations on accessory apartments they’ve built across the region and then speak with you one-on-one at booths with even more examples of their work.

The Family Housing Fund is a Twin Cities nonprofit with a 40-year track record of partnering throughout the region to build a strong housing system that allows people, communities, and the region to prosper.

October is Energy Awareness Month

Governor Walz has declared October Energy Awareness Month in Minnesota. The Citizens Utility Board put together a fascinating blog post about our how we generate electricity here in Minnesota and where we’re headed (including links to rebates!).  Check it out at

Change Matters – Sleep Matters

The Wedge and Linden Hills Co-ops have chosen My Very Own Bed as their October Change Matters partner. Change Matters is a register round-up program that promotes the work of local non-profits and invites shoppers to provide critical funding by rounding up their purchases.

My Very Own Bed provides new beds and linens to children in our community who would otherwise be sleeping on the floor or sharing a bed with a parent or sibling. We focus on beds for kids because of the amazing power of sleep to help kids thrive. Healthy sleep helps children fight off illness, enhances growth, improves self-regulation and stress control, and aids learning. We also believe that all children deserve at least a small, comfortable place to call their own.

In October, shoppers at the Wedge Co-op, Wedge Table, and Linden Hills Co-op will be asked to round up their purchases to support My Very Own Bed. Each $200 raised will provide front-door delivery of a new bed and dream kit (new, twin-sized sheets, blanket, mattress pad, pillow, and stuffed animal) to another child. The stores will also collect these dream kit items.

Questions? Reach out to