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May 18, 2021 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting 5/19/21 / 6:30 PM / ZOOM 


Samantha Bild, Adriana Dobrzycka, Joel Federer, Vikisha Goberdhan, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Donté Mearon, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere


Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Jordan Nelson (Armatage/Kenny Park Director), Linea Palmisano (City Council Member), Marion Greene (Hennepin County Commissioner), Jaime Long (District 61B State Representative), Kevin Brown, Tara Brown, Tara Carson, Charlotte Crabtree, Colleen H., Anne Hacker, Jennifer, Eli Johnson, Eric Magnuson (AREA), Mike, Veronica Soria Miller (AREA), Aryca Myers (NCR Neighborhood Specialist), Kristi Palmsten, Linda Ridlehuber, Jay Schiltz, Stephanie Vigen


April meeting minutes approved via email. Updated financials were sent via email.

6:30    Welcome and Introductions

6:40    Connect with Elected Representatives

  • Council Member Linea Palmisano (
    • As part of the Vision Zero initiative, the city reduced speed limits on most street throughout the City. “20 is Plenty” signs are available near the City Works facility at 60th and Harriet or on Linea’s back deck (email her).
    • A tree levy is set to expire at the end of the year. This levy helped fund a full-time arbor crew to help rebuild the city’s tree canopy destroyed by Emerald Ash Borer. However, there are still many areas that are in need of trees, especially the areas of north Minneapolis hit by the tornado in 2011. The city is looking at ways to continue to address this need including through a carbon credit program (Star Tribune article). She hopes a future program can expand beyond boulevards and park lands, and be able to help with issues related to environmental justice, heat islands, etc. [Comment made about a pilot program in the city of Edina that was successful on this topic. Someone also mentioned carbon offset programs in Dakota County and St. Paul as potential resources.]
    • Linea strongly condemned the recent incidents of hate speech in Armatage. She has spoken with the resident, and they filed a police report, and the incidents are under investigation. It is Linea’s hope that we can use any learnings to better inform city conversations around hate speech (reporting and response).
    • $271 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will be allocated to Minneapolis. The city plans to quickly distribute $40-50 million to existing programs. Public input will be involved in the allocation of the remaining funds. Ideas/suggestions can be sent to Linea’s office (email above).
    • Concern raised regarding the degrading asphalt around some of the USI ground vaults, in particular one at 54th and Penn, and its impact on accessibility and pedestrian safety. Report specific incidents to her office or via 311.
  • County Commissioner Marion Greene (, 612-348-7883. District Aide Laura Hoffman,, 612-348-0963)
    • The county is engaged on several fronts to address issues around homelessness. Street Voices of Change and Align Minneapolis are a couple of the local organizations they partner with in addressing this issue. In the past year, funding for such programs has increased to support increased staff, 24-hour shelter operation, increased outreach, more robust case management, additional meal support, culturally specific shelters, etc. More than 2,100 people have left shelters in the past 12 months for homes, and more than 120 of those people were considered chronically homeless. They currently have 140 fewer children in shelters this year. All signs that 2021 should continue to see improvements over the devastating impacts of Covid-19 and homelessness in 2020. The county recently purchased the Metro Inn (56th & Lyndale) to be used as a shelter, and the program has been going very well.
    • She stressed that if you are facing housing instability, mental health concerns, etc. it is easier to help people at the beginning of challenges, so please do not hesitate to reach out to her office for support.
    • Hennepin County Climate Action Plan: 1) driven by priority of reducing disparities and addressing environmental justice; 2) updated goals to reach net-zero emissions by 2050; 3) as a densely populated county, we have an added responsibility to address these issues in support of state-wide goals and reduce by 20% vehicle miles traveled; and  4) prioritize transit, pedestrian and bicycle routes, many that use county streets. They are in the process of hiring a new director for this department. After that time, she hopes to have better answers to questions raised regarding the county initiatives around expanding solar and wind and how, as a neighborhood, we can best engage around and support these efforts. She also envisions a webpage where metrics and updates will be posted to help people track action and ensure accountability to the climate action plan.
  • State Representative Jamie Long
    • The legislature is still in budget negotiations (originally scheduled to be completed yesterday). The hard deadline is the end of June, but hope to reach agreements yet this week.
    • Currently, the proposed budget includes lots of funding for education and student support (targeted toward losses due to Covid-19); healthcare; and expanding broadband access. Minneapolis is expected to receive funding to promote investment in areas damaged during the unrest in 2020. Funding for police accountability at the state level is also included in the current proposal.
    • Jamie, a member of the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance and Policy Committee, sponsored a bill to establish “sign and release warrants” prompted by the deadly traffic stop of Daunte Wright.
    • Jamie, Chair of the Climate and Energy Finance and Policy Committee, passed the cost-effective energy improvements bill that increases goals and expands programs, including support for low-income residents, further solar installations at schools, solar rewards programs, expanding electric vehicle infrastructure, rebate program, etc.
    • Governor Walz extended the peacetime emergency to continue supporting statewide testing programs as well as efficient and equitable distribution of vaccines. The governor also ended the statewide mask requirement, as per new CDC guidance.

7:15    AREA (Armatage Reparations & Equity Action) – Eric Magnuson and Veronica Soria Miller 

  • Mapping Prejudice ( project reveals homes with racial covenants. Made unenforceable in 1961, these covenants have stayed on people’s homes and were largely forgotten. More than 8,000 homes were mapped in Hennepin County, and work has begun in Ramsey County.
  • Armatage and Kenny neighborhoods
  • Our heavily segregated city is a direct result of these covenants. Our city has a 60% white population, while covenant neighborhoods are typically 80-90% white. By pushing BIPOC families into redlined neighborhoods, they were systematically denied the ability to build equity through homeownership. Segregated cities also create other problems, including increased police violence towards BIPOC communities (BU study), health disparities, education gaps, etc.
  • While we didn’t ask for these covenants to be on our homes, simply by living here, we have inherited and received benefits from their existence. The AREA group sees the renunciation of these covenants as the first step of reparations for systemic racism through acknowledgment. (Strib article about AREA)
  • In 2019 State Rep. Jim Davnie helped pass a bill to make it easier to remove these covenants, and more cities and states across the nation are picking up this cause as a part of broader discussions and actions around reparations.
  • The language of these covenants will always remain in the historical record, as well as the date the language is removed. It is your personal decision to request its removal, and the project, Just Deeds ( makes it easy to do just that. Their volunteers will help you, and they currently have over 1,000 applicants (so you may need to be patient). If you are in the Pennhurst development, AREA has the information to make it even easier. Veronica is willing to help, too, if you have questions (
  • If you renounce, you can request a yard sign (send requests to to help increase awareness. Plus, please share on social media. AREA has distributed flyers to homes in the Pennhurst area and has considered doing more flyering. A comment was made to mail postcards to specific addresses to raise awareness.
  • In support of the second step in reparations, redress, AREA is supporting a national bill, H.R.40 – Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act. Tina Smith has signed on as a co-sponsor along with 185 members of the House. AREA is currently working to get Angie Craig to also co-sponsor, and are asking for support through her constituents.
  • AREA is also looking at ways to support reparations through giving opportunities, fundraisers, supporting black-owned businesses, partnering with the City of Lakes Land Trust, etc.
  • The impact of these covenants was highlighted through the story of a family from 1982 who moved to Armatage and found the language, although unenforceable, personally hurtful as a Jewish family. They attempted then to remove the language but were faced with bureaucracy and prohibitive costs. After 58 years since being made unenforceable, and the new homeowners had the language removed. The family from 1982 had always carried the hurt of that language with them and were thrilled to know that it has finally happened. It is more than a symbolic gesture to remove these covenants, but a true community action towards righting wrongs, and showing that Armatage is a community for all today and always.

7:35    Neighborhood Update

  • ANA Highlights from the past year
    • Halloween and holiday tours — self-guided; open to all; online voting, with prizes to top 3 vote-getters
    • Welcome Bags relaunched — Kevin and Ethan have been delivering these to new homeowners and renters. With many people working from home it has been fun connecting with our new neighbors. Expect with the hot housing market, we will need more volunteers to help deliver bags. Also looking for more info or swag from local businesses to include. Eli volunteered to help.
  • Neighborhood Funding Update
    • Received an increase to $25,000 for 2021 (over 160 Armatage residents responded, and helped us get this additional funding)
    • 2022 and beyond funding is uncertain, but the ANA will keep residents notified
  • Committees — are open to all and encourage involvement at any level
    • NEW Community Engagement Committee (meets first Thursday of the month at 5:30pm via Zoom) / Chair, Sharla
      • Its mission is to create meaningful opportunities for our community through events, activities, and programs
      • Events from the past year: Sweet Treats in the Park (Aug 2020), Fall Food Truck Night (Oct 2020), Spring Tea & Blooms (May 2021)
      • Upcoming events: Summer Food Truck Night (Aug 2021)
    • Green Team (meets second Thursday of the month  at 7pm via Zoom or outside location TBD) Co-Chair, Ethan
      • Its mission is to nurture a just, climate-resilient future for the Armatage community through accessible action, education, and advocacy opportunities
      • Events from the past year: Neighborhood Clean-ups (Oct 2020, April 2021), Rain & Native Garden Program, Incentive Programs (Native Plant Rebates, Adopt-a-Drain), Zero-waste Monitoring at Events, Education (Organics workshops, Let’s Talk about Plastics series, Solar workshop)
      • Advocacy/Awareness events: Reading circle, All We Can Save has helped activate us to think about how we can act as a community ie) opposition to Hiawatha Expansion Project
      • Member of Minneapolis Citywide Green Teams (great for ideas and networking)
    • NEW Safety Equity and Outreach (meets first Saturday of the month at 10am zoom or near kiddie pool at the park) Co-chairs, Sam & Nikki
      • Formed to address gaps in our community work and includes public safety, mental health, community relationships (police and others), and how we can support our community members who need it most
      • Recent projects: Social media best practices campaign; Safety and trial info hub; Incentive program (Safety Rebates)
      • Upcoming events: Community walk (June 19, 2021), Meet Your Community Helpers (Sept 2021), Community Anti-racism Discussion (Fall 2021)
        • Will have All Are Welcome Here signs available for purchase at the June event (and while supplies last)
    • Mini-Grants Committee (paused) Co-chairs, Adriana & Stephanie
      • Covid made it hard to implement this programming, and they want to re-imagine the program come Fall 2021. Watch for info in our communications
      • Originally designed to support projects that directly benefit the neighborhood
  • The ANA’s future funding is declining, and we are unsure of how long we can sustain operation without the city support. Currently, we operate at about $30k/year, and the city cuts will drop to $15k. We are a 501(c)3 and rely on donations, city funding, volunteers, and one part-time paid staff.
  • As Covid restrictions ease, we will look at options for returning to in-person meetings, perhaps outside this summer at the park. The ANA meetings are always open to all and are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.

7:55    Election Results

  • Re-elected
    • Joel H. Federer
    • Vikisha Goberdhan
    • Ethan Komoroski
    • Janhel Leandre
    • Judy Vecere
  • Newly elected
    • Eli Johnson

8:00    Door Prize Drawing

  • 6 attendees names were drawn and awarded a $25 gift card from an Armatage business

Meeting adjourned at 8:12


  • Jun 3 – Community Engagement Committee (5:30-6:30pm, Zoom)
  • Jun 3 – Reading Circle Meeting #5 (7:00-8:30pm, Zoom)
  • Jun 5 – Safety, Equity & Outreach Meeting (10:00-11:00am, Armatage Park Play Area with masks on) Jun 10 – Green Team Meeting (7:00-8:15pm, Outdoors – email for address) Jun 15 – Monthly Meeting & Safety Update (6:30-8:30pm, Zoom)

April 26, 2021 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

4.26.21 / 6:30 PM / ZOOM 


Samantha Bild, Adriana Dobrzycka, Joel Federer, Vikisha Goberdhan, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Donté Mearon, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere



Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Jordan Nelson (Armatage/Kenny Park Director), Lara Bergman, James Riley


6:30    Welcome and Introductions

James Riley from Logan Park and a volunteer with Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) shared information about the 911 Mental Health Crisis Response Bill — A bill for an act relating to public safety; requiring referrals to mental health crisis teams via the 911 system; amending Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 403.03, subdivision 1 (to be known as Travis’s Law. He requested help to raise awareness about the bill, and, if willing, for people to contact their House representatives to encourage them to support bill SF1924 (companion bill HF1686 passed the House). James will attend the Safety Committee meeting on Saturday and can bring flyers to help share information.

6:40    Update from Armatage Park Director Jordan Nelson

The Rec Plus after-school program is back running with about 25-30 kids. This winter saw a successful basketball season and a busy ice rink, with over 80 kids skating on the weekends. Registration is open now for summer sports. Some summer programming is being revamped to use more outdoor space. The Park Board plans to have wading pools open this summer. Playground demo is planned for a June start, and the rebuild is expected to take 4-6 weeks. You can review and comment on the Park Board’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan through July 18, 2021. Public meetings and other details available online.

Board members noticed graffiti in the park during the Earth Day Clean-Up, in particular in the skatepark, and on the park sign and building. Jordan was aware of some graffiti, but will re-submit a request to have it removed. It was asked that the board follow-up to see if the city or neighborhoods have any comprehensive plan to address graffiti, and what are the consequences for these acts (city graffiti info).

The board also asked what we could do to support Jordan and the park programming. Beyond continued promotion of their programs, he wasn’t sure, but will keep it in mind and appreciates the board’s support.

6:50    Open Discussion on the Trial & Community Safety

No remarks.

7:10    2021 Annual Meeting (May 18) & Board Election Planning

  • Open board seats (half elected each year for 2-year terms): Ethan, Joel, Vicky, Donte, Janhel, Judy. If you plan to run again, please complete the online candidate application by May 9
  • Election moderators needed to help vote verification, and can’t be in the election. Sharla, Kevin, and Sam volunteered to help.
  • Speaker update — Armatage Reparations & Equity Actions (AREA), Jamie Long, Marion Greene, Linea Palmisano (10 min to speak, with 5 min QA)
  • ANA presentation — beyond the slides for each committee (3 min each to present), what ANA accomplishments should be highlighted
    • Some events like the kite building and flying day, as well as the holiday lights and Halloween tours
    • The formation of new committees
    • Plan Mod updates, securing our funding for several years
    • Participation plans (meetings, events) how/why get involved
  • Gift cards— we will give away 6 $25 cards as door prizes
  • Communications to promote the election and meeting — already in the newsletter, eNews, and on social media. Can ask to be on the park sign. Promote at May 8th event. Other ideas welcome.

7:25    Leadership Roles & Transition Planning

  • President and Treasurer positions are both up in June. Judy, the treasurer, has served for 3 terms/6 years in that role, and should have someone new step into that role. The by-laws were amended to allow a ⅔ vote to allow an extension for an officer’s term. She is willing to continue for now, but is hopeful someone will be interested in transitioning into this role. Joel also intends to re-run for his position as president unless someone else is interested. He, however, may not be able to fulfill his 2-year term as he may have outside commitments that would necessitate his stepping down. Officer elections are in June.

7:40    Coordinator Update

  • Armatage play area update — Beyond what Jordan presented, Lauren pointed out that the final plans didn’t have shade coverings due to budget overruns. However, the ANA has funds reserved for park improvements that didn’t get used during the Washington Ave park upgrades. We are trying to see if these funds ($28,095) can be put toward the Armatage park redevelopment.
  • Hennepin County ArchivesA motion was made and seconded to participate in the archive program to submit paper and digital documents (such as newsletters, event photos, meeting minutes) that will be stored and made accessible online (example in link from Elliot Park neighborhood). Motion carries.
  • City funding update — the CPP has been extended to the end of the year, which gives us time to get the required paperwork created. They are releasing a policy generator tool that will help neighborhood organizations meet these requirements.
  • ANA mail — although there is a forwarding request submitted through May, some mail was delivered to park

7:55    Green Team Roof Depot Letter

  • Ethan from Green Team presented an overview of the East Philips neighborhood redevelopment proposal. The letter written by the Green Team requests an environmental impact study (EIS) as part of their project proposal. It also addresses the Green Zone policy and how the East Phillips proposed project meets this initiative. The Zoning Committee will address this project on May 4, and City Council on May 14.
    Motion was made and seconded, after minor edits, to send the to Palmisano and Frey on behalf of the board. Motion carries.

8:05    Committees (3-minute updates)

  • Safety, Equity & Outreach (SEO) — Met on 4/10 in the park with about a dozen neighbors and discussed:
    • Social media
      • Responsible posting and reliable sources for information (post graphics and text created and sent to Lauren) want will follow up regarding engagement numbers
    • Building a relationship with MPD
      • Will look to invite to future events later this year
      • Look into catalytic converter theft deterrent program (Update: the MPD looking at the efficacy of the program to decide if they will do something similar to what was done in St Paul)
      • Re-engage with our Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisanen (she will be at our June 15th meeting)
      • Promote the new Minneapolis tip line
      • Continue promotion of block/apartment clubs
    • Address mental health and personal safety during the Chauvin trial and beyond
      • Have gathered resources onto one page on our website
      • Look at hosting a facilitated discussion about the issues raised from the trial
    • Welcome bag program partnership and potential “new neighbor” article for newsletter
    • Promote: rental assistance program, vaccine connector
    • Event idea to thank our first responders, health care workers, public works employees, etc. in partnership with the Community Engagement committee some time this fall
  • Community Engagement
    • May 8 Event: Spring Tea & Blooms (2:00-4:00 pm at the park) Jinx Tea and Sparrow Cafe will be selling beverages, Cafe Ceres (plan to open on May 8) is donating pastries and treats, we will be giving away spring planting kits for kids and books from Jump!, as well as hosting a scavenger hunt (completed forms will be entered for a gift card drawing).
  • Green Team
    • March 30 Solar Workshop -— 12 attendees, Mn Renewable Energy Society presented a lot of great information
    • Reading Circle  All We Can Save – Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis — did an activity using a Venn diagram that he will share with the board
    • Earth Day Clean-up April 24 went well with a bigger turn out than last fall’s event (so we ran out of grabbers). Please keep an eye on storm drains and help clear them before spring rains.
    • Rain and native garden program with Metro Blooms is kicking off — already have lots of excited folks signing up
    • Kid A did 11 pick-ups in the neighborhood

Meeting adjourned at 8:25


  • May 1 – Safety, Equity & Outreach Meeting (10-11am, Armatage Park Play Area with masks)
  • May 6 – Community Engagement Committee (5:30-6:30pm, Zoom)
  • May 6 – Reading Circle Meeting #4 (7:00-8:00pm, Zoom)
  • May 8 – Tea & Blooms (2-4pm at Park)
  • May 9 – Board Candidate Registration Deadline
  • May 13 – Green Team Meeting (7:00-8:15pm, Zoom)
  • May 11-18 – Online Board Election
  • May 18 – Annual Meeting (6:30-8:30pm, Zoom)

March 16, 2021 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

3.16.21 / 6:30 PM / ZOOM 


Adriana Dobrzycka, Joel Federer, Vikisha Goberdhan, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Donté Mearon, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere



Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Linea Palmisano (City Council), Eric Magnuson, Veronica Soria Miller, Janhel Leandre, Anne Hacker, Gail Roberts, Kelli Marks, Sarah Komoroski, Erin Shackett, Kristi Palmsten, Tara Carson


6:30    Welcome and Introductions

6:35    Special Election

Janhel Leandre was elected to the open board position.

6:40    Update from Council Member Linea Palmisano

  • Linea addressed concerns around the Chauvin trail and recent settlement with the Floyd family. She indicated that the City Council does not get to choose the timing, rather, the Federal Court judge makes that determination. Council members do not get to object to the timing; they only vote on the settlement itself.
  • She shared information about the Roof Depot project and concerns raised by our Green Team
  • Her office has received an uptick in noise complaints around both planes and helicopters. Be sure to report your concerns to MAC or her office.
  • She also addressed concerns around the limited number of charges that ultimately have been filed in regards to the recent rash of car-jackings (Strib article that explains this situation)
  • She will need to follow up on questions around the status of the Minneapolis Truth & Reconciliation working group
  • She will look further into concerns around the MPD driving through George Floyd Square on March 12. She was aware of many details around this event, but specific additional concerns were brought to her attention.
  • Questions about future Minneapolis Rent Control options, Linea described the current situation, and that the charter commission should be presenting their recommendations to the council soon.

7:12    Armatage Reparations & Equity Action (AREA) – Eric Magnuson & Veronica Soria Miller

  • Eric and Veronica are both Armatage area residents and came on behalf of their neighborhood group to present about the AREA1946 project.
  • In the wake of George Floyd’s death, neighbors came together sharing frustration and sorrow over the continued killing of black Americans. One neighbor brought up racial covenants as an example of a fairly recent example of systemic racism in our neighborhood. This was something most people were unaware existed. Although these covenants are no longer enforceable, what they represent has had long-reaching impacts, has shaped our city and our neighborhood and contributed to the current housing inequity gap today.
  • Even though we didn’t create these systems, we did inherit them, and by renouncing them are taking the first step in the process of reparations of acknowledging the injustice, and supporting more fair systems now and in the future.
  • Through the Mapping Prejudice project with the U, all of Hennepin County has been mapped to show which properties still have a racial covenant (they are currently mapping Ramsey county).
  • It is a personal choice to renounce a covenant on your home, and it used to be a fair amount of work. However, the city of Minneapolis, in partnership with Just Deeds has made this process much easier and free. In just the first week of announcing this partnership, Minneapolis has had more than 700 residents apply to renounce.
  • AREA1946 sees this as just a first project, and they plan to find ways to further the reparations process through becoming involved with legislative actions, micro reparation programs, and organizations working to close the housing gap in the Twin Cities.

7:30    2021 Annual Meeting & Board Election Planning (May 18)

  • Format – Zoom
  • Topic/speaker
    • Speakers
      • Elected officials
      • AREA1946
      • New and ongoing committees (each group to present 1 slide)
    • Topic (focus is equity)
      • How this is part of our mission under funding guidelines
      • How we will share information and opportunities to learn more and take action through promoting awareness of groups like AREA1946
  • Election process
    • Will follow last year’s process of opening a window for nominations/applications for board seats. People have a window of time to review the candidates and place their vote, culminating with the results being presented during the meeting.
      • Adriana expressed willingness to help flyer to promote the election (important to focus on rental areas to increase engagement from non-homeowners)

7:50    Spring Newsletter

  • Annual Meeting & Board Election
    • Door prizes (must be present during drawing)

Motion was made and seconded to purchase three gift cards from neighborhood businesses at $50 each (a total of $150). Motion carried.

  • Community Engagement Event (May 8)
  • AREA1946
  • Board Feature (Ethan)
  • Block Clubs (Request for Block Leader Contact Info)
  • Compost Bin/Rain Barrel Sales (if still relevant)

8:05    ANA Website Renewal ($550)

  • $480 Web Hosting (2 years)
  • $70 Domain Name (2 years)

Motion was made and seconded to approve the website renewal expenses. Motion carried.

8:10    Committees (3-minute updates)

  • Safety, Equity & Outreach
    • Sam Bild and Nikki Lindberg, Co-Chairs
    • Nikki, Vicky, and Lauren will help build out safety resources (focusing on the trial to start) and how to mindfully share, report, or research safety concerns
    • Donté and Sam will learn about how other neighborhoods locally and across the US approach misinformation on platforms like Nextdoor and Citizen
    • Joel will invite the MPD to our May event
    • Next meeting April 10 (10 am) at the Park with masks
  • Community Engagement
    • Lots of ideas were generated at their first meeting, and several neighbors were able to participate
    • May 8 Event: Will take place from  2:00-4:00 pm at park (Environmental focus, with planting kits, scavenger hunt, tea and coffee trucks, etc.)

Motion was made and seconded to fund seed kits at $250 request to make 120 kits. Motion carried.

  • Green Team
    • March 30 Solar Workshop (7 pm/Zoom) Green Team and the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES) on solar options including rooftop, solar gardens, options for renters, and more. Open to all, whether you live in Armatage or not. All attendees will be entered to win a solar portable charger (generously donated by MRES) or a $25 gift card to either Wagner’s or Ace (donated by the ANA Green Team). Must be present to win.
    • April 1 Reading Circle (7 pm/Zoom) Reading and discussing All We Can Save – Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, Chapter 3.
    • We will be scheduling a clean-up day near Earth Day with the Park Board (details TBD, the date is 4/23 weather pending)
    • Kid A ( will be in Armatage the first week of April (see eNews blurb)
    • Plan to have rain and native garden program with Metro Blooms again. The application will have two new questions about why they are interested and that they are aware of the maintenance required. Applicants interested in additional financial assistance for their rain garden will be asked to note that in their application as well.
  • Mini-Grants
    • Taking a break and wanting to re-address later in the year. The pandemic has limited us both in ways to connect with the community and for grant implementation.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26


  • Mar 30 – Solar Workshop (7:00-8:15 pm, Zoom)
  • Apr 1 – Community Engagement Meeting (5:30-6:30pm, Zoom)
  • Apr 1 – Reading Circle Meeting #3 (7:00-8:00pm, Zoom)
  • Apr 8 – Green Team Meeting (7:00-8:15pm, Zoom)
  • Apr 10 – Safety, Equity & Outreach Meeting (10:00-11:00 am, Armatage Park Play Area with masks on)
  • Apr 20 – Monthly Meeting (6:30-8:30 pm, Zoom)

February 16, 2021 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

Board Attendees: Samantha Bild, Joel Federer, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Donté Mearon, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere

Not in Attendance: Adriana Dobrzycka, Vikisha Goberdhan

Other Attendees: Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Cynthia Hendricks, Maureen Foley, Kelli M., Grace, Pete Hermann-Franzen, Stephanie Vigen, Geri Wolf, Daniel del Prado


6:30 Welcome and Introductions

6:35 Secretary Election

  • A motion was made and seconded to elect Nikki Lindberg for the secretary position. Motion carried.

6:40 Cafe Ceres (5401 Penn Av S)

  • Geri Wolf, on behalf of Executive Pastry Chef and General Manager Shawn McKenzie and business partner Daniel del Prado
  • Cafe Ceres coffee shop opening anticipated March 15 (planned hours 7am-3pm). This is a second location (also on 44th St in Linden Hills). Middle Eastern influence, focused on light offerings (pastries, salads, etc). They will be applying for a liquor license for future ideas like tasting events, etc. A public hearing regarding this license probably at the end of March/early April, but haven’t submitted the application yet. A motion was made and seconded to support this project. Motion carries. Lauren will draft letter for board approval.

7:10 Committee Visioning Next Steps

  • Review where we’ve been and where we want to go
  • Laying the groundwork so we can be well-positioned for the future
  • Board member expectations
    • 5-6 hours/month (including a monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of the month, 6:30-8:30pm)
    • Engagement with ANA email discussions
    • Come prepared to meetings
    • Disclose any conflicts of interest
    • Act in a positive manner, and as a representative of the organization in a professional manner
    • Volunteer at ANA events throughout the year
    • Assist in recruiting new members, promote the ANA
    • NEW — Joining an ANA committee (goal to share the work equitably)
  • Breakout Sessions: plan first meeting, what you hope to accomplish in first 3 months (March-May); consider special requests (speakers, surveys, social media posts); who will chair (or put as first meeting agenda item); take notes and send to Lauren
    • Community Engagement (Judy, Ethan, Kevin, Stephanie, Sharla)
      • Thursday, March 4 at 5:30 (First Thursday of the month)
      • Event ideas:
        • Easter/spring activity
        • Snowman contest
        • Coffee truck
        • Art kit
        • Chalk contest (great Armatage sidewalk weekend)
        • Way to connect with park director (Jordan)
        • Concentrate on better events, not necessarily more events (will work on setting a calendar)
        • Chair, Sharla
    • Safety, Equity & Outreach [SEO] (Danté, Nikki, Joel, Sam, Rachel)
      • Saturday, March 6 at 10:00am (First Saturday of the month)
      • Priorities:
        • Rebuilding our relationship with the MPD; get to know the officers. Note: Palmisano’s February 24 event to meet with new 5th Precinct Inspector, Katie Blackwell, February 24th at 6:30-8pm
        • Recruiting more members
        • Safety education: reliable sources, who to report to, how to share
        • Review safety rebate program
        • Chair (leads meeting, keep on task, updating Lauren/board) will be on the first meeting agenda

7:50 Coordinator Update

  • Byte Technologies website support bundle renewal. A motion was made and seconded to support purchasing the 10-hour bundle (with 3 free bonus hours) for $1,550 (anticipate it will get us several years of support service). Motion carried
  • Adobe Creative Suite renewal ($360/year nonprofit discounted rate) A motion was made and seconded to support our continued Adobe subscription. Motion carried.
  • A question was raised regarding cloud storage, and how the ANA was sitting. Currently at 75% capacity, so will address increasing storage capacity in March.
  • Hennepin County Archives reached out to the ANA and is offering to digitize items for archival purposes. We will discuss this further in March but could be a nice way to digitally save what is currently in file drawers.
  • Open board seat election will take place at the March 16th monthly meeting. Palmisano is also scheduled to present an update in March.
  • Block leaders update: 29 registered (of 80 or 90 total blocks)

8:00 Committee Action Needed

  • Event updates: 90 link requests for plastics movie; 12 for discussion; 40 at the workshop
  • Reading circle updates: 6 at first, at least 8 anticipated at second
  • Solar awareness presentation in the works. Motion made and seconded to purchase two $50 gift cards from local businesses as door prizes to encourage attending this presentation. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14

January 19, 2021 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

Board Attendees​: Joel Federer, Ethan Komoroski, Vikisha Goberdhan, Sharla Mcintosh, Adriana Dobrzycka, Kevin Ross, Adam Miller, Donte Mearon, Sam Bild, Nikki Lindberg

Board members absent​:  Judy Vecere

Support team​: Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Additional attendees​: Sarah Komoroski, Eli Johnson, Ozlem Ersin

Special Election for Open Seat

  • One open seat, two candidates (Nikki Lindberg and Eli Johnson)
  • 42 votes were cast in total.
  • Nikki Lindberg was elected – term will expire in May 2022

New Business

  • None

Approval of December Minutes

  • Approved by board

Reimagining Mini Grants

  • Currently reassessing the grant level amounts, term of grants, number/frequency of awarded grants
  • Any and all ideas welcome. Please contact with any thoughts relating to mini grant program

Committee Updates

  • Green Team
    • The free virtual screening of “The Story of Plastic will air Jan. 17 – 21
      • 40 people have signed up so far
    • A conversation about the movie will be held on Jan 21 at 8pm
    • Workshop on zero waste alternatives will be held on Jan 28 at 7:30pm
    • Register and get more info at
    • Reading circle for the book “All We Can Save” will be held Feb. 1

Coordinator Update

  • Holiday Light Tour Final Numbers
    • 20 houses were enrolled in the tour
    • 181 votes were cast
    • 56,821 views of the tour google map
    • Lots of positive feedback
    • Some suggestions to consider changes to the route and adding different voting categories
  • Armatage Play Area Public Hearing
    • Hearing to be held Jan. 20 at 6:30pm
    • To comment, register here by 12:00pm on Jan. 20
  • NCR Survey on Neighborhood Election Day
    • The City of Minneapolis in the future will coordinate a singular Neighborhood Day which promotes neighborhood work while providing a time to vote on neighborhood board membership.
    • Neighborhood Day will allow for citywide communication to promote the importance of neighborhoods and encourage participation in voting and running in neighborhood organization board elections. Currently, an estimated less than 1% of those eligible to vote in neighborhood board elections actually do. The goal of a coordinated citywide effort is to increase participation and involvement in funded neighborhood organizations.
    • Lauren took the survey. Joel, Nikki and Adriana volunteered to take it as well.
  • Block Leader Outreach

ANA Visioning and Board/Committee Expectations Part 3

  • Conversation was continued
  • Expectations were passed per below:
    • Required Board Expectations:
      • Join and actively participate in at least one ANA committee:
        • Some committees will not meet monthly so in that case, board members are encouraged to join a second committee.
        • Proposed requirement: board members attend a minimum number of committee meetings per year.
      • Volunteer at 3-4 events during the year (one must be the Summer Festival if we can safely hold it).
      • Attend monthly meetings and notify fellow board members if you’ll be absent. Per our bylaws, if a board member misses three consecutive meetings without prior notification, they will be deemed to have vacated their board seat.
      • Strongly Encouraged/Expected:
        • For remote meetings, plan to have your camera on.
        • Participation in email discussion and interact with ANA social media posts.
        • Minimum 6 month commitment; can change committees yearly–each January at monthly board meeting.
    • Committee Expectations:
      • All meetings must be available to the public
      • Committee members to create and propose social media content for events/initiatives pertaining to the committee
      • Committees to assign note-taker (board member?) and report back to full board during monthly meetings
      • Committees to determine annual plan, propose to full board at December meeting
      • Coordinator to attend as appropriate
      • Committee Chair Responsibilities:
        • Lead committee meetings
        • Year end work planning and reporting
        • Welcome new members
        • Set agenda and make sure notes are taken
        • Others as needed

December 15, 2020 Minutes

Board Attendees : Joel Federer, Ethan Komoroski, Vikisha Goberdhan, Sharla Mcintosh,
Adriana Dobrzycka, Kevin Ross, Adam Miller, Donte Mearon, Judy Vecere, Sam Bild

Board members absent :

Support team : Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Additional attendees : Sarah Komoroski, Council Member Linea Palmisano

Neighborhood Association Funding Shifts/Cut Update

  • Plan for 2021 is that we will get ½ of our CPP allocation (under $16K for first half of year)
  • Come July 1 st we’ll have new program – uncertainty around details (maybe a little above
    $10K – TBD)
  • Rachel confirming numbers
  • What this means:
    • Shift in how boards operate
    • Maybe there will be a shift in some responsibilities from coordinator to board
    • Sharla/Lauren/Joel looking at expectations and reviewing comments
    • Defining expectations for committees
      • Idea: How do we increase time on community activation vs. internal
      • Idea: First hour for committee meetings/second hour for team meetings?
      • Idea: Chair/coordinator roles on committees
    • Discussed participation interest of committee proposals

Coordinator Update

  • Holiday Light Tour
    • Going well – 54 votes!
    • MSP Magazine exposure – lots of people have commented online
    • Sign about light tour is up at Penn
  • ANA Funds – $200 left…
  • January 2021 Newsletter
    • Lauren shared update on Jan 2021
    • Member feature – Sam
    • Welcome bags
    • Green team has plastics event
    • Mini grants
    • Special Election
    • Run through social/digital channels
    • Ideas:
      • Voter turnout for elections (recap)
      • What are your neighbors up to
      • Holiday light tour winner feature
      • Safety
      • Block leaders ‘what to know’

City Update and Q & A with Council Member Palmisano

  • Discussion on block leader information accessibility
    • Linea will pose as question
  • Supported funding for neighborhoods and worked on this initiative (increase by $10K next year for Armatage)
    • Armatage submitted most commentary on how important ANA is
  • How city budget wrapped up
    • Had to correct in July to balance budget in light of COVID
      • Revenues we get from downtown, ballpark taxes, alcohol sales, etc.
        Downtown core usually contributes to $60M in entertainment taxes, etc.
        This is how we’ve weathered recessions in the past
      • Also had to correct for damage after the unrest following the death of
        George Floyd – financial support for 38 th and Chicago, Lake Street, and
      • We still have a health department in city – and they are working to
        separate it from the police department into the Office of Violence
    • 3 council members’ “Safety for all” mostly passed
      • Things include mental health only community crisis responders (not a
        co-responder model like what has existing between MPD & Hennepin
        County’s COPE team)
      • Safety for all wanted to create, implement, and support capability build
      • $ was taken out of police department for this initiative
      • Navigators were taken out of the police department (culturally specific
        specialists) – these people held humanity with victims and helped them
        navigate the aftermath of a crime with special attention for burial
        practices, cultural mourning.
      • Recruiting classes- took our second and third rounds of funding for
    • Keep sworn officer count at 888 – Linea successful here
      • Ratio of officers to population is lower than other cities our size (other
        cities often have double)
      • Officers are needing to work overtime
    • Joint enforcement teams
      • To support staffing minimums – we could partner
      • County sheriff office had a COVID spike – ex. Would take resources

November 17, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2020

Board members present: Joel Federer, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere, Sean Burke, Sharla McIntosh-
Ziegler, Adriana Dobrzycka

Support team present: Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Board Members absent: Adam Miller, Donte Mearon, Sam Bild

Additional Attendees: Sarah Komoroski, Ethan Komoroski, Irene Fleury, Eric Fleury

Rain gardens:

    • More people on waiting list than available slots.
    • Money for next year.
    • $37182
    • Spots reserved for renters.
    • 15 rain gardens $9000 Ethan/Kevin


    • Very popular, great feedback
    • Flyers really helped

Holiday light tour?

  • Taking pictures
  • December 13th week of


  • Vicky Goberdhan and Ethan Komoroski were elected to the ANA Board.


  • Board and committee members worked with Lauren to pull together a list of proposed year-end expenses for upcoming ANA meetings, programs and events. The Board approved $2336 to cover the proposed list of expenses.

Visioning/board expectations:

  • Working board vs advisory board
  • Every board members must join a subcommittee
  • Interview candidates
  • Consistent contact on subcommittees (chair)
  • Enforcement/accountability
  • This approach was passed and there will be a follow-up conversation in December on the proposed expectations and committee structure.

Lauren/Rachael contracts:

  • LAUREN $32/hr cost of living.
  • RACHAEL 50 hours (increase in hours) $40/hour

Donation button needs to be year round and more prominent.

October 20, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting

October 20, 2020

Board Attendees: Joel Federer, Patty Grabski, Sharla Mcintosh, Adriana Dobrzycka, Kevin Ross, Adam Miller, Donte Maran, Sean Burke

Board members absent: Judy Vecere

Support team: Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Additional attendees: Ethan and Sarah Komoroski, Linea Palmisano, Stephanie Vigen, Bob Cooper

Start time: 6:37

Update from council member Linea Palmisano

  • Snow plowing today/tomorrow – street sweeping is underway which limits plowing ability – the vehicles are the same
  • Please send mail-in ballots within the next 7 days; MN can start counting 14 days prior to election day; Mount Olivet is the closest drop box location for Armatage; over 100,000 people in Mpls have voted to date
  • Plan to open 38th and Chicago (site of Floyd memorial); barricades currently exist to cordon the space but also allow for emergency access, but blockage is difficult for local residents and businesses and metro transit; open to recommendations for a winter setup/design
  • Linden Hills trolley path soil regeneration initiative
  • Working on plan to address homelessness in the area

Neighborhood funding update (NCR staff) & ANA 2021 budget: Bob Cooper

  • Two topic priorities: New neighborhood programming, funding levels
  • Neighborhoods get 4.2M, dropping progressively down to 3 in 2023
  • $31k in 2020, $25,600 in 2021, $23 in 2022, $14 in 2023 for Armatage; additional 1800 for equitable engagement fund
  • Next steps and decision points: Nov 5 for Public Health and Safety committee vote, then to city council, Dec 9 budget adoption

Halloween Decoration Tour

  • 15 houses signed-up
  • Help needed in the next week from board members as ambassadors to spread the word for signups and viewer participation; asking for individual Nextdoor posts
  • Flyering around the park and at local businesses – Adriana and Donte volunteers
  • Program begins Sunday 10/25
  • Discussion re local businesses to support via purchase of prize gift cards

Holiday Lighting at the Park

  • Need park to confirm if there will be an ice rink
  • Proposal to utilize CPP funds to purchase lights for use this year and years forward VS hiring a vendor to hang tree lights (~$600)

Fall program Wrap-up & Recommendations

  • Fall neighborhood clean-up
    • 34 volunteers, 12 teams, 18 bags of trash, 10 bags of recycling
  • Let’s Get Uncomfortable Workshop
    • Some mixed reviews from attendees; attendance was lower than desired
  • Fall Food Truck Night
    • 200 attendees
    • Dinner hour traffic and long menus slowed down the process significantly – some hour-long waits to receive food
    • Vendors were pleased with sales

President’s Report

  • Brett Anderson resigned from the board effective immediately (home move)
  • Patty Grabski resigns from the board effective November (home move)

Minutes – approved via email

Committee Updates

  • Green Team:  Ideas for future equity-focused engagement
    • Ongoing discussion re how to diversify and expand outreach to residents, building off of popularity of the rain garden program; expand seasonal programming
  • Mini Grant:  Update on 2020 grant projects
    • Armatage school projects on hold for the time being
  • Subcommittee assignments and structure – plan to discuss at November board meeting

Coordinator Update

  • November HH
    • 11/10, 8-9pm, virtual on Zoom – proposal to cancel due to previous very low participation VS plan a structured activity or game
    • Decision to cancel and perhaps plan something later in the year/season
  • Supply and Tech needs continued
    • Funds leftover in CPP
      • T-shirts, rechargeable speaker, microphone
      • Plan to organize for November meeting to vote on spending and supplies

Adjourned 8:30


September 22, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2020

Board members present:  Joel Federer, Kevin Ross, Patty Grabski, Samantha Bild, Adam Miller, Judy Vecere, Sean Burke, Sharla McIntosh, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Brett Anderson

Support team present:  Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Board Members absent: 

Additional Attendees:   Sarah and Ethan Komoroski (Green Team), Ben VenZant, Stuart and Cindy Tapper, Tommy Cohen, ‘echampion’, Merrie Sjogren, ‘Jeff’, Stephanie Vigen, Michael Kootsikas, Tara Brown

  • Discussion re possibility of new wine and liquor store at Snap Fitness location at 54th and Penn
    • Merwin Liquors
    • Stuart, Cindy and Tommy Cohen partners
    • Large independent chain – 8 stores
    • Goal for Upscale with focus on wines and craft beer; MN local craft beers
    • Timing Q1/Q2 2021
    • Request for a letter expressing support from the board to pass to council
  • Fall Food Truck Night
    • Sunday 10/18, 430-6pm
    • Confirming Gerhardt Brats, Fairfaves (fair food), Thumbs cookies
    • Park is trying to bump the event for a baseball rain date – need ideas for new space
    • Supplies: EVENT TODAY large feather sign – reusable; flyers; A-frame signs = $600 budget request – motion carries unanimously
  • Halloween Decoration Tour
    • Planning support volunteers needed
    • Request for $150 – 3 x $50 gift cards for category winners = motion carries unanimously
    • for local COVID guidelines
    • Donte suggestion for at-home make a Halloween t-shirt kit; Donte to initiate committee to review ideas
  • Let’s Get Uncomfortable Workshop
    • 10/6, 830-10pm; DangerBoat Productions
    • Board members may observe, but not participate
  • President’s Report – no Updates

  • ANA response to Neighborhoods 2020
    • Motion carries unanimously to approve ANA letter and send to council
  • Welcome Bags
    • New volunteers needed to adopt ownership of the program
      • Sean B volunteers to be delivery person (only) and Kevin Ross
      • Sarah and Ethan Komoroski volunteer to take over execution of the program (non-board)
      • (Sarah) (Ethan)
  • Green Team Updates
    • Native Plant Rebate Program
      • Participation at 14
      • Great opportunity for those unable to participate in raingardens
    • Adopt a Storm Drain Challenge
      • Participation at 5
      • Plan for monthly reminders
    • Neighborhood Clean-up (Litter Be Gone)
      • 10/3 9am , setup at the park
      • 25 teams signed up
      • Chinook book codes
  • Mini Grants
    • HH discussion re committee priorities, outreach to potential grant participants
    • 2 current grant recipients programs are on hold due to COVID and virtual school
    • Donte shared ideas for his grant mural project
  • Coordinator Update
    • Neighbor issue with dumping – request for letter of support, in lieu of we will direct him to 311 and councilmember Palmisano
    • T-shirt order, possibly hats – request for funding $800, motion carries unanimously

Adjourn at 8:51

August 18, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting

August 18, 2020

Board members present:  Joel Federer, Kevin Ross, Patty Grabski, Samantha Bild, Adam Miller, Judy Vecere, Sean Burke, Sharla McIntosh, Donte Mearon, Brett Anderson

Support team present:  Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry, Jordan Nelson, Neil

Board Members absent: Adriana Dobrzycka

Virtual Happy Hours Topics/Guests – Sep 8 & Nov 10

  • Schedule changing to every other month – participation has been low
  • Ideas
    • School learning, maybe a MPS guest, some sort of support opportunity
    • Backpack drive – supplies for Mpls kids
  • Next date is 9/8
  • Sam and Sean volunteer to work on agenda for 9/8 – plan due Thursday 8/27

Park board Update

  • ran childcare program through summer School-age – revised procedures for COVID
  • Mid summer began some revised programs, Fun on the Run with social distance
  • Online programs, live and recorded
  • Fall programming – rec centers will not enter in full, but for some programs
  • Fall sports: soccer, flag football
  • Armatage Park Alternative Halloween Event
  • Drive-through or map with stations in park – looking for additional suggestions
    • Map of neighborhood houses with awesome decorations
    • Park costume parade or bubble placement
    • Haunted Hay maze
    • Dunk tank sans water
  • Liability and safety considerations over-arching all planning

Rescheduled National Night Out – Sep 15

Litter Be Gone – Oct 3

  • Pickup supplies pre-sorted at Armatage park
  • Teams of household groups only

Let’s Get Uncomfortable Workshop – Oct 6

  • Limited to 25 participants
  • Some funding still available for small promotion

Sweet Treats in the Park

  • Neighborhood signage and parking lot setup planned
  • Sunday 530-730
  • Topic of plan for mask-wearing enforcement
    • Plan to have masks and sanitizer available  (Patty to bring box of masks)

Neighborhoods 2020 Letter

  • Brett to compose Armatage letter
  • Request for the board to sign joint neighborhood letter
    • Vote passed unanimously to sign

President’s Report

  • No  comments

Minutes – Approved Via Email

Treasurer Report – Financials Emailed

Coordinator Update:

  • Fall Newsletter Content and Timeline – Election, Census, Let’s Get Uncomfortable
  • ANA to own organizing a Halloween lights/décor driving map for the week of Halloween
  • Web and Social Media Content Updates

Finance update

  • ANA Account Rachel Ireland-Henry gave a financial presentation on the ANA’s city funding, reimbursement process, CPP and NRP current funding programs, and the Neighborhoods 2020 process to determine future funding for 2021 and beyond.

8:07 Motion to Adjourn