April 18, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Denis Houle.

ANA board members in attendance: Tara Brown, Kelly Falsani, Denis Houle, Steve Johnson, Michael Kootsikas, and Laurel Luxenberg, Judy Vecere

Others in attendance: Nikki Lindberg (ANA Coordinator), Nikki Frederich (Park Coordinator), and 4 other Armatage Residents Chris Sorenson, Joel Federer, Jim Hoch, and Stephanie Eagan.

Park Update (Nikki Frederich, Park Director)

  • Egg hunt – 150 registered kids and 50 showed day of. Great feedback on bounce house, face painting, live bunnies
  • Spring sports in full swing – baseball, softball, full track and field team
    • Need track and field coaches April 27-June 2 Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Fields can be reserved. Call at 2pm on Friday for the following week. In-house team gets priority (for Armatage and Kenny)
  • Summer Registration is out for all events now

Committee Updates

2017 Goals and Priorities – Need to set goals

Welcome Bags (Michael) – 8 companies are participating

Green Team (Tara)

  • Reminder that we will have a table at the Movie in the Park June 19th about lawn care
  • Metrobloom opportunity has received 19 requests. We have 10 openings. Potential to provide those beyond the first 10 the opportunity for yard consultation.

Coordinator Updates (Nikki Lindberg)

Summer Festival Team

  • Leadership roles have been assigned – Coordinator will reach out to
  • Food vendors are all interested in coming back
  • Band lined up, face painter, skateboard and MPLS Tap
  • Striving for a Zero-Waste Event
  • Event will be Sunday, August 13th 3-7pm

Annual Meeting Update

  • Red Wagon and Pizzeria Lola will provide food
  • Marion Green can come speak. Representative Palmisano will be present
  • Door prizes to encourage attendance – Potted plants
  • Meet and Greet Format
  • Mailer to alert

Financial Audit Update

  • Procedural audit with the city. Nikki working with Michael Wilson (CPA for ANA). Judy involved as well.
    • Main actions are to review by-laws and polices (e.g. financial policy)
    • Board to review and make additional comments
    • Resident offered to review invoices
    • Questions were asked: Do we ever publish our spending? Is there a potential for a neighborhood meeting based solely on funding?

Kelly entered meeting

Neighborhoods 2020 Dialogues

  • Dialogues are about Neighborhood Funding
  • May 8th at 6pm for MLK Park (40th & Nicollet) is the events. Please RSVP

Garage Sale (June 3rd) – Armatage and Kenny

  • Open Streets in Kenny on Lyndale June 3th
  • Group to do fundraiser bake sale

Movie in the Park (scheduled for June 19th)

  • Movie: Peewee’s Big Adventure
  • Green Team to have a booth giving tips
  • Food truck for desserts
  • Bike shop to give tune ups

Welcome bags – Request to order 250, could get them for $8.50. Ordered 125 last year

  • Motion made by Michael, seconded by Laurel. Motion carried

Future of FixIt Home Improvement Program

  • Fulton, Kenny, Lynhurst and Armatage have created Fix-It Home Improvement. Current provider no longer to maintain home program. New: Provider wants $10,000 annual fee and 13% origination fee.
    • CEE already runs their own program: Could we handle that?
    • Goals: Armatage remain a desirable place to live
    • Ideas for alternatives: buy down on someone’s interest rates
      • Home Energy Audits: cover residents $70
      • Grant program to homeowners
      • Design or architect fees
      • Subsidize home buyer education classes – ex. Ice Damn class
      • Sponsor home improvement options
        • Resident shared matching programs are very effective
        • Rebate for higher efficiency machines

Summer Intern – Neighborhood college student $10-12/hr for a total of $1,000

Gypsy Moth Update – First treatment May 1- May 15. Second treatment will be 7-10 days later 

Treasurer Update (Judy Vecere)

  • Previewed via email. Highlighted in meeting. Budget is on track and cash flow is good.

Unfrozen Funds from the City 

Secretary Report

  • Approved

New Business

  • Received a letter from Armatage Montessori to seek zone approval for relocating doors and security

Meeting was adjourned at 7:51 pm. Steve motion to adjourn.