June 21, 2022 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

6/21/22 / 6:30 PM / Armatage Park, next to the wading pool


Ethan Komoroski, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Kevin Ross, Charlie Wolfe, Vikisha Goberdhan, Judy Vecere

NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Eli Johnson, Nikki Lindberg


Lauren Anderson (Coordinator)


Updated financials were sent via email.

6:30    Welcome and Introductions (Kevin Ross)

Park Update (email from Jordan Nelson)

  • The park is aware of recent graffiti incidents, but painters cannot keep up. Parks employees will step in to temporarily cover smaller or more offensive works of graffiti art. Park police have been doing extra sweeps to try to catch people/deter this activity.
  • Staffing: seasonal maintenance is far below preferred/historic levels. So activities like weed whipping are being skipped altogether for higher impact activities. Park center staff is fairly healthy, a number of younger staff (high school and college age) are filling up the ranks.
  • Side note: Jordan has gotten a promotion to SW Parks Director, which is both super exciting but a bit of a bummer since we won’t be working as closely with him on our events. Congrats to Jordan!

6:35  Comments from Community

  • The board voted unanimously to enact the policy document to guide public comments. That will be linked on the website.
  • Comments from the Community will now be a standing agenda item.

6:45    Executive Committee Election

  • Sharla was voted in unanimously as Vice President
  • Nikki was voted in unanimously as Secretary
  • Judy was voted in unanimously as Treasurer
  • Motion to approve the May minutes and Financials. Seconded. Carries. 

6:55    Recent ANA Events and Program Debrief

  • What’s gone well?
    • Setup has been very smooth. Lauren making maps of layouts has been super helpful and visual.
  • Opportunities to Improve? Ideas?
    • Can we consolidate our equity efforts (Senior focused events) into our larger events rather than standalone?
    • Could the ANA be at school events? And promote specific things, Board outreach?
    • Could we do a newsletter with senior outreach? Develop a senior steering committee (Ward 11 has one, through CM Koski’s office. Our efforts haven’t been fruitful)
    • Annual meeting: could we consolidate with PTA meeting? What about a meeting at the same time as a school event?
      • Garden Tool Swap will be coming back to Armatage next year. This simple event drew a TON of people this year so consolidating it with the Board Election seems like a good idea
    • Should we spread out the master calendar?
      • It’s tough because seasonal weather, COVID
    • What about a Saturday standing event? Something like a pet rescue or popsicles at the playground or Julie from Unwind Within doing chair massages, etc. Just to increase ANA visibility beyond our big events and also spotlighting good and/or local causes.

7:25  Summer Newsletter

  • Board Feature
    • Vicky
  • Articles
    • Shout out neighbors (Armatage Affirmations)?
      • Neighbor on Queen who does exercise happy hours on Fridays
      • Neighbor slip and slide
    • Tech Dump
    • National Night Out
  • Volunteer proofreaders (soon after 7/4)
    • Charlie

7:40    Board Recruitment

  • Discussion on how to increase interest in joining the Board. Seems to be a lack of awareness about the open positions despite multiple social media blasts, etc.
  • What about bringing back neighborhood happy hours for more face-to-face discussion about the work we do with interested neighbors?
    • Red Wagon host? Lola? Vin?
    • Could also be more intentional about having these conversations at our new ANA Tent at events.

7:55    Coordinator Report

  • Learning the ins and outs of the new projector
  • Capacity reduction in the coming months with personal commitments all falling concurrently. Ask is that committee members take on Lauren’s tasks, facilitate Board discussions, etc when Lauren is unable.
  • New accountant (Claire) contract updates
    • Exec committee is discussing how to manage expectations and will be handling the contract negotiations internally.

8:05    ANA Committee Updates

  • Green Team
    • New, final rain garden contract with Metro Blooms is signed.
  • Safety, Equity & Outreach
    • Scaling back, group direction is leaning toward consolidating with Community Engagement
  • Community Engagement
    • Looking into sponsorships for Summer Jam
    • Motion to approve $550 for band, face painter, and face paint for Summer Jam. Passes unanimously
    • Motion to approve $700 for tent with custom ANA insignia AND weights to hold it down in the wind! Passes unanimously

8:15    New Business

Meeting adjourned at 8:20


  • June 3 – Movie in the Park
  • June 14 – Green Team Meeting (7:00-8:30pm, Zoom)