2015 Highlights

  • Engaged with our Precinct Inspector as well as our Crime Prevention Specialist, in response to our neighborhood safety priority, including having both as featured speakers at a quarterly safety update.
  • “Spring Fling” theme for our annual meeting, including a presentation from Beez Kneez about pollinators.
  • Quarterly “Safety News” hand delivered to every resident.
  • Focused on block leader recruitment and recruited 14 new leaders. There are only 16 unorganized blocks remaining in the Armatage neighborhood.
  • Transition to a new coordinator mid-year.
  • Development of new, more accessible website.
  • Stronger and more regular use of our email newsletter.
  • Expanded our social media presence and regularly post to Nextdoor, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Lots of changes made to our Summer Festival in the hopes to increase appeal to a broader range of residents and make it easier to run and attend. (Wristbands, raffle, signage, new games, additional inflatables, food trucks, water bottles and station.)