Code of Conduct Policy

Armatage Neighborhood Association Code of Conduct

(The Code of Conduct is a work in process. The lack of a reference to particular conduct should not be construed as indicating ANA’s acceptance of such conduct.)

As a neighborhood organization, ANA strives to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible for all members, and to represent ourselves well to those living outside of our borders. In particular, the public conduct of those visibly associated with ANA (Board, staff, volunteers) can positively or negatively reflect on ANA, impacting our reputation and the good will needed to thrive.

ANA formally functions as a nonprofit while also being situated within a larger City of Minneapolis structure that provides funding for neighborhoods. Each status demands that ANA operates with consistently high ethical standards and maintains positive and respectful relationships, internally and publicly. When operating as intended, ANA necessarily exercises the democratic expression of its neighborhood membership and makes decisions in regard to policy and allocation of funding. While differences of opinions, values, or broad political outlook are inevitable within a membership such as ANA’s that is defined solely by geography, the welcomed expression of diverse viewpoints should actively be encouraged as that typically provides the most productive means for informed decision-making and ideal democratic inclusiveness. However, it is critical that ANA members – and in particular those most visibly associated – do not in their own public expression1 denigrate or make unwelcome any other participant.

Accordingly, the following is prohibited by ANA:

1) Violence or threat of violence.

2) Sexual harassment, as defined by the City of Minneapolis for its own workforce.

3) Personal or implied threat against another, directly or through harassment, intimidation, or retaliation, whether specified or made implicit through tone, manner, or content.

4) Comments denigrating to, or harassing of, identified groups, such as those recognized by the Minneapolis Civil Rights ordinance or which violate Minneapolis’ anti-discrimination policies.

5) Disparaging comments about one or more individuals in or associated with ANA, or connected to ANA through organizational activity or relationships.

6) Activity not in accordance with federal, state, or local law, or in violation of ANA’s bylaws or purposes and values, or which causes harm to ANA’s reputation or function.

For the purposes of 5), naming individuals with whom there is disagreement is permitted so long as there is good faith effort to state the disagreed-with person’s views fairly and without personal attack, animus, or shaming. While organizing opposition to another ANA member’s role or views is consistent with a democratic body, under no circumstances should such opposition be done in a manner which divulges personal contact information and/or directly or indirectly encourages or incites personal harassment.

1) Public expression includes, but is not limited to, the tone, manner, or content of statements made: at a AA event or meeting; at a public event; to media; via electronic communication that is not private.

Approved June 21, 2022