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September 22, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2020

Board members present:  Joel Federer, Kevin Ross, Patty Grabski, Samantha Bild, Adam Miller, Judy Vecere, Sean Burke, Sharla McIntosh, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Brett Anderson

Support team present:  Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Board Members absent: 

Additional Attendees:   Sarah and Ethan Komoroski (Green Team), Ben VenZant, Stuart and Cindy Tapper, Tommy Cohen, ‘echampion’, Merrie Sjogren, ‘Jeff’, Stephanie Vigen, Michael Kootsikas, Tara Brown

  • Discussion re possibility of new wine and liquor store at Snap Fitness location at 54th and Penn
    • Merwin Liquors
    • Stuart, Cindy and Tommy Cohen partners
    • Large independent chain – 8 stores
    • Goal for Upscale with focus on wines and craft beer; MN local craft beers
    • Timing Q1/Q2 2021
    • Request for a letter expressing support from the board to pass to council
  • Fall Food Truck Night
    • Sunday 10/18, 430-6pm
    • Confirming Gerhardt Brats, Fairfaves (fair food), Thumbs cookies
    • Park is trying to bump the event for a baseball rain date – need ideas for new space
    • Supplies: EVENT TODAY large feather sign – reusable; flyers; A-frame signs = $600 budget request – motion carries unanimously
  • Halloween Decoration Tour
    • Planning support volunteers needed
    • Request for $150 – 3 x $50 gift cards for category winners = motion carries unanimously
    • for local COVID guidelines
    • Donte suggestion for at-home make a Halloween t-shirt kit; Donte to initiate committee to review ideas
  • Let’s Get Uncomfortable Workshop
    • 10/6, 830-10pm; DangerBoat Productions
    • Board members may observe, but not participate
  • President’s Report – no Updates

  • ANA response to Neighborhoods 2020
    • Motion carries unanimously to approve ANA letter and send to council
  • Welcome Bags
    • New volunteers needed to adopt ownership of the program
      • Sean B volunteers to be delivery person (only) and Kevin Ross
      • Sarah and Ethan Komoroski volunteer to take over execution of the program (non-board)
      • (Sarah) (Ethan)
  • Green Team Updates
    • Native Plant Rebate Program
      • Participation at 14
      • Great opportunity for those unable to participate in raingardens
    • Adopt a Storm Drain Challenge
      • Participation at 5
      • Plan for monthly reminders
    • Neighborhood Clean-up (Litter Be Gone)
      • 10/3 9am , setup at the park
      • 25 teams signed up
      • Chinook book codes
  • Mini Grants
    • HH discussion re committee priorities, outreach to potential grant participants
    • 2 current grant recipients programs are on hold due to COVID and virtual school
    • Donte shared ideas for his grant mural project
  • Coordinator Update
    • Neighbor issue with dumping – request for letter of support, in lieu of we will direct him to 311 and councilmember Palmisano
    • T-shirt order, possibly hats – request for funding $800, motion carries unanimously

Adjourn at 8:51

August 18, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting

August 18, 2020

Board members present:  Joel Federer, Kevin Ross, Patty Grabski, Samantha Bild, Adam Miller, Judy Vecere, Sean Burke, Sharla McIntosh, Donte Mearon, Brett Anderson

Support team present:  Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry, Jordan Nelson, Neil

Board Members absent: Adriana Dobrzycka

Virtual Happy Hours Topics/Guests – Sep 8 & Nov 10

  • Schedule changing to every other month – participation has been low
  • Ideas
    • School learning, maybe a MPS guest, some sort of support opportunity
    • Backpack drive – supplies for Mpls kids
  • Next date is 9/8
  • Sam and Sean volunteer to work on agenda for 9/8 – plan due Thursday 8/27

Park board Update

  • ran childcare program through summer School-age – revised procedures for COVID
  • Mid summer began some revised programs, Fun on the Run with social distance
  • Online programs, live and recorded
  • Fall programming – rec centers will not enter in full, but for some programs
  • Fall sports: soccer, flag football
  • Armatage Park Alternative Halloween Event
  • Drive-through or map with stations in park – looking for additional suggestions
    • Map of neighborhood houses with awesome decorations
    • Park costume parade or bubble placement
    • Haunted Hay maze
    • Dunk tank sans water
  • Liability and safety considerations over-arching all planning

Rescheduled National Night Out – Sep 15

Litter Be Gone – Oct 3

  • Pickup supplies pre-sorted at Armatage park
  • Teams of household groups only

Let’s Get Uncomfortable Workshop – Oct 6

  • Limited to 25 participants
  • Some funding still available for small promotion

Sweet Treats in the Park

  • Neighborhood signage and parking lot setup planned
  • Sunday 530-730
  • Topic of plan for mask-wearing enforcement
    • Plan to have masks and sanitizer available  (Patty to bring box of masks)

Neighborhoods 2020 Letter

  • Brett to compose Armatage letter
  • Request for the board to sign joint neighborhood letter
    • Vote passed unanimously to sign

President’s Report

  • No  comments

Minutes – Approved Via Email

Treasurer Report – Financials Emailed

Coordinator Update:

  • Fall Newsletter Content and Timeline – Election, Census, Let’s Get Uncomfortable
  • ANA to own organizing a Halloween lights/décor driving map for the week of Halloween
  • Web and Social Media Content Updates

Finance update

  • ANA Account Rachel Ireland-Henry gave a financial presentation on the ANA’s city funding, reimbursement process, CPP and NRP current funding programs, and the Neighborhoods 2020 process to determine future funding for 2021 and beyond.

8:07 Motion to Adjourn

July 21, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Commence: 6:30

Location: Zoom/ Virtual

Board attendees: Joel Federer, Judy Vecere, Brett Anderson, Patty Grabski, Kevin Ross, Sharla McIntosh, Sean Burke, Adam Miller

Board absentees: Adriana Dobrzycka, Donte Mearon, Samantha Bild
Additional attendees: Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Board Elections

  • Secretary – Patty Grabski – ran unopposed, unanimous vote
  • Vice President – Kevin Ross – ran unopposed, unanimous vote

Community Conversations

  • Community Safety survey feedback
    • Question is really broad – comments accepted to improve clarity
  • Interest in offering Workshop re race and anti-racism
    • Motion passes unanimously to allocate $500 towards Theater of Public Policy event
    • Potential to share event with another neighborhood
    • Discussion re virtual vs in person event

August Community Outreach

  • Food Truck Night
    • Team not getting responses from many vendors
    • Red Wagon – declines to do any face to face customer interaction
    • No food permits from the city; would have to be park facilities
    • Sunny’s Ice Cream said YES
    • Milk and Cookies truck could be available
    • Challenge of dealing with / organizing congregation of people
    • Budget $500 for communications; $150 in supplies
      • Up to $650 : motion carries unanimously, dependent on subsequent committee plans
  • Bike Parade event
    • City not allowing any block permits, but said to go ahead and do it on our own, as long as participation is below 250
    • No volunteers to chair the program – will communicate to full board via email
    • Table for now

Summer 2020 print newsletter

  • Article submissions due July 31
  • Content
    • Kevin Ross – feature new board member
  • Census Update
  • Mail-in voting
  • Article re ‘20 is plenty’
  • ‘Nature’s Best Hope’ book recap

Other Business – none

President’s Report

  • Meeting with Carol, Kenny president, N2020, discussed possibility to merge neighborhood associations

Minutes – Approved Via Email

Treasurer Report – Financials Emailed

  • CPP funds – possibility to move $ around the following:
    • Transfer $3,000 from Staffing to Professional Services
    • Transfer $1,500 from Communications to Professional Services
    • Transfer $570 from Communications to D & O Insurance
    • Transfer $700 from Communications to Supplies & Materials
    • Transfer $383 from Occupancy to Supplies & Materials
    • Transfer $2,300 from Occupancy to Meetings & Community Building events
  • Motion passed to move $8453 in CPP funds
    • Pay $4500 for Metro Blooms out of CPP (i/o NPP)

Committee Updates

  • Green Team:
    • $1,000 approved for Native Plant Rebate Program
    • $75 approved for Adopt a Storm Drain Challenge
    • $150 approved for Litter Be Gone Clean-up
  • Complete Count:
    • Census Social Media Campaign Recap
    • $50 gift card to 4 respondents from digital campaign
  • Mini Grants:
    • Happy Hour 2 Min Recap
    • Safety and engaging children with the arts
    • Held an orientation in May for new grant recipients
    • Staying flexible through COVID re uncertainty of kids in school – both grants are with Armatage school

Coordinator update

  • Neighborhoods 2020
  • Armatage funding is proposed to go down yearly $32,000 – $23,000 – lower – $10,000 in base funding
  • Financial orientation
    • Training/ deep dive for board members
    • Rachel/accountant to lead the training
    • Proposal for Zoom
  • Website info
    • Need board member info, paragraph
  • August board meeting
    • Typically not held due to Summer Festival
    • Hold short official meeting for few topics – add Financial Orientation
    • August 18
  • Park updates from Jordan
    • Rec centers closed indefinitely
    • Parks attempting to accommodate tents/ campgrounds – limits on number; goal to add toilet facilities and handwashing, sanitizer

8:16pm Motion to adjourn


June 16, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes – ANA Annual Meeting

Date: June 16, 2020

Format: Virtual meeting held via Zoom, 40+ Armatage neighbors in attendance

Called to Order: 7:03pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Patty Grabski

Board members present:  Joel Federer, Patty Grabski, Tyler Mulcahey, Donte Mearan, Adriana D, Adam Miller, Brett Anderson, Michael Kootsikas, Judy Vecere

Board members absent: Ryan Antkowiak

Others present: Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Linea Palmisano, David Rubedor, Jamie Long, Marion Greene

Upcoming event: Zoom convo with Linea Palmisano re neighborhood safety and policing on June 25

2020 Census – David Rubedor, Director of Neighborhood & Community Relations

  • Every 10 years – constitutional requirement
  • Many current challenges to accurate representation and distribution of resources
  • MN risks losing a congressional seat = $2.6M potential loss
  • Extension due to COVID and civil unrest – new deadline is October 31+
  • Good news! – ARMATAGE is at 86% self-response rate to date– above 2010 final rate

Marion Greene, County Commissioner

  • Money from fed govt for COVID response to Hennepin C
    • $25M for small bus support – 2k bus asking from 36 cities
    • Funds for nonprofits
    • $15M in rental
    • $2.5M in employment assistance
    • Homelessness – expand shelters to make them COVID safe; expand to hotels, spread by 50%
      • 24 hr services for daytime safety
      • Vulnerable ppl housing support – age, illness – 625 hotel units supporting for QT
      • Working on permanent housing, affordable housing project – increased funding
      • Adult shelter connect line
    • Youth focused resources
      • Distance learning – kids without wifi or computer – $1.5M
      • $1-3M for summer youth activities – creating city programs
    • Concern for elections – $3.5M to ensure elections go smoothly
      • Apply for an absentee ballot for primary – auto gen for federal election – this will help with social distancing, some locations will be closed, there will be pressure on polling locations
  • Lobbying at the legislature for reform re George Floyd
    • Looking at jail terms??
    • Look to the court system to evaluate outcomes
    • Respond to destruction on lake st etc; property ownership, work on gentrification
  • Weekly newsletter available – tells how money is spent etc, updates on city activities

Jamie Long, State Representative

  • Introduced bill: Commitment to police reform, change the way we prosecute police-involved shootings; independent prosecutors, handled by attorney general
  • Working on bill for Civilian review process – hamstrung by state laws
  • Residency requirements – 90% of our PO do not live in the city of Mpls – maybe set reqs, up to the city; PO arbitration for reinstatement process
  • 20 bills submitted to propose transformative change
  • Senate bills passed have been quite modest
  • COVID – called leg into special session; stay safe phase – 10 indoors, 25 outdoors, reduced capacity for retail and gyms
    • Extended unemployment
    • Pandemic unemployment for self-emp and independent contractors
    • Grants for childcare providers and food shelves
    • Energy assistance
    • Workers comp for COVID medical
  • Elections – pushing for vote by mail
  • Bus Rapid Transit including the E Line along France Ave is in this round of the bonding bill but no agreement yet
  • $15 million for Solar Rewards Program
  • How can citizens help to push changes forward – most impactful to reach out to those who represent you.
  • Rep Long’s office got 6,000 messages over the past several weeks after George Floyd and the unrest, which is by far more than he’s received on any other issue since taking office. He has proposed a $350 million package to help rebuild, which unfortunately won’t scratch the surface. The state is also pursuing emergency funding for emergency food shelves.

Linea Palmisano, City Council Member

  • COVID Series of cost containment measures – $61M of additional savings to city budget to keep balanced
    • Need to cut $165M
    • Budget amendment in July – strategic cuts
    • 24% cut to some services – will feel like
  • Stance on defund the police – transparency, accountability, etc
    • ‘year of community involvement’?
  • What can we do
    • Block org and neighbor involvement and coop was increased – working at the block club level
    • Participate in public hearings
    • Q on ballot – charter amendment of city charter re requiring a police dept and details
      • Hearings by august 21 in order to be on ballot in November
    • Need methods to receive feedback and input
  • 2040 plan
    • How to undo impacts of redlining – need greater integration in our city  – need more kinds of public housing and different levels of income, need senior housing, etc
      • Need all orgs to create impact, not just zoning
      • Need to recover Lake St to maintain racially diverse businesses etc

Mini Grants Update

  • Goal is to fund projects that support, strengthen Armatage
  • 2019 projects
    • Community art mural
    • Neighborhood thermal camera
  • 2020 projects
    • Equity committee at Armatage Montessori
    • Outdoor Curriculum with Armatage Montessori PTA

Neighborhood Art Journal 

Neighborhoods 2020

  • Focused on creating equity across the city and redirect funds
  • Neighborhood base funding to drop from $30k to $10k
  • ANA requesting council to consider $15
  • Significant changes to services able to provide to the neighborhood
  • Residents please review the draft funding plan and comment to the city by July 15
  • Draft letter available on ANA website – to send to city council

Election Results

  • 119 total votes!
  • Samantha Bild
  • Sean Burke
  • Adriana Dobryzcka
  • Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler
  • Kevin Ross

Door Prize Drawing

  • Chris – Colita
  • Josh – Unwind Within

Please join us for a neighborhood conversation with Linea Palmisano on Thursday June 25

April 21, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: April 21, 2020

Format: Virtual meeting held via Zoom

Called to Order: 6:33pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Patty Grabski

Board members in attendance: Donte Mearon, Patty Grabski, Adriana Dobrzycka, Michael Kootsikas, Adam Miller, Brett Anderson, Ryan Antkowiak, Joel Federer, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Others in attendance: Linea Palmisano (Council Member, Ward 13), Jordan Nelson (Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, Stephanie Vigen, Neil D.

Board members absent: Judy Vecere (technical difficulties), Tyler Mulcahey

Welcome & Introductions

Parks and Rec Update: Jordan

  • Rec Center closed in conjunction with schools at least through May 3
    • Trying to move programs online
  • Ambassador program
    • Parks and trails are open
    • Park reps available to check on things, answer questions and be a resource to residents
    • ID via light blue jackets
    • Trying to keep park reps employed

City Update: Linea Palmisano

  • Property tax late fees in Hennepin and Ramsey will be waived until June 15
  • $2.2M in small business relief agreed and available
  • Passed takeout wine and beer with food – big revenue boost for small businesses
  • Donation hub located in the city
  • COVID health department line open – 24/7 response
  • Street sweeping impending for pollution control
    • There will not be towing but tickets will be issued
    • Dumpsters included in required moving
  • Construction nuisance update

ANA Annual meeting and Board Elections

  • Question of whether to hold online June 16 or wait until Fall
    • Board consensus to hold online in June
  • Discussion re Annual Meeting main topic
    • City staffer to present re 2020 Census via webinar
    • Suggestion for open forum re feedback and outreach
    • Grant recipient updates
  • Process discussion re whether and how to end vote count during hte online meeting in order to announce new board members
  • Need to determine best web platform to utilize – need volunteer to research
  • Suggestion to model voting process on Kingfield, utilize their voter guide
    • This requires candidates to self-identify in advance – no nominations during meeting
  • Lauren to confirm open seats – please communicate with her if your term is up


  • Content review is crunched this month – need several volunteers to help with proofreading

Virtual Happy Hour and Coffee Break

  • 1 held so far with 7-8 in attendance
  • 5/12 to be hosted by the Green Team with topic of Spring Gardening
  • 6/9 host Mini Grants subcommittee

Social Distancing Engagement

  • Art booklet and Quarantine projects – PDF or slideshow
  • Contracted art kit
  • Contest for mural artwork
  • Donte to compile and organize submissions

Presidents Report

March Minutes – Approved

Treasurer Report

  • CPP funds could be revoked by the city – $38k in report – should we earmark these with the intention of safe-guarding
    • Suggestion to move to Metro Blooms bill to ‘professional services’ within CPP

Green Team Update

  • Rain and Native Gardens
    • This will go forward despite COVID with social distancing
    • 15 gardens in program, several spots still open – will boost on social
    • Continue feedback to Metro Blooms re sensitivity to size etc
    • June installation
  • Virtual Organics workshop 5/18
  • Hennepin county grant is canceled due to COVID

Mini Grants Committee Update

  • 3 applications received
    1. The Fen – garden installation at 58/Penn triangle
      • Application lacked clarity – vote to deny passed
    2. Armatage Montessori School – equity and race workshops
      • Application approved
    3. Armatage PTA courtyard garden improvement and nature studies
      • Application approved

Complete Count

  • FB paid ads
  • Please help boost by sharing via Twitter, FB and Instagram

Coordinator Update

  • COVID19 relief fund – could combine with two other neighborhoods, we would have $8500 to contribute from program funds – to look into
  • Attorney support paid for by city
  • Armatage Park playground up for renovation – goal to encourage fast movement on plan


March 17, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: March 17, 2020

Format: Virtual meeting held via Zoom

Called to Order: 6:33pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Brett Anderson

Board members in attendance: Adam Miller, Ryan Antkowiak, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Michael Kootsikas, Patty Grabski, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere, Joel Federer, Brett Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Others in attendance: Linea Palmisano (Council Member, Ward 13)

Board members absent: Tyler Mulcahey, Donte Mearon

Welcome & Introductions

Update from Council Member Linea Palmisano

  • Transportation action plan in progress
    • Look for ways to participate online
  • N2020
    • Palmisano Presents Forum for N2020 scheduled for 3/24 has been canceled
    • Pushing to extend public input period – Likely a decision coming soon (likely to postpone)
  • Covid-19
    • State of Emergency at the City level declared – streamlines decisions to Mayor’s office.  Council approves after instead before (so less oversight)
    • Will be a City website for Covid-19 information resources
    • Sign up for e-news updates with Palmisano – these updates will keep you up to date on City decisions

May Meeting/Elections

  • Annual meeting/elections was on the calendar for May 19th
  • Possibility exists of doing online meeting and online elections
  • For elections can do a simple self-reporting on address and where you live as means of qualifying to vote.
    • More simple/low tech the better.
    • Could do bios online ahead of time and provide election results after the meeting.
  • Board expressed a desire to delay the annual meeting/elections until at least June.  Will start communicating this in April.
  • Board will need to make decisions soon on other future events such as movie in the park, organics workshops, etc.


  • ANA can serve as a centralized place (i.e. website and social media) where people can turn for help.
  • ANA could help people connect if they need assistance like snow shoveling.  ANA could also gather information and provide it on the ANA website in one consolidated place (e.g. Byerlys store hour changes).
  • If you come across helpful information like this send to Lauren and she can consolidate and put on website, send in newsletters, post on social media, etc.
  • Spring Newsletter being held until early May instead of early April due to the events

N2020 Strategy

  • Board to start thinking about how to tell the story to the neighborhood – should be simple.  That is why neighborhoods matter.
  • A base amount of $25K/year doesn’t seem politically palatable per Lauren’s conversations with CM Palmisano and other electeds.
  • Brett, Lauren, Joel, and Ryan to work on communications pertaining to N2020 including a draft letter for residents to send to elected(s) and NCR.
    • Needs to be clear so that we have a clear ask for neighbors and what we want them to say in their feedback.
  • While CM Palmisano supports a higher base amount of $25K, other City Council members likely do not.
  • Thoughts on ANA feedback strategy are to acknowledge that ANA supports the equity work of the City but to survive needs a larger annual base, e.g., $15,000.

Other Business – None

President’s Report 

  • Judy to continue term and serve as Treasurer until May 2021.

Minutes approved via email

Financials sent out via email – no questions

Committee Updates

  • Green Team
    • Organics grant: Update on the grant, there is a delay due to Covid-19 and grant period will hopefully be extended
      • Plan to purchase organic starter kits ($10/each); these will go to any resident signing up for organics recycling the first time.
      • ANA/Green Team could also do a home visit with a pair of volunteers bringing the starter kit to the resident.
      • Considering doing organics recycling lawn signs for those that have signed up already as this bumped up participation rates for organics recycling in other neighborhoods.
      • Plan to do a Pop up event at the tot lot along with events such as workshops.
      • Grant is for $10K with half allocated to staff time.  Will be able to bill some of Lauren’s time to this.
    • One thought is in the future to shift the ANA board focus to green team activities due to the high interest in the neighborhood and the lower future money available.
    • Rain gardens update:  Projected to be some cost savings of approximately $1500. Plan to offer $200 to anyone that meets the low-income qualifications (<=200% of the federal poverty limit).
  • Mini Grants
    • Deadline closed.  Received 3 proposals.  Quality of proposals were really good.
      • Green triangle at Penn and 58th
        • Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board is open as long as any project works within the soon-to-be-passed plan for the park.
      • Welcoming equity committee of Armatage school – support to bring in speakers.
      • Support for greening in the internal courtyard of Armatage.
      • Talk about the equity grant in our N2020 communication/letter to highlight work we are doing.
  • Summer Festival
    • Will try to do dunk tank this year
    • Will have a 50/50 raffle
  • Complete Count Meeting
    • We have paused due to Covid-19 but the plan is to meet virtually this month via Zoom.
    • Joel has been doing Census posts on social media.
    • Lauren to follow up with state to see if we are unable to have a large outreach event (due to Covid-19) if we are able to keep/use the money for something else.
    • May be the opportunity to do something similar to a letter/campaign if we have funding.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:51pm

February 18, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes 

Date: February 18, 2020

Called to Order: 6:34PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Adam Miller

Board members in attendance: Tyler Mulcahey, Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Brett Anderson, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator) Adam Miller, Michael Kootsikas, and Judy Vecere

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Jordan Nelson (Park Director) – Michael Jishka (CAC Board member), Kate Hersey (Minnesota Tool Library), and Jennifer Waisanen (5th Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator)

Board members absent: Donte Mearon, Ryan Antkowiak, and Adriana Dobrzycka,

February 18, 2020 Agenda 

6:30pm Welcome & Introductions 6:35pm Park Update – Jordan Nelson (Park Director)

  • Ice rink will remain open until the end of February. Summer sports registration will be opening soon.
  • Southwest Minneapolis Parks Master Plan and the Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master plan comment period is open.

6:40pm Minnesota Tool Library – Kate Hersey, Executive Director

  • The Executive Director of the Minnesota Tool Library (MTL) provided a presentation and overview of the MTL and how they have structured their organization.
  • Considerations for creating a tool library include membership structure, fiscal sponsors, tool selection, staffing, inventory system/policy, liability policy, and space needs.
  • MTL currently serves 1,100 members and they have three (3) membership levels: Standard ($120/year), Premium ($250/year), and Basic ($55/year).

7:00pm 2019 CPP Report

  • Discussion about requested information was discussed and clarified for submission to the City of Minneapolis.
    • Motion to approve CPP report. Motion carries. 

7:15pm Other Business – Guest: Michael Jischke, CAC member

  • Southwest Minneapolis Parks Master Plan and the Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master plan has been revised. This plan addresses the concerns about the continuity of the Minnehaha Parkway.
  • The plan improves the water quality of Minnehaha Creek, including water treatment prior it entering the creek. A canoe slip near Upton and 54th will also be added.
    • The 45 day public comment period will open soon.

7:20pm President’s Report

  • Neighborhoods 2020 Update
    • Funding levels for neighborhoods are still being considered by the Minneapolis City Council.
  • Open Board Seats
    • Three board seats will be open in May.

7:30pm   Minutes – Approved via Email

Treasurer Report – Financials Emailed

7:35pm Safety Update – Jennifer Waisanen, 5th Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator

  • A report with incidents and crime statistics for Armatage was provided to the ANA Board. Overall crime was low in the neighborhood last year.

7:55pm Committee Updates

  • Green Team:
    • 2/26 Organics Recycling Workshop: Lauren will lead a workshop on the organics recycling program in Minneapolis.
  • Mini Grants:
    • Final Outreach for 2020 Cycle
    • The board reached out to the Armatage school about the program, particularly for after school care.
    • One mini-grant application has been submitted so far.
  • Summer Festival

8:10pm Coordinator Update:

  • SW Parks Master Plan Designs
  • Census Grant
    • The ANA applied for and received $750 to help with the count for the 2020 Census.
  • Hennepin County GROW Organics Recycling Grant
    • Up to $10,000 is available to help improve the organic recycling usage rate in Armatage. A proposal was drafted and submitted to the Green Team for their review and approval. The grant provides for staff, demonstrations, and materials.
  • Renew Adobe Creative Cloud membership
    • Motion to spend $360 on another year of Creative Cloud. Motion carries. 

8:40pm Adjournment

  • Motion to Adjourn Approved 

January 21, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes: 

Date: January 21, 2020

Called to Order: 6:30 PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note Taker: Michael Kootsikas

Board Members in Attendance: Ryan Antkowiak, Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Brett Anderson, Adiana Dobryzycka, Donte Mearon, Patty Grabski, Michael Kootsikas, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Joel Federer

Others in Attendance: David Rubedor (Director of NCR) and Casey Carl (City Clerk)

Board Members Absent: Adam Miller, Judy Vecere, Tyler Mulcahey, Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

  • 6:30: Welcome and Introductions
  • 6:35: Park Update (Jordan)
    • Ice Rink
      • Open through presidents day
      • Pretty good numbers / usage
    • Fire and Ice
      • Tree lights will be up
  • 6:40: 2020 Plan – David Rubedor (Director of NCR) and Casey Carl (city Clerk)
    • 2020 Census
      • Every 10 years – full count of residents as of April 1, 2020
      • Extremely important to get correct count. Accurate numbers help set:
        • Political boundaries on all levels
        • Congressional seats – MN at risk of losing a congressional seat (from 8 to 7)
      • Working towards getting people accounted for
        • About 96,000 people estimating to not be accounted
        • 2.6$ Billion in the community Fed funding in Minneapolis that we’d lose without the census being correct over 10 years
        • Children under 5 are most at risk to being under counted
      • Census bureau underfunded compared to previous census
        • 10 vs 3 regional stations in Minnesota
      • Going online for the first time
      • 3 rounds of postcards before enumerator knocks on your door
        • 1st is for online registration
        • March 15 is first round of postcards
      • David Rubedor’s ask: to have ANA help advertise and make people feel comfortable to give their information to the government
      • Language translation For other languages, help is available
      • Grants are available for event that ANA could host. Grant dollars can go towards food
    • 2020 Elections
      • Grants are available for event that ANA could host. Grant dollars can go towards food
      • Registering to vote is the biggest hurdle for voters
        • Can do it online
      • Not doing caucus for president – 2 party  ballots system instead
        • Republican and Democrat – only get one of those party ballots
        • Pick a party and sign an oath
        • Data will not be public information (even though required to collect it). Each party will get ALL the data
        • Run like an election but not an election
      • Feb 25 – Caucus will still happen
        • All other business besides President
      • Casey’s ask of ANA is to try to get people to register
      • April 1, 2021 – census date is given back
  • 7:05: Minneapolis Foundation Grants – to get people registered
    • ANA would need to host an event. ANA had discussions about hosting it prior to the Annual Meeting
  • 7:10: Chili Cook-off
    • Volunteers for setup / takedown – Adriana, Donte, Ryan
    • 7 entries thus far for cook-off
    • Celebrity judges: Bookclub chef, Colita
  • 7:25: Summer Festival Planning Committee
    • Planning needs to begin now
    • Looking for more volunteers
    • First meeting is Friday, February 7th at Book Club from 4-5 PM
    • Volunteers: Joel,  Michael, Ryan, Lauren
  • 7:35: Sister Neighborhood Pilot Presentation – Denis Houle
    • We try to find a fellow Minneapolis neighborhood to:
      • Meet the board members, discuss issues, discuss events
    • Denis sees a big difference between each neighborhood
    • Vision is to network with the other neighborhoods and grow together
    • Denis willing to network with other neighborhoods to find appropriate neighborhoods that are different / unique from Armatage
  • 7:50: Neighborhoods 2020
    • Discussed CURA formulas and pros and cons to each as they are trying to achieve racial equity goals
    • Goal is for Board Members and community to stay engaged with 2020 Neighborhood funding
  • 8:10: President’s Report
    • May Annual Meeting
      • Looking to get guest speaker(s) for meeting. Ideas for presenters: Neighborhoods 2020, Park Update (improvement plans), School Redistricting
        • Other presenters: Linea Palmisano, Jamie Long
      • Try to do a census event. Possibly get David Rubedor (Director of NCR) to help
    • Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Board Member, no longer an Armatage resident and will no longer have a vote. She will be resigning her board seat between now and the Annual Meeting in May
    • December minutes approved online
  • 8:15: 2019 Expenses & Financials Recap
    • Biggest takeaway – we’ll need to readjust our expenses should funding get cut dramatically
    • Armatage got all additional funds under contract NPP
    • Future funding decisions TBD
  • 8:20 – Green Team
    • Organics Recycling Event – February 26
      • MOTION – $500 for Green Team / Organics Activities Budget for 2020
        • APPROVED
    • Mini-Grants
      • They have launched for 2020 and applications are now open. No applications yet.
      • Working towards more outreach, advertising and engagement
  • 8:28: Other business
    • Try to get additional help for meal train for Brett Anderson and Adam Miller
    • Reminder to participate in gift card payment for Brett Anderson and Adam Miller
  • 8:30: MOTION – to adjourn

December 17, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: December 17, 2019

Called to Order: 6:30pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Ryan Antkowiak

Board members in attendance: Adam Miller, Ryan Antkowiak, Sara Fulton-Koebling, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Michael Kootsikas, Patty Grabski, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere, Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Others in attendance: Linea Palmisano (Council Member, Ward 13), Jordan Nelson (Park Director), Veronica Quito (resident)

Board members absent: Brett Anderson

6:30pm Welcome & Introductions

6:35pm Update from Council Member Linea Palmisano

  • Here to discuss the budget and to provide an update on Pedestrian Safety which are intertwined
      • The city budget process ended Friday
        • Palmisano was the chair of the budget committee and was therefore very involved with this process. Provide great detail about the process and highlighted that as modifications to the original budget take place, any modifications need to be offset elsewhere.
        • Palmisano proposed budget reform but it did not pass; unsure how to proceed here as she feels it will get lost or will be overlooked as we move into a Presidential election year; on the backburner for now
      • Majority of budget goes to Public Works, Fire & Police and to the City department
      • Social services falls under the county
    • Palmisano advocated for better collaboration with the county to more specifically address violence prevention.
      • As part of the final budget, funding that was earmarked for 14 FTE was redirected to improving the training of the policy force. The current training facility is undersized, old and not safe based on modern standards.
        • Also working to get state funding to develop a new training facility
      • Palmisano was proud of these efforts and thinks this is a positive step into helping our police force evolve with the times
    • Pedestrian Safety Update
      • Vision Zero is beginning to be implemented which ultimate goal is to have zero traffic deaths
        • Areas of focus
          • Projected future street use
          • Review of bus routes and stations
          • The movement of people and goods
          • Reasonable and technically defensible
          • Reducing speed limits (where appropriate)
          • Addressing unsafe driving behaviors (distractors such as texting)
        • Pillars of Vision Zero
          • Create equity
          • Eliminate economic disparity as it relates to traffic
          • Utilize data to drive decision making
          • Incorporate and engage the community
          • Be accountable and transparent
        • Significant efforts being made towards education, communication and enforcement
          • One such example: Gang Interdiction Unit
            • Goal is to legally remove a gang member and in doing so show them a better path forward; eliminating the need for and reliance on a gang

7:05pm Park Update

  • Park Director, Jordan Nelson provided a park update
    • Ice rinks are under construction; no open date set but expected in the next 1-2 weeks. Signage on Penn once open.
    • Youth Sports is about to kick off. Over 250 kids signed up for basketball. So much demand needed to contract gym space from Burroughs.
    • 1/24 – Fire & Ice event

7:15pm Chili Cook-off & Fire on Ice event

  • Board Member, Adam Miller provided an update
    • New event this year (Chili Cook-off)
      • Logistics coming together
      • Intend to have 12 contestants
      • Attendees of Fire & Ice can sample the 12 chili’s for $5. Funds will be split between Park and ANA.
      • ANA to provide supplies and a trophy
    • Board approved funding for this event – $105

7:25pm ANA 2020 Planning

  • Board President Joel Federer unveiled a working calendar of all of the events, activities and communications ANA is involved with.
    • With proposed 2020 budget changes, encouraged board members to think about what projects/events they are most passionate about. Expected as a board we will need to step up our volunteer efforts to put less on the coordinator.
    • This could further be needed in 2021 and beyond depending on final budget decisions.

7:30pm  Staffing Contracts:

  • Coordinator
  • Accountant
    • Board President Joel Federer dismissed current coordinator (Lauren Anderson) and current accountant (Rachel Ireland-Henry) from this discussion
      • Discussion of current city budget for staffing as well as our 2019 hourly requirements for both positions
        • Some discussion on how this may change if we see a budget cut; reiterated need for board to step up their efforts to help the coordinator
      • Unanimous desire to retain both the current coordinator and accountant
    • Accountant
      • Offered a contract for 2020. Requested better communication as we approach a budget maximum. Better metrics.
    • Coordinator
      • Discussion surrounding necessary hours (board felt these could be reduced slightly as Lauren no longer has the learning curve she had in her first year) as well as making compensation more inline with other coordinator wages.
        • Offered a contract for 2020. Reduction in hours from an average of 19 hrs/week to 18 hrs/week. Increase in wage as well to fall more in line with average.
    • Both the account and coordinator accepted the board offers

8:15pm Minutes – approved via email

Treasurer Report – financials emailed

8:17pm Committee Updates:

  • Mini Grants 2020 Round
      • Subcommittee already meeting on this and expect demand in 2020
  • Green Team February Organics Recycling Workshop
      • Lauren Anderson (Coordinator) to lead workshop. Recycling is a major passion for Lauren; thrilled to lead the workshop.

8:25pm Adjourned

November 19, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: November 19, 2019

Called to Order: 6:32PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Brett Anderson

Board members in attendance: Tyler Mulcahey, Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Donte Mearon, Brett Anderson, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Adam Miller, Michael Kootsikas, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere, Sara Fulton-Koerbling

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Nikki (Park Department), Jordan (Park Department), and three neighborhood members

Board members absent: Patty Grabski, Ryan Antkowiak

November 19, 2019 Agenda 

6:30pm     Welcome & Introductions

6:35pm     Park Staffing Change – Nikki has left as Park Director replacing her is Jordan Nelson.  Jordan introduced himself.

6:45pm     ANA Plan Modification – Lauren, Sara, and Joel presented on the ANA Plan Modification

  • Overview of City funding for neighborhoods
    • Overview of current funding for ANA.  Currently receive approx. $31K per year from the City via CPP
    • Have $222,500 of non-contracted funds from NRP funds. Plan mod is to put them under contract
    • N2020 Overview
    • FAQ on neighborhood organizations what they do and don’t do
  • Draft funding plan presented to the community in October
  • Community engagement process
    • Overview of the community process ANA engaged in
  • Summary of community feedback received
    • Pedestrian safety, park improvement, green initiatives, senior support, non-child based activities for neighbors of different ages
  • Proposed plan
    • Funding amounts are for 4 years of services.  Total is $222,500.
    • For the $15K that was left for community suggestions the $15K was proposed to be allocated to Pedestrian safety, park improvements, and green initiatives based on the proportion of persons suggesting it be used for each of those areas.
    • Presented final proposed plan with the updated totals to include the $15K referenced above.
  • Comments from attendees – max 1 min each
    • Question from Audience: What is pedestrian safety and what can we as a neighborhood use that on:
      • Answer: smaller grass root things (e.g., can organize crosswalk people to usher people across at busy intersections, reflective leashes for pets).
  • Final edits to funding plan
  • Voting process – board and those in attendance who are eligible to vote (18+ age, Armatage resident or business representative)
  • Next steps if approved are a legal review with the City and then NRP policy board reviews and approves on 1/21/19.


  • Motion for the board to consider and vote on each component of the plan modification separately, motion approved.  
  • Motion to transfer $40,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.4 Raingardens from the following sources:
    • $69.70 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.1. Youthstart Work Program
    • $2,500.00 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.2. Youth Involvement Program
    • $463.55 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.3. After School Educational Support Programs
    • $7,373.93 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.1. Responsible Driving Program
    • $29,592.82 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $15,000 to existing Safety Priority C.1.2.1 Community Safety (Safety Rebates) from the following sources:
    • $2,831.02 NRP Phase II Plan 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program
    • $3,395.27 NRP Phase I Plan 1.A.2. Home Improvement Program
    • $8,773.71 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $6,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.7 Informal Gatherings from the following source:
    • $6,000.00 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $14,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.10 Mini Grants from the following source:
    • $14,000.00 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $4,000 to existing Neighborhood Priority 2.1.8 Improve Park Facilities from the following source:
    • $4,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $78,500 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Staffing from the following sources:
    • $51,055.00 NRP Phase II Plan 1.2.1. Pedestrian Scale Lighting/Banners
    • $2,350.00 Program income 1.2.1. Pedestrian Scale Lighting/Banners
    • $16,000.00 NRP Phase II Plan 1.4.1. “Know Your Neighbor”; Program
    • $9,095.00 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $44,000 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Community Engagement from the following source:
    • $44,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $17,000 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Traffic Calming & Pedestrian Safety from the following source:
    • $17,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.
  • Motion to transfer $4,000 to a new Neighborhood Priority for Environmental &amp; Greening Programming from the following source:
    • $4,000 NRP Phase II Program Income 1.1.1. Home Improvement Program.  Motion approved.

7:30pm Coordinator Update

  • Upcoming projects:
    • Chili Cook-off – to be done during Fire and Ice.  Adriana, Adam and Donte volunteered to work with Lauren to plan this event.  The group to discuss with Jordan (Park Board) food permit.
    • Office Clean-out – Due to the water damage need to clean out the ANA office.  Judy to help Lauren. If anyone else is interested please contact Lauren.

7:40pm Other Business – None

7:45pm President’s Report 

  • Judy is stepping down from her board seat in 7 months.  The next board member will have approximately 1 year remaining from Judy’s term.

7:50pm Minutes – approved via email

Treasurer Report – financials emailed

7:55pm Committee Updates

  • Green Team:
    • 2020 Rain Garden program – For 2020 the $10K will be spread out among 15 rain gardens to allow more people to participate and get some subsidy.  In general the subsidy will go down. However, the group is still discussing offering additional income based grants which were introduced last year.
    • There was a nice bump in people signing up to adopt a drain after the latest eblast.
    • The group is considering doing some organics recycling outreach in 2020
    • Question: Can we require zero impact or offer more $ to events that we are supporting if they comply?  The board seemed interested in exploring this in the future especially for Park Board events.
  • Mini Grants:
    • 2020 Mini Grants dates
      • There will be one cycle in 2020 with up to 4 grants for $1000 each awarded
      • The program will be announced and open on January 7th 2020 and the deadline will be February 28, 2020.  Awards are expected to be announced Mid-April.
      • Anyone interested in participating in the process should contact Adriana.

Meeting adjourned at 7:29 pm