February 16, 2021 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

Board Attendees: Samantha Bild, Joel Federer, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Donté Mearon, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere

Not in Attendance: Adriana Dobrzycka, Vikisha Goberdhan

Other Attendees: Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Cynthia Hendricks, Maureen Foley, Kelli M., Grace, Pete Hermann-Franzen, Stephanie Vigen, Geri Wolf, Daniel del Prado


6:30 Welcome and Introductions

6:35 Secretary Election

  • A motion was made and seconded to elect Nikki Lindberg for the secretary position. Motion carried.

6:40 Cafe Ceres (5401 Penn Av S)

  • Geri Wolf, on behalf of Executive Pastry Chef and General Manager Shawn McKenzie and business partner Daniel del Prado
  • Cafe Ceres coffee shop opening anticipated March 15 (planned hours 7am-3pm). This is a second location (also on 44th St in Linden Hills). Middle Eastern influence, focused on light offerings (pastries, salads, etc). They will be applying for a liquor license for future ideas like tasting events, etc. A public hearing regarding this license probably at the end of March/early April, but haven’t submitted the application yet. A motion was made and seconded to support this project. Motion carries. Lauren will draft letter for board approval.

7:10 Committee Visioning Next Steps

  • Review where we’ve been and where we want to go
  • Laying the groundwork so we can be well-positioned for the future
  • Board member expectations
    • 5-6 hours/month (including a monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of the month, 6:30-8:30pm)
    • Engagement with ANA email discussions
    • Come prepared to meetings
    • Disclose any conflicts of interest
    • Act in a positive manner, and as a representative of the organization in a professional manner
    • Volunteer at ANA events throughout the year
    • Assist in recruiting new members, promote the ANA
    • NEW — Joining an ANA committee (goal to share the work equitably)
  • Breakout Sessions: plan first meeting, what you hope to accomplish in first 3 months (March-May); consider special requests (speakers, surveys, social media posts); who will chair (or put as first meeting agenda item); take notes and send to Lauren
    • Community Engagement (Judy, Ethan, Kevin, Stephanie, Sharla)
      • Thursday, March 4 at 5:30 (First Thursday of the month)
      • Event ideas:
        • Easter/spring activity
        • Snowman contest
        • Coffee truck
        • Art kit
        • Chalk contest (great Armatage sidewalk weekend)
        • Way to connect with park director (Jordan)
        • Concentrate on better events, not necessarily more events (will work on setting a calendar)
        • Chair, Sharla
    • Safety, Equity & Outreach [SEO] (Danté, Nikki, Joel, Sam, Rachel)
      • Saturday, March 6 at 10:00am (First Saturday of the month)
      • Priorities:
        • Rebuilding our relationship with the MPD; get to know the officers. Note: Palmisano’s February 24 event to meet with new 5th Precinct Inspector, Katie Blackwell, February 24th at 6:30-8pm
        • Recruiting more members
        • Safety education: reliable sources, who to report to, how to share
        • Review safety rebate program
        • Chair (leads meeting, keep on task, updating Lauren/board) will be on the first meeting agenda

7:50 Coordinator Update

  • Byte Technologies website support bundle renewal. A motion was made and seconded to support purchasing the 10-hour bundle (with 3 free bonus hours) for $1,550 (anticipate it will get us several years of support service). Motion carried
  • Adobe Creative Suite renewal ($360/year nonprofit discounted rate) A motion was made and seconded to support our continued Adobe subscription. Motion carried.
  • A question was raised regarding cloud storage, and how the ANA was sitting. Currently at 75% capacity, so will address increasing storage capacity in March.
  • Hennepin County Archives reached out to the ANA and is offering to digitize items for archival purposes. We will discuss this further in March but could be a nice way to digitally save what is currently in file drawers.
  • Open board seat election will take place at the March 16th monthly meeting. Palmisano is also scheduled to present an update in March.
  • Block leaders update: 29 registered (of 80 or 90 total blocks)

8:00 Committee Action Needed

  • Event updates: 90 link requests for plastics movie; 12 for discussion; 40 at the workshop
  • Reading circle updates: 6 at first, at least 8 anticipated at second
  • Solar awareness presentation in the works. Motion made and seconded to purchase two $50 gift cards from local businesses as door prizes to encourage attending this presentation. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14