Financial Policies & Procedures


Transparent handling of the ANA’s income, expenses, cash, etc. with clear duties and checks and balances built in.

Financial Structure

  • Finances are overseen by the ANA Treasurer, contract Bookkeeper/Accountant, and contract Coordinator.
  • The ANA keeps two bank accounts:
    • One (called the NRP Account) is for city-funded activities and city payments.
    • The second (called the Cash Account) is an unrestricted cash account for expenses that aren’t eligible for City reimbursement. This account also functions as the organization’s reserves.
  • Spending & Expenses:
    • Expenses are tracked in Quickbooks and receipts and invoices are saved in the ANA Finance Google Drive folder.
    • Contract staff and volunteers buy supplies and materials and request reimbursement from the Treasurer.
    • The Coordinator can spend up to $100 per month without Board approval as long as the expense fits into the approved ANA Annual Budget. Anything above this $100 per month threshold needs Board approval.
    • Committees will receive an annual budget for their City-eligible supplies, expenses and printing costs.
      • Committees will report on their spending to the ANA Board.
      • Any spending beyond City-eligible expenses (like food) or above the annual budget amount requires Board approval.
      • In order to get reimbursement, Committee members will have to submit receipts using the ANA Reimbursement Form.
  • Donations:
    • Donations and payments to the organization are taken through PayPal, Mighty Cause (GiveMN), Square, personal check, and cash.
  • Money handling:
    • At events, money is handled and checked by two people.
    • All deposits are brought to the Treasurer who then deposits them into the Cash Account.
  • Email communication about finances should have “ANA” in the subject line.

Division of Responsibilities 


  • Bookkeeper/Accountant will enter and track expenses and income in Quickbooks early in the month.
    • Code expenses to appropriate City budget or cash account line items.
    • Attach receipts and invoices to Quickbooks expenses from the ANA Receipts & Invoices Google Drive folder.
    • Track donations from sales as well as City reimbursements and record donors’ names in Quickbooks.
  • Run monthly budget reports for board that include:
    • Balance sheet.
    • Profit and loss.
    • Monthly expenses.
    • YTD spending.
    • Budget balance for Neighborhood Network Fund, Equitable Engagement Fund, Neighborhood Priorities Program funds, and Neighborhood Revitalization Program contracted funds.
  • Payment Requests:
    • Run reports for City expense reimbursement.
    • Complete City payment requests monthly and send to Coordinator and Treasurer for review (~three days).
    • Send final payment requests to the City for reimbursement.
    • Save copies of payment requests in the ANA Google Drive Payment Request folder
  • Prepare and file tax documents, Attorney General filing in partnership with the Coordinator, 1099s for contractors and the ANA’s 990-EZ.


  • Bank:
    • Serve as primary contact for ANA bank accounts.
    • Deposit checks, cash payments, and donations in the ANA Cash Account.
    • Pull and send monthly bank statements for ANA NRP and Cash Accounts to the President, Vice President, Secretary, Coordinator, and Bookkeeper/Accountant.
    • Get petty cash for events as needed.
    • Order more checks for ANA NRP and Cash accounts as needed.
    • Report outstanding checks to Coordinator and Bookkeeper/Accountant.
    • Announce bank balances to the ANA Board.
  • Oversight:
    • Check ANA Quickbooks regularly.
    • Approve contract staff invoices and expenses.
  • Checks:
    • Vet expenses and reimbursement requests (confirming that they are Board approved and Coordinator is aware).
    • Write and send checks on behalf of the ANA.
    • Request ANA mailing supplies as needed.
    • Enter outgoing checks, donations and deposits in a digital register in the ANA Google Drive Finance folder.


  • Manage budget and spending for the organization:
    • Prepare a draft annual budget that documents to which City contract expenses will be billed.
    • Ensure spending is approved and does not exceed budget items.
    • Help committees budget and request board approval for expenses/events.
    • Track funds under contract at the City in NRP, NPP and other contracts.
    • Coordinate Plan Modifications, budget transfers and required City documentation once approved by the ANA Board.
  • Receipts, invoices and donations:
    • Scan all receipts for reimbursement and invoices that require payment and save in the ANA Receipts & Invoices Google Drive Folder.
    • Let the Treasurer know when invoices or reimbursement requests are ready for payment.
    • Provide Bookkeeper with reports from Square, MightyCause, PayPal and any other financial services.
    • Send donation thank yous by email or letter that includes the ANA’s nonprofit status, EIN number and the donation amount.
    • Coordinate with the Treasurer and Bookkeeper/Accountant to obtain contact information, donation amounts, and to send thank you letters as needed.
  • Reimbursement & Tracking Staff Time:
    • Assist board and committee members in submitting expense reports and receipts through an ANA reimbursement request Google Form.
    • Track expenses for reimbursement and send pdfs with receipts and expenses categories.
    • Prepare detailed monthly invoices that track staff time and code to the appropriate City contract.
  • Provide the Treasurer with stamps, envelopes, ANA return address labels.
  • City contract documentation:
    • Coordinate with the Board (usually the President) to sign City contracts.
    • Send Plan Mod requests.
    • Monitoring budgets and initiating Plan Mod processes if budgets for ANA programs run low.
    • Scan and file all digital copies of Plan Mod letters, City contract amendments, etc.

Approval & Adoption

Approved and adopted by a vote of the Board of Directors at a properly conducted meeting.

Secretary: Nikki Lindberg

Date: November 16, 2021

Revision History: n/a