December 15, 2020 Minutes

Board Attendees : Joel Federer, Ethan Komoroski, Vikisha Goberdhan, Sharla Mcintosh,
Adriana Dobrzycka, Kevin Ross, Adam Miller, Donte Mearon, Judy Vecere, Sam Bild

Board members absent :

Support team : Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Additional attendees : Sarah Komoroski, Council Member Linea Palmisano

Neighborhood Association Funding Shifts/Cut Update

  • Plan for 2021 is that we will get ½ of our CPP allocation (under $16K for first half of year)
  • Come July 1 st we’ll have new program – uncertainty around details (maybe a little above
    $10K – TBD)
  • Rachel confirming numbers
  • What this means:
    • Shift in how boards operate
    • Maybe there will be a shift in some responsibilities from coordinator to board
    • Sharla/Lauren/Joel looking at expectations and reviewing comments
    • Defining expectations for committees
      • Idea: How do we increase time on community activation vs. internal
      • Idea: First hour for committee meetings/second hour for team meetings?
      • Idea: Chair/coordinator roles on committees
    • Discussed participation interest of committee proposals

Coordinator Update

  • Holiday Light Tour
    • Going well – 54 votes!
    • MSP Magazine exposure – lots of people have commented online
    • Sign about light tour is up at Penn
  • ANA Funds – $200 left…
  • January 2021 Newsletter
    • Lauren shared update on Jan 2021
    • Member feature – Sam
    • Welcome bags
    • Green team has plastics event
    • Mini grants
    • Special Election
    • Run through social/digital channels
    • Ideas:
      • Voter turnout for elections (recap)
      • What are your neighbors up to
      • Holiday light tour winner feature
      • Safety
      • Block leaders ‘what to know’

City Update and Q & A with Council Member Palmisano

  • Discussion on block leader information accessibility
    • Linea will pose as question
  • Supported funding for neighborhoods and worked on this initiative (increase by $10K next year for Armatage)
    • Armatage submitted most commentary on how important ANA is
  • How city budget wrapped up
    • Had to correct in July to balance budget in light of COVID
      • Revenues we get from downtown, ballpark taxes, alcohol sales, etc.
        Downtown core usually contributes to $60M in entertainment taxes, etc.
        This is how we’ve weathered recessions in the past
      • Also had to correct for damage after the unrest following the death of
        George Floyd – financial support for 38 th and Chicago, Lake Street, and
      • We still have a health department in city – and they are working to
        separate it from the police department into the Office of Violence
    • 3 council members’ “Safety for all” mostly passed
      • Things include mental health only community crisis responders (not a
        co-responder model like what has existing between MPD & Hennepin
        County’s COPE team)
      • Safety for all wanted to create, implement, and support capability build
      • $ was taken out of police department for this initiative
      • Navigators were taken out of the police department (culturally specific
        specialists) – these people held humanity with victims and helped them
        navigate the aftermath of a crime with special attention for burial
        practices, cultural mourning.
      • Recruiting classes- took our second and third rounds of funding for
    • Keep sworn officer count at 888 – Linea successful here
      • Ratio of officers to population is lower than other cities our size (other
        cities often have double)
      • Officers are needing to work overtime
    • Joint enforcement teams
      • To support staffing minimums – we could partner
      • County sheriff office had a COVID spike – ex. Would take resources