February 21, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association Meeting & Quarterly Safety Update

Meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm by Denis Houle.

ANA board members in attendance: Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown, Denis Houle, Steve Johnson, Bri Keeney, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, and Judy Vecere

Others in attendance: Nikki Lindberg (ANA Coordinator), Lt. Brian Anderson, and 2 other Armatage Residents: Gary R, Jim H

Safety Update – Lt. Brian Anderson

  • Soliciting interest in Block Clubs. Provided a handout to gain traction.
  • Crime Update
    • Larceny/Burglary account for 87% of all of the crime in Armatage.
      • Don’t make it easy!
    • Only reported 15 crimes so far this year.
    • Burglary strip – Kwans, Red Wagon, Cafe Maude
      • Only netted some alcohol and petty cash
    • Coffee Shop & Subway robberies
      • Nothing in Armatage; Fulton Neighborhood was nearest robberies
    • Two Burglaries – 55th/Queen & 57th/Upton – January
      • Jewelry theft, no suspect info at this time
        • Jewelry is a common item in nearly all homes and is therefore targeted
      • Armatage always has at least one squad patrolling Armatage. Most of the time there is more than one squad active.
      • Anything you can do to deter criminals from targeting your home should be considered. Beware of Dog sign as an example.

City Council Update

  • No formal update. Linnea did have her baby.

Park Update

  • No formal update.
  • Fire and Ice was more like Fire and Slush.

Phase 2 Engagement Report of the Minneapolis 2040 Plan

  • Initial report was enacted last year.
    • Phase 2 just came out this year.
  • Official document had comments about how Neighborhood Associations should be abolished. Neighborhood Groups on the other hand were considered beneficial to neighborhoods.
    • We do not know the significance of these comments.
      • The Loring Park Neighborhood Association drafted a resolution supporting neighborhoods but asking for clarifying information surrounding the comments made about Neighborhood Associations and Neighborhood Groups. Requesting “raw data” surrounding comments.
        • Unclear as to why we need to approve or deny the resolution
          • Consideration being given to simply asking for the raw data vs. drafting a formal resolution
            • By Monday, February 27: Vote on Approve, Deny, Request Additional Information
          • March 29th – The Art of Hosting

Committee Updates

Green Team update

  • Attending Sustainable Behavior Workshop is THIS Saturday
    • Plan to invite members of the neighborhood to participate
      • 7 residents have expressed interest so far

Community Engagement Update (Bri Keeney)

  • Tot Lot: No formal Tot Lot Update. Awaiting an assigned project manager.
  • Happy Hour: Switching to Mondays from 7-9 beginning March 6th. 1st Monday of the Odd Month. No Happy Hour on Labor Day.
  • Welcome Bags: 2 Business have added content to the bag (Jump & State Farm). Michael continues to deliver them to new neighbors.

Safety Team

  • Still struggling to get a list of all of the block leaders
    • Working to build up these relationships

Summer Festival (August 13th)

  • Task list is being generated to help volunteers.
  • Nikki already secured the mobile.
  • Band is already booked.
  • Car show may be back as well.

Coordinator Update (Nikki Lindberg)

  • Fix It Loan
    • Approved and active. Waiting list already in place.
  • Annual Meeting (May 16th)
    • Trying to come up with a theme to drive attendance.
      • The following are up for election – Judy, Laurel, Steve, Kelly, Sarah, and Tara.
        • Nikki to send email soliciting feedback, ideas, to get this planning underway
      • Home Improvement Fair
        • Do we want to participate again? No
      • City conference (4/1)
        • Attend if you can; a great conference and incredible food
      • Gypsy Moth infestation
        • Portions of Armatage will be treated
          • Low aerial spray; quick dry
          • Completely harmless to anything other than moths

Treasurer Update (Judy Vecere)

  • Previewed via email. Highlighted in meeting. Budget is on track and cash flow is good.
  • Fiscal year is February – January.
    • Will review the annual report each month and also the fiscal report each February.

Secretary Report

  • January minutes approved via email

New Business

  • Notice of variance, 5801 Russell. 7 feet closer to street. Will make for a very tight lot.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:39 pm.