Safety Tips

Personal Safety & Carjacking Prevention Tips

Our Safety Equity & Outreach Committee pulled together the following tips from a wide range of sources from MPD, local media, cities across the country and our own committee members. We hope they help you to stay aware and stay safe.

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Don’t wear earbuds or airpods when out by yourself. 

Whenever possible keep some distance between yourself and a stranger who approaches you. If you are being threatened, use your car’s horn and/or your key fob to set off alarms and call 911 as soon as it is safely possible.

Whenever going to and from your vehicle, keep your head on a swivel and your eyes moving. Often, if a criminal senses that a victim has observed them, they’ll move on.

Carjackers may be looking for drivers who appear distracted. Walk with purpose and stay alert. Have your keys in hand, scan the front and back seat before getting in the car. As soon as you get in, lock the doors and get moving! Don’t play with your phone or adjust the radio. These rules apply when you get out of the car as well.

Lock Doors to Your House, Car & Garage

Never leave your car running while unattended and never leave a key inside a parked vehicle, even if parked inside a locked garage.

Whenever you are inside your vehicle and/or driving, make sure your doors are locked and your windows are rolled up.

Keep Your Car & House Keys Separate

Separate your house keys from your car keys so someone who may take your car keys only gets access to your vehicle and not your home.

Leave Space so You Can Pull Away

Keep at least one car’s distance between yourself and the car in front of you so that you can drive around it if needed to get away fast. If you can’t see the back tires of the car in front of yours, you’re too close.

More Driving & Parking Tips

Drive in the center lane of a street when possible, away from curbs and sidewalks, where someone can approach you more easily.

Take note of anyone following you closely, especially while driving home. If you feel unsafe, drive to the nearest police or fire station or pull up in front of the main entrance to a store.

Park in secure, highly trafficked and well-lit areas. AVOID parking near dumpsters, large vans or trucks, or anything else that limits your visibility. In public parking garages or areas, stay as close as possible to guard booths or store entrances.

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