April 21, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: April 21, 2020

Format: Virtual meeting held via Zoom

Called to Order: 6:33pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Patty Grabski

Board members in attendance: Donte Mearon, Patty Grabski, Adriana Dobrzycka, Michael Kootsikas, Adam Miller, Brett Anderson, Ryan Antkowiak, Joel Federer, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Others in attendance: Linea Palmisano (Council Member, Ward 13), Jordan Nelson (Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, Stephanie Vigen, Neil D.

Board members absent: Judy Vecere (technical difficulties), Tyler Mulcahey

Welcome & Introductions

Parks and Rec Update: Jordan

  • Rec Center closed in conjunction with schools at least through May 3
    • Trying to move programs online
  • Ambassador program
    • Parks and trails are open
    • Park reps available to check on things, answer questions and be a resource to residents
    • ID via light blue jackets
    • Trying to keep park reps employed

City Update: Linea Palmisano

  • Property tax late fees in Hennepin and Ramsey will be waived until June 15
  • $2.2M in small business relief agreed and available
  • Passed takeout wine and beer with food – big revenue boost for small businesses
  • Donation hub located in the city
  • COVID health department line open – 24/7 response
  • Street sweeping impending for pollution control
    • There will not be towing but tickets will be issued
    • Dumpsters included in required moving
  • Construction nuisance update

ANA Annual meeting and Board Elections

  • Question of whether to hold online June 16 or wait until Fall
    • Board consensus to hold online in June
  • Discussion re Annual Meeting main topic
    • City staffer to present re 2020 Census via webinar
    • Suggestion for open forum re feedback and outreach
    • Grant recipient updates
  • Process discussion re whether and how to end vote count during hte online meeting in order to announce new board members
  • Need to determine best web platform to utilize – need volunteer to research
  • Suggestion to model voting process on Kingfield, utilize their voter guide
    • This requires candidates to self-identify in advance – no nominations during meeting
  • Lauren to confirm open seats – please communicate with her if your term is up


  • Content review is crunched this month – need several volunteers to help with proofreading

Virtual Happy Hour and Coffee Break

  • 1 held so far with 7-8 in attendance
  • 5/12 to be hosted by the Green Team with topic of Spring Gardening
  • 6/9 host Mini Grants subcommittee

Social Distancing Engagement

  • Art booklet and Quarantine projects – PDF or slideshow
  • Contracted art kit
  • Contest for mural artwork
  • Donte to compile and organize submissions

Presidents Report

March Minutes – Approved

Treasurer Report

  • CPP funds could be revoked by the city – $38k in report – should we earmark these with the intention of safe-guarding
    • Suggestion to move to Metro Blooms bill to ‘professional services’ within CPP

Green Team Update

  • Rain and Native Gardens
    • This will go forward despite COVID with social distancing
    • 15 gardens in program, several spots still open – will boost on social
    • Continue feedback to Metro Blooms re sensitivity to size etc
    • June installation
  • Virtual Organics workshop 5/18
  • Hennepin county grant is canceled due to COVID

Mini Grants Committee Update

  • 3 applications received
    1. The Fen – garden installation at 58/Penn triangle
      • Application lacked clarity – vote to deny passed
    2. Armatage Montessori School – equity and race workshops
      • Application approved
    3. Armatage PTA courtyard garden improvement and nature studies
      • Application approved

Complete Count

  • FB paid ads
  • Please help boost by sharing via Twitter, FB and Instagram

Coordinator Update

  • COVID19 relief fund – could combine with two other neighborhoods, we would have $8500 to contribute from program funds – to look into
  • Attorney support paid for by city
  • Armatage Park playground up for renovation – goal to encourage fast movement on plan