March 20, 2018 Minutes

March 20, 2018 Minutes


Date: March 20, 2018

Called to order: 6:38pm

Presided by: Denis Houle, President

Note taker: Nikki Lindberg

In attendance: Board Members — Kelly Falsani, Laure Luxenbergl, Stephanie Vigen, Ryan Antkowiak, Michael Kootsikas, Br Keeneyi, Joel Federer

Other Attendees — Gary Remafedi, Fred & Joanne Linehan, Nikki Frederich/Parks, Rachel Ireland-Henry, Betty Lyke Urie, Nikki Lindberg


(Jim Hoch, Judy Vecere)



Emily – summary of break-in; Fred (bldg owner 20 yrs) — crime prevention

2 break ins in 20 years, but car thefts (smash/grab) issue  — 2017 avg 2/month

has added lights on dusk/dawn — 2 security camera installation (5, 3 on parking lot, 2 in back) – 2 bids (and Emily talked to Peter – 3rd option)

Gary – safety summary – presenting ideas; approving resolutions shared and getting “ballot” with the 16 interventions that you can rank

Denis – would like to contribute to cost of cameras – Fred doing no matter what (3 mega-pixel option)

Gary – smart technologies (rebate idea) for residents; could host vendor forum


Pres Report

Annual Report – motion Kelly/Michael – carries

2020 Roadmap – NCR proposal (summary of situation) – links sent to proposal and give feedback (due by end of April) 3/37 5-7 NCEC meeting public comments on Road Map (at downtown library)

May Annual Meeting 15th – collect neighborhood input how to spend our money (with actual dollar amounts with some ideas, and free pizza)

share some of what we’ve done (safety, park, green team, happy hour)

ideas – what we heard, and what we can/can’t address – themes for ideas (micro grant, tool library, community brick oven/from bricks to bread); ideas from safety poll; do it like cafe with – generate ideas at your table

pizza/drinks – door prizes (plants/centerpieces) and gift certificates

can leverage social media polls after meeting to gather further input (Nextdoor and Facebook)

board election


Summer festival support / ways to get involved – game


Secretary – approved online

Treasurer – financials sent


Park Update – new summer guide (printed copies on hand)

Egg Hunt on Saturday (registration req’d) expect about 150 10-11:30, hunt at 11 (lots of activities, face painting, characature, Abrakadoodle, bunnies, snacks, and The Bunny) will be outdoors so dress accordingly

Track & Field, Baseball & Softball

Friday Field Trips for summer (school age kids) 11-4 (bag lunch)

Skate Park camp (3rd Lair)



Community Engagement

Washburn Park – final engagement happened; back at Chris to get $ input

Happy Hour – very well attended; concerns about reliability and space isn’t great but don’t feel like we have a better option at this point

Book Club? New BBQ place? Kwan’s

May 1 – have Annual Meeting card/postcard to hand out

Garage Sales – June 2 online/paypal


Green Team

Long list – and our new plot at 61/Washburn


Safety discussion – tabled to April


Summer Festival

Carnival – need help sponsor as group


Coord – SW CAC

Neighborhood Forests

Ward 13 Summit

4/21 Shred event



Mobile Menders – went well, organize another for this spring? request another $50 Kelly/Ryan – carries

iMatter Minneapolis – draft letter of support

Malea – Bush Foundation Fellowship recipient


Meeting Adjourned at 7:54