June 18, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: June 18th, 2019

Called to Order: 6:32PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Tyler Mulcahey (Secretary)

Board members in attendance: Tyler Mulcahey, Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Donte Mearon, Judy Vecere, Patty Grabski, Brett Anderson, Ryan Antkowiak, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator)

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)
Board members absent: Adam Miller, Adriana Dobrzycka

Officer Elections for President, Treasurer, and Secretary

  • Elected President (2 year term) – Joel Federer
  • Elected Treasurer (2 year term) – Judy Vecere
  • Elected Secretary (1 year term) – Rotating amongst board members

Officer Reports

  • President’s Report
    • Thank you to everyone for helping out at the annual neighborhood meeting last month!
    • Discussion around blanket statement to respond to neighbor e-mails, messages, etc. in favor of neighborhood funding. This will also be good to include in the next newsletter. Joel will draft this up and bring it to the July meeting.
    • Discussion around a board get-together – maybe a grill out after the summer festival at Joel’s place or a park?
  • Secretary Report – April minutes approved via e-mail. No May minutes due to annual neighborhood meeting.
  • Treasurer Report – financials e-mailed

Park Update

  • Movie in the Park – Motion for the board to cover $20 for lemonade and $40 for bug spray for a total of $60. Motion approved.
  • $500 request for skate purchasing & refurbishing – Motion to table this request until Nikki can provide a more detailed list of items needed (i.e. costs).

Summer Festival Planning

    • Entertainment activities – ArtStart, Magic by Bruce,  KidZone, 3rd Lair
    • Food vendors – KCM Eggrolls, Red Wagon, Sonny’s Ice Cream.
    • Sponsor update – Eli Johnson is sponsoring Magic by Bruce. Kelly O’Neil is likely sponsoring car show. Will have lawn signs for each sponsor.
    • TapMpls (booked)
    • Facepainting search
    • Car show – We are using the full parking lot this year. Ryan Antkowiak will be the board member volunteering to help.
    • Sponsor/exhibitor recruitment volunteers  – Table costs $50 for non-profits, $75 for politicians/people running for reelection, and $100 for businesses.
    • Summer marketing & communications
      • SW Journal
        • Motion to add $130 to existing SW Journal ad spend allocation. Motion approved.
      • Summer newsletter – Motion to approve $1,400 for summer newsletter. Motion approved.
      • eNews –
      • Social media (timing and budget?) – Should do about $100 in Facebook ads
      • Armatage Park signs – $12.75 per lawn sign x 10 = $127.50

Motion to approve $250 for advertising budget for the summer festival. These funds are to be used for lawn signs and Facebook advertising. Motion approved.

NPR Phase II Contract Closeout

Motion to transfer the following NRP Phase II funds through a Plan Modification:

  • $6,356.77 from Housing Coordinator (Housing 1.1.1., Home Improvement Program) to Neighborhood Newsletter (Community Life 1.3.2)
  • $1,377.62 from Housing Coordinator (Housing 1.1.1, Home Improvement Program) to Implementation (Community Life 2.1.1)
  • $2,350 from Pedestrian Scale Lighting and Neighborhood Identity Banners to Home Improvement Program
  • $2,350 from Home Improvement Program Income to Pedestrian Scale Lighting and Neighborhood Identity Banners

Motion approved.

Other New Business

No new business

Guest: Jennifer Waisanen & Inspector Amelia Huffman, Minneapolis Police Station 5th Precinct

  • Amelia Huffman introduced herself as the new 5th Precinct Inspector. 25th year with the Minneapolis Police Department. Update on Fulton neighborhood break ins – no suspects.
  • Jennifer Waisanen went over the Armatage Crime Report from 01/01/2019 through 06/17/2019

Committee Updates

  • Community Engagement:
    • July happy hour – July 9th from 7-9pm at Red Wagon Pizza
    • Movie in the Park: Princess Bridge. Thanks to Donte, Sara, & Patty for volunteering!
  • Green Team:
    • Rain & native garden program – all slots full and 10 people on waiting list
    • 6/1 Rain & Native Garden Tour – had a good list of folks who allowed neighbors to come view their rain & native garden tours
  • Mini Grants
    • Application update – We have 3 applications in so far
    • Process after application deadline (June 15)

Coordinator Update

  • Selection of NCEC Elector & Alternate Elector (Date of election now 07/17/2019) – These spots are available if anyone from ANA wants to run for them
  • Kenny/Armatage Neighborhood Garage Sale update – We had 66 signed up. There was no registration fee this year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01pm