Vulnerable Residents

We do have a number of elderly folks and possible other adult that requires assistance to provide for their own care that are residents of Armatage. These vulnerable adults may become victims of maltreatment when they are subject to abuse, neglect or financial exploitation.

This is important for ANA residents to be aware of potential crimes against vulnerable adults.

  • Financial exploitation includes fraud, theft and forgery.
  • Neglect – the failure of a caretaker to provide a vulnerable adult with needed care or services, including medical, clothing, food, shelter, and supervision. The vulnerable adult may be self-neglecting as well.
  • Abuse – Generally defined as assault but also covers areas such as sexual assault, force or coercing the vulnerable adult to do acts they would not normally do, use of unreasonable acts, verbal or physical, that would be derogatory or humiliating to the vulnerable adult.

To report incidents of maltreatment of a vulnerable adult, contact Hennepin County or call 612-348-8526.