September 20, 2022 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

9/20/22 / 6:30 PM / Armatage Park Community Center (park)


Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Kevin Ross, Charlie Wolfe

NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Vikisha Goberdhan, Kim Herring, Eli Johnson, Judy Vecere


Lara Bergman, Daniel Rosenblum, Linea Palmisano/City Council


Updated financials were sent via email.

6:30    Welcome and Introductions (Kevin Ross)

6:35   Comments from Community

  • 57th & Penn Pedestrian Crossing — (submitted letter about concerns) Lara represented several neighbors asking for support for their application with the city for one of the new traffic calming projects. It was recommended that they look at the evaluation points that will be factors in the city’s project selection, but the letter felt like it was well thought out and may address these factors. Linea was able to share that, through Vision Zero, pedestrian safety is improving in areas of the city that haven’t typically been the focus of improvements. Linea was able to share that there may be other sources to help fund this type of project if this application isn’t accepted and we can contact her if needed. What isn’t clear, is if an application is denied, will it stay in the pool for future consideration, or would you have to reapply.
  • Action item: Board to either sign-on to this letter or draft their own letter of support and/or submit their own request for this same location through the new program.

6:45    Ward 13 Update (Council Vice President Linea Palmisano)

  • Linea was given some questions ahead of the meeting, including a question about Mayor Frey’s statement about not signing the park board decision around the Hiawatha golf course. Though she can’t speak to the mayor’s thinking, she did help clarify that by not signing it, it would just take a little longer through the process. Once the time frame allowed for the signing passes, it is automatically approved and will move forward.
  • She also was asked about the use of MPD off-duty officers at construction sites. It was noted that traffic control/management is a part of the labor contract with that vendor. Although there may be  other ways to address that requirement, there are some benefits as it spreads officer visibility across the city, and if a situation arises, these off-duty officers can be called into action. Officers can choose to take on this type of work, and it is included in their overtime hours at the precinct.
  • The Committee of the Whole met regarding the government restructure issues from the passed amendment, and it is hoped to have approval by Oct 20 for the details around implementing this new government structure.

7:17    Racial Housing Covenant Project (Daniel Rosenblum, Researcher)

  • Daniel is doing a research project as part of his doctoral degree around racial covenants in south and southwest Minneapolis. He is interested in gathering stories of both historical and current experiences. He is interested in talking to residents, how it relates to their sense of their neighborhood, how it has impacted interactions with neighbors, etc. Contact for more information.

7:30    Minutes approval

  • Motion to approve the July minutes. Seconded. Carries. (Note; No August meeting.)

7:35    City Funding Application — Equitable Engagement Demographic Priorities (application due Oct 31)

Ideas for potential engagement projects for the next two years:

  • Annual dinner for new homeowners and renters
  • More pop-up events at Washburn
  • Landlord outreach (racial covenant renouncement, transit program, etc.)
  • Neighborhood covenant renouncement goal (with a notary party)
  • Leadership development
  • Organize walking groups for light tours, rain gardens, etc.
  • PTA and Kenny neighborhood engagement plans/partnerships
  • Skating event with James

8:15    New Business

    • Equity rubric (board to review and adopt to use to help provide consistency around decision making and event planning)
    • Communications policy (board to review and adopt to provide communications guidelines for individuals and groups within the ANA)
    • Upcoming Kenny/Armatage partner events: Halloween and Holiday light tours.
  • Motion to partner with Kenny Neighborhood Association for the Halloween and Holiday light tours. Seconded. Motion approved.
  • Starting in 2023, we’d like to include an approval of financials as part of the regular meeting (are currently posted online and send to board members)

Meeting adjourned at 8:00


  • Sep 24 – Electronics Recycling & Paper Shredding Event (9:00am–12:00pm, 106 E Diamond Lake Rd)
  • Oct 1 – Fall Neighborhood Clean-up (9:00–11:00am, Armatage Park)
  • Oct 6 – Community Engagement Committee (6:00-7:00pm, Book Club: 5411 Penn Ave S)
  • Oct 13 – Green Team Meeting (7:00-8:30pm, GT Member Backyard TBD)
  • Oct 18 – Monthly Meeting (6:30-8:30pm, Armatage Park)
  • Oct 24–31 – Halloween Decoration Tour (nightly 6:00–8:00pm)