August 20, 2015 eNews – Safety Alert


We have had several calls regarding a concern of an increase in burglaries and theft from moter vehicles in the Fulton, Lynnhurst and Armatage neighborhoods.

We have been and continue to utilize the following crime reduction strategies in Fulton and Armatage and Lynnhurst. Neighborhoods:

  • Strong proactive enforcement and extra patrol throughout the area.
  • Alley seeps (patrols) looking for suspicious people, vehicles, and activity. Officers are also focused on locating open/unsecured garage doors. Anytime an open garage is located we do our best to contact the home owner and to remind them (educate) the importance of closing and securing their garage doors in order to prevent crime for occurring.
  • We have utilized our undercover team to conduct investigations, stings, and apprehensions of known criminals that reside in the south west portion of our precinct.
  • We continue to utilize our Property Crimes investigators to work hard to solve crimes. We have identified a person of interest that has a long history of committing Burglaries. Our team is working hard to link the crimes and effect the arrest.

What you and your neighbors can do to help us:

  • Become a block club leader if you don’t already have one. Block club leaders receive any police reports that occur within a 2 block radius of their home that they then can share with neighbors.
  • Join your block club, and get to know your neighbors. Knowing who lives on the block helps in determining if there is an unknown person hanging around the block that should be., possibly casing the block to commit a crime.
  • Take ownership of your neighborhood and call 911 to report crime and suspicious activity. (people walking or driving up and down the street or alleys that don’t live in the neighborhood)
  • Always lock your home and garage doors, even if you are at home, or in the yard.
  • Use window locks, or if left open, pin the window so it can’t be opened more than 6’ for security (especially ground level windows)
  • Ensure you have adequate exterior lighting; motion activated lights.
  • Trim hedges/shrubs at 3-4 feet, tree canopies at 6-7 feet.
  • Lock your vehicles and remove all valuables from your car(s). Including garage door openers if you park your car outside your garage.
  • When walking at night please consider the following: (1) Safety in numbers, (2) Walk in well-lit areas, (3) Consider not using your cell phone until you reach your destination, (4) If a suspicious person approaches you (request money, cigarette, or a light) and you feel uncomfortable, do your best to walk away from the person and seek a safe environment (neighbors house, store, well lit area).

I have also included a Home Security PDF with tips for you to look at:
Home Security highlights.pdf
Thank you,

For questions, contact:
Jennifer Waisanen Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 5th Precinct
(612) 673-5407