February 20, 2018 Minutes

February 20, 2018 Minutes


Date: February 20, 2018

Called to order: 6:38pm

Presided by: Denis Houle, President

Note taker: Ryan Antkowiak

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Kelly Falsani, Jim Hoch, Denis Houle, Bri Keeney, Michael Kootsikas, Stephanie Vigen, Judy Vecere
Other Attendees — Nikki Lindberg, Coordinator; Gary Remafie, resident; various other residents


New Business

  • Neighborhood Forest Program @ Kenny Elementary
    • Board approved up to $1,000 grant to support program
  • MCN workshop (The Essential Sponsorship Clinic)
    • Board approved $125 registration fee so Nikki Lindberg (ANA Coordinator) could attend for educational advancement.


Welcome to the Neighborhood

  • Introduction to the new tenants of 5400 Penn (the old gas station space)
  • New Restaurant: Colita’s
    • Esteemed chef Daniel Del Prado’s take on BBQ
      • A lighter, herbal experience with Tex Mex and Thai influence
      • Healthier approach to BBQ
      • Locally sourced – MN and Midwest
      • Aiming to open in late June/early July
    • Sought community approval to pursue a full bar/liquor license
    • Responded to concern about traffic in alleys. Dispelled concern as the restaurant will be closed off to the alley. Entrance/Exits will be directly on Penn and 54th only
  • Colita’s owner and Chef – Daniel Del Prado
  • Restaurant Consultant – Geri Wolf
  • Restaurant Manager – Morgan


Meeting Adjourned at 6:55 to accommodate Palmisano Presents