June 16, 2015 Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:34 by Board President, Denis Houle

In attendance: Tom Alagna, Kelly Falsani, Jeff Forss, Steve Johnson, Nikki Lindberg; Tina Erazmus, Coordinator; 2 neighbors.

Park Update

Nikki Friederich, Park Director

  • Wading pool is open. The park is offering free lunch and afternoon snack to school age children in the area.

Committee Updates

Summer Festival

  • Band, The Melvilles, were approved for up to $750 to cover the cost of hiring the band and any additional equipment costs not covered through the Showmobile.
  • Many changes to the layout and structure of the festival were forwarded to board members.
  • Changes include switching to wristbands (no more tickets); food trucks; pushing the event out into the fields rather than up against the building; new carnival games that appeal to a wide age range; and doing a raffle instead of a silent auction.

Coordinator Update

  • Home Loan program: 8 applications requested, 5 have been submitted; 3 are pending and 2 have been fulfilled.
  • Concerns were raised by neighbors regarding alleyway junkers. We will post information online and include guidelines in our next safety newsletter.
  • NCR Draft Guidelines: we are good with our Phase 1 monies. Our Phase 2 monies are also well positioned, but may come under review because of current rules. Through the survey sent to board members, suggestions can be made to credit monies designated for certain strategies, like active home loan programs.
  • Blueprint for Equitable Engagement: feedback due July 3, but coordinators requesting an extension because of how busy summer is for neighborhoods.

Officer Elections

  • Denis Houle, President; Kelly Falsani, VP; Lance Custer, Treasurer – approved.
  • Secretary to be voted at next meeting.

New Business

  • New Coordinator: Thirteen applications were received. The hiring committee interviewed three people and are recommending that the ANA hire Nikki Lindberg to the position at a rate of $23/hr. Nikki accepted the coordinator job and resigned her position on the ANA board.
  • Next meeting will be moved to July 14 to accommodate scheduling conflicts.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.