April 16, 2019 Minutes

Date: April 16th, 2019

Called to Order: 6:35PM

Presided by: Joel Federer

Note taker: Lara Bergman

Board members in attendance: Stephanie Vigen, Michael Kootsikas, Brett Anderson, Judy Vecere, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator)

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Board members absent: Tyler Mulcahey, Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown

Park Update- Nikki Fredich

  • Summer registration underway
  • 150 kids at egg hunt, 450 total, continue event moving forward
  • Movies in the Park: June 19th Princess Bride @ Armatage, Aug. 7th Into the Spiderverse at Kenny
  • 30 tables max in storage, 5-10 new tables? Mighty lite 8” banquet tables ~370
  • Park equipment needs: 5-10 new Mighty Lite Banquet Tables ( ~$370/ea), folding chairs, Nikki to follow up with Tara about skates
  • Tot lot celebration- this will not be a formal opening, but a neighborhood supported event in June.

Annual Meeting Planning- Joel

  • Agenda:
    • Welcome/pizza: candidates give a short speech, 7 seats- 3 open, 4 re-election
    • Election- Dennis will tally votes
    • Linea Palmisano (15 minutes)
    • Overview- Joel
    • Mini grants- Stephanie (10 minutes)
    • Rain gardens- Green Team/ Lauren
    • Safety rebate program- Joel
    • Penn & 54th Safety- Ryan
    • Summer festival- Michael
    • Neighborhoods 2020- Brett
    • Q/A  (20 minutes)
    • Election results/ wrap around 8pm
  • Each person presenting at the meeting should prepare no longer than a 2 minute explanation and 1-2 powerpoint slides per topic. Lauren will send out a template.
  • Microphone & Projector to be located
  • Red Wagon pizza, cookies from Costco and Flowers from Wagners as in past years
  • Up to 5 gift cards to raffle off at the event- Lauren to ask Red Wagon, Lara to as Settergrens, Lola, etc

Motion to approve $500 for event food. Approved by the board.

Summer Festival Planning

  • Will be looking into sponsorship opportunities for tent, magician, car show, etc
  • We will hold a raffle with pre-sale tickets available and a board member will walk around selling tickets to drum up interest
  • Kidzone will be more expensive due to full day ($295) but no band this year
  • SW journal, Facebook, Nextdoor to advertise
  • Increasing wristband prices to $6/ea or $18 family maximum

Selection of NCEC Elector & Alternate Elector

  • Moved to June meeting. We will need two people to attend the June 20th election downtown

NRP Phase II Contract Closeout

  • This is ANA’s official 30 day notice. The new ANA board can vote in June.

Other New Business

  • none

President’s Report-

  • none

Secretary Report – minutes approved via email

Treasurer Report – financials emailed

Committee Updates

Green Team

  • Donation drive– constant flow of people, nextdoor worked, VA got the bulk, clothing, good quality. 117 boxes/bags. 12 orgs. Consider doing a focused one seasonally. Great job, green team!
  • Rain Garden Tour– June 1st

Mini Grants

  • One question, no applicants yet, big push at Annual meeting

Coordinator Update

  • Website update complete.
  • Lauren’s summary of monthly tasks was so board the board could see how hours are used
  • Rain gardens- 20 people already applied, all homeowners. Laurent to target ads to renters.
  • Garage sale- 4 people signed up,  it will be Fri/Sat this year
  • Nate Gotlieb from SW Journal wants to do an article on Tot lot. Lauren to connect him to Tara.

Motion to renew web hosting for $270. Approved by the board.

Final notes from Joel: Please submit candidate bio for the board to Lauren ahead of time.

Meeting adjourned 8:10pm

Next Meeting May 21, 2019 (Annual Meeting)