June 20, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:31 pm by Denis Houle.

 ANA board members in attendance: Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown, Kelly Falsani, Joel Federer, Denis Houle, Jim Hoch, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Judy Vicere and Stephanie Vigen

Others in attendance: Nikki Lindberg (ANA Coordinator), Nikki Frederich (Park Coordinator), Jennifer Waisanen (Crime Prevention Specialist), Chris Kelley (Directive Patrol Cars), Karina Landmesser (Directive Patrol Cars), Lance Custer (Safety Coordinator), Kendal Killian (City Council), 1 Armatage Resident – Chris Sorenson

Crime Prevention Report (Jennifer Waisanen)

  • 16 reported crimes March 1st – June 20th
    • 1 Aggravated Domestic Assault
    • 3 Burglaries (2 garages)
    • 9 Thefts from Motor Vehicles
    • 2 Thefts – laundry basket and backpack
    • 1 Auto Theft

Chris Kelley and Karina Landmesser (Directive Patrol Cars) explained their role, which is to be a proactive presence throughout the city. They tend to patrol areas which produce more crimes. They will drive-thru Armatage but relative to other areas in the city, Armatage has minimal crime activity.

Next Door is not something the police specifically monitor however they will respond to individuals who contact them so they can then dispense the information. Nikki Lindberg contacts Jennifer when she doesn’t know how to respond to Next Door inquiries as it relates to crime.

City Council Update – Kendal Killian

  • Minimum Wage Ordinance is having a public hearing on Thursday, June 22nd at 3:30pm at City Hall. City Council Member Linea Palmisano is generally supportive of raising the minimum wage.
  • Legislature did pass a sick time ordinance going live July 1st.
  • Edina recently passed an increase from 18 to 21 for tobacco sales. MPLS is looking at this now as well and about banning menthol tobacco products.
  • Plastic grocery bag ban has been stopped. Looking into charging for bags as an alternative way to incentivize people to bring their own bags.
  • 50th Street construction – stop lights going in at James and Minnehaha Parkway. Should improve flow and visibility as well.

Park Update (Nikki Frederich, Park Director)

  • Movie in the Park: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
    • Very well attended. Began at 9:30pm and ended around 11:30pm.
      • ~ 250 people attended
    • Wading pools are all open. The delay was because the city will not allow them to be open until school is out of session.
      • Denis proposed having swim diapers on hand in case pool users run out or need them for their children.
    • Bike locks are being purchased so Rec Center users can be able to lock their bikes for free. Park employees will keep the lock key so they can be reused.
    • Book it to the Park initiative begins tomorrow. Unlocking 50 new “little libraries” throughout the city. There will also be live readings. Armatage has the very first live reading, which is at 7AM.
    • Fall Sports Registration: Soccer, Volleyball & Football (Tackle and Flag) registration starts 07-05.
      • No one is turned away. Subsidized programs are available.

Review Post It Ideas from the Annual Meeting

  • Pool umbrellas/Sun shades will be installed in a future year. All new city pool development will now incorporate shade.
  • Adding a splash pad would require additional planning/budgeting and is therefore not on the table at this time but will be considered when we propose our list of updates/changes.
  • Dog Park is commonly requested but may be a logistic challenge. Will be considered when we propose our list of updates/challenges.
  • Tool library – Denis will look into this.
  • Neighborhood subsidized or funded Wi-Fi-enabled cameras or motion detector lights. Generally felt motion sensor lights would deter more crime.
    • Lighting, safety measures to be subsidized from the neighborhood?

Kelly suggested at the Summer Festival we provide a resource list as a response to some of the Post-It Ideas so the community can get involved and take action under their own accord

Committee Updates

Community Engagement Update

Green Team

  • Recently purchased seeds to pass along info; still brainstorming here

Safety Update

  • Self Defense Class in September?

Welcome Kit

  • Add safety/crime prevention DIY projects – get from Settegrens?

Summer Festival Team

  • Leadership roles have been assigned
    • Individual assignments are being distributed
  • Food vendors are all interested in coming back
  • Band lined up
  • Approved 4th inflatable for bouncy house activities

Coordinator Update

  • Garage Sale was a success
  • Happy Hour Update – confirm if July 17th will still work
    • Sign in sheet to capture names and share info on what ANA does in an effort to get more interest
  • Newsletter Update – Thank you to Maude. Thank you to Steve Johnson.
  • Summer Intern
  • Bylaws – need to review at some point in 2017
    • Committee formed: Jim Hoch, Kelly Falsani, Laurel Luxenburg and Judy Vecere

Secretary Report

  • May Minutes approved online
  • Electronic votes
    • Supporting Hmong event
    • Approval of May Minutes
    • Approval of $1,400 for Summer Festival Inflatables
    • Supporting Café Maude’s 10th Anniversary cancellation – now cancelled
    • Approval of $100 for pollinator seeds for the Green Team to distribution starting at movie night
    • Approval to increase our financial support for movie night from $250 to $425

Treasurer Update 

  • Previewed via email. Highlighted in meeting. Budget is on track and cash flow is good. 

Officer Elections

  • Nomination for President
    • Denis Houle – nominated, 2nd, motion for approval. Approved.
  • Nomination for Treasurer
    • Judy Vicere – nominated, 2nd, motion for approval. Approved.

New Business

  • Secretary role gets divided so everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in meetings
    • Details to be worked out but generally accepted
      • Ryan Antkowiak to continue for the time-being
  • Some type of present for Steve Johnson to thank him for his years of service.
    • Ideas discussed…. Trophy, gift card, will be discussed further
  • 54th/Penn – clean up the old dry cleaner location; currently boarded up
  • Rain garden; proposal was increased from 10 to 15 from Metro Blooms
  • Nikki was hired for West Calhoun so will now support Armatage and West Calhoun

Meeting was adjourned at 7:58 pm.