February 21, 2023 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

2/21/23 / 6:30 PM / Armatage Community Center


Eli Johnson, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere, Charlie Wolfe

NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Vikisha Goberdhan,


Jordan Nelson and Brian Hall  (Rec Center Director)


Updated financials were sent via email and are posted online.

6:30 Welcome and Introductions (Kevin)

6:36 Comments from Community

  • None

6:45 Armatage Park Update (new Park Director Brian Hall)

  • Brian has been with the Parks for 29 years. He has worked all across the city, except for the southwest area, but has experience with sites that share with a school and loves to be engaged with the neighborhood associations and PTO groups.
  • Ice rinks are likely done for the season (especially with the expected snow this week). Check online before heading to the rink! It was a short but great season with a waitlisted ice skating program and host site for a pond hockey league. They will assess their need for any loaner ice skates and let us know if we can help re-stock their supply.
  • Armatage will again be hosting the 11u basketball tourney (March 17-25). 16 teams will participate (8) co-ed and (8) girls. The park always needs concession volunteers. They will also be holding a food drive throughout the tournament.
  • Spring registration is open and ongoing. Summer opens tomorrow.
  • The park request for use of the Showmobile for Summer Jam has already been approved.

6:50 SW Neighborhoods Collaborative (Nikki) 

  • Invite to Participate: The board was sent a summary of the efforts of this neighborhood association collaborative with Armatage, Kenny, Windom, Fulton, Tangletown and Windom. In order to move forward, each neighborhood was asked to sign a letter of intent supporting the work of the group, allowing staff to put time towards these efforts, and to elect a representative to serve on this new board.
  • A motion was made to have the ANA sign this letter. Seconded. Motion carries.
  • Collaboration & Shared Resource Grant Application: As one of the first acts as a collaboration, they have written an application for this grant (a draft has been shared with the board). If funds are awarded they will be used to help create structures and procedures for how the collaboration will work, as well as support the creation of a series of collaborative events. All collaboration work is focused on improving understanding, adopting practices and supporting systems around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). The final version is due February 28.
  • A motion was made to have the ANA participate in this grant application. Seconded. Motion carries.

7:10 Annual Meeting & Board Election Planning (Kevin)

  • May 13-16 Hybrid Election Plan
    • Candidate registration to begin in mid-April (through May 13)
    • Voting will take place May 13-16
    • Current board positions on the ballot: Ethan, Charlie, Vicky, Eli, Judy, + one open seat (Please let Lauren know if you are planning to run or not.)
    • It was asked if we could resurrect a social event to help us network with neighbors in a more casual (non-meeting) setting like we have done in the past at Cafe Maude and Red Wagon.
  • May 16 Annual Meeting Speakers ideas
    • House Novel (gathers and documents the history of a home through photographs and  stories)
    • Old Home Certified (Rethos)
    • Both have a slightly different take on the history of homes, and could be a nice compliment to our work with Just Deeds
  • Budget & Plan for Treats
    • Judy offered to reach out to Lola and Red Wagon about ordering pizzas for the meeting.
  • A motion was made to approve up to $500 for food at the annual meeting. Seconded. Motion carries.

7:30 Partnering with Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer (Sharla & Ethan)

  • The Green Team is considering having a meeting on their patio, next to their rain garden, when the weather permits.
  • There are some concerns about hosting events at a church (may not feel inclusive to all), but are excited to have them engage with and participate in our events, and the church is already interested in being involved in our spring event and Summer Jam.

7:40 Office Clean-out Progress (Nikki, Charlie & Ethan)

  • The Welcome Bag supplies have all been relocated to the office. There are still some files to get sorted, then a second sorting will need to take place, as it is assumed that there may be several duplications in what was set aside.
  • There are several items that we no longer need/want and plan to find a way to donate or recycle these (once the weather is nicer and we can more easily move things outdoors for pick-up).

7:45 Approval of Minutes & Amended City Budget (Kevin)

  • Motion to approve January minutes. Seconded. Motion carries.
  • Motion to approve amended city budget. Seconded. Motion carries.

7:55 Committee Updates

  • Community Engagement (Sharla)
    • Welcome Bags. With the new agreed upon distribution plan, six of the board members in attendance each took 6 bags, and this should help clear up most of the current back log.
    • They continue to ask for Armatage Affirmation, and considered a campaign: Love Thy Neighbor
    • Garden Tool Swap & Spring neighborhood event [May 13] (with coffee/tea vendor) — Brainstormed an event name (Springtime in the Neighborhood). Plan to partner with the Armatage PTA
    • Summer Jam [Aug 27 4-6] — Already have 2 food vendors and several potential sponsors.
  • Green Team (Ethan)
    • Met with the city regarding the Washburn tot lot garden. In April they plan to invite the area neighbors to show them the design, and recruit weeding and watering partners. May 20/21 is the tentative planting day.
    • Springtime in the Neighborhood: Tool Swap, Adopt-a-Drain, Settergrens is willing to rent electric lawn implements (but can’t help staff, so uncertain as to whether or not we will do this), Ask a Master Gardener
    • They plan to crowd-source for future project ideas this spring and summer.
  • SW Collaborative (Nikki) — (discussed above)

8:10 New Business

  • We need someone to do minutes in March. Ethan is willing.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23

Note: After the meeting, the ANA Board approved a letter of support for the East Phillips Urban Farm and a letter of support for the Great Plains Institute’s MN GreenCorps application via email.