March 15, 2022 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

3/15/22 / 6:30 PM / Zoom


Eli Johnson, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere, Charlie Wolfe

NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Samantha Bild, Adriana Dobrzycka, Vikisha Goberdhan, Janhel Leandre, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler


Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Jordan Nelson (Armatage Park Director)


January meeting minutes approved via email. Updated financials were sent via email.

6:30    Welcome and Introductions (Kevin Ross)

6:33    Park Update (Jordan Nelson, Armatage Park Director)

  • Winter sports wrapping up this week
  • Spring and summer sports and programming open for online registration
  • Scholarship and fee waiver programs have been updated by MPRB. Complete an application and qualify for $300 per person to spend city-wide on park programs
  • Due to the teacher’s strike there are additional school-age programs available

6:40    Transitioning to In-person Meetings

  • Multi-purpose room at the park is available on Tuesdays or Thursdays at this point
    • May need to do either/or (in-person or Zoom) not hybrid because of budget and personnel limits
    • Plan to move in-person outdoors (May-Oct). If needed, indoors would require masks.
    • Would like to continue with a mask policy (due to not all having kids eligible for the vaccine) as well as those with immune-compromised family members
    • We (as well as the park) have lots of masks still on hand for any who attend
    • Board can make a decision for the board. Committees can decide for themselves.
  • Motion to transition to in-person meetings in May for the board (allowing committees to make their own choice). Seconded. Carries

6:55    Approval of February Minutes & Financials

  • Motion to approve the February minutes and financials. Seconded. Carries. 

6:45    2020-2021 CPP Annual Report

    • Did a walk-through of the report to ensure that it is accurate and comprehensive
  • Motion to approve the 2020-2021 CPP Annual Report. Seconded. Carries.

7:00    Safety, Equity & Outreach Update

  • Tech Day for Seniors (Sat, April 23 | 1:00-3:00pm)
  • Will not be doing the Community Helpers event and will be re-focusing on more education and community discussion focused (as part of meetings vs additional events)

7:15    Annual Meeting & Board Election
    [May 17 (outdoors if possible) 6:30-8:00]

  • Julie from Unwind Within will be a speaker (focus on stress/relaxation techniques)
  • Topic: Growing Together
  • Jamie Long plans to attend, as do Marion Greene & Linea Palmisano
  • Seats up for election: Sam, Nikki, Sharla, Kevin, plus 2 open seat (1 year and 2 year)
  • Kevin, Ethan, Charlie, Nikki (6pm) to help set up
  • Potential food (something reusable)

7:35    Coordinator Report:

  • Add Comments from Community Item to Agendas
  • Meeting Materials Options (Online, PDF, Projector)
    • Hope to source used equipment (projector and free-standing screen)
    • Leverage tech available (Google Slides)
    • Minimize printed materials
    • Project what we can via slides
  • Help Needed to Share ANA Programs/Events
    • So many events this spring and we need to each do our part to help share, like, etc.  through social media to help reach the most neighbors we can
    • If you want to help do posts, just let her know and she will get you connected

8:10    ANA Committee Updates

    • Safety, Equity & Outreach
  • Motion to allow $20 towards drinks/snacks. Second. Carries.
    • Community Engagement
      • Great support from local businesses for the Pet Fest
    • Green Team
      • Soil Health (Kiss the Ground – can link for free or on Netflix) and expert panel (3 guests)
      • Earth Day Clean-up on April 23 (mostly managed by the city)
      • Lawns to Legumes (still waiting to hear – should know later this month)
      • Another grant through City – People for Parks grant (due tonight)
        • Requires some matching funds. There is $ in a fund slated for environmental greening ($4,000 available in NRP). Should know in June if we get this grant.
        • Built in a maintenance plan to help the success of the plantings
  • Motion to approve up to $1,000 matching funds in support of this grant for plantings at the Washburn Tot Lot. Second. Carries
    • Depot update (Frey vetoed with caveats – 6 stipulations, that should be addressed soon, and the veto will be dropped) Note – Palmisano didn’t vote to support Chavez’s proposal, would have made it veto proof (but looks like it will move to be an urban farm)
      • Will be keeping an eye on the Upper Harbor Development Project

8:30    New Business

  • Welcome bag delivery – Ethan has some great ideas for people to connect with and stories to share. Great to do on social media (print space is very limited). We could highlight area businesses, too.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33


  • March 21 – Palmisano Presents on Public Safety (6:30-8:00pm, Teams & Mount Olivet)
  • April 5 – Safety, Equity & Outreach Committee (6:00-7:00pm, Zoom)
  • April 7 – Community Engagement Committee (6:00-7:00pm, Zoom)
  • April 14 – Green Team Meeting (7:00-8:30pm, Zoom)
  • April 19 – Monthly Meeting (6:30-8:30pm, Zoom)
  • April 23 – Earth Day Clean-up (9:30am-12:00pm, Armatage Park)
  • April 23 – Senior Tech Day (2:00-4:00pm, Armatage Park)
  • May 14 – Garden Tool Swap (9:00 am-12:00 pm, Armatage Park)
  • May 14 – Armatage Pet Fest (2:00-4:00 pm, Armatage Park)
  • May 17 – Armatage Annual Meeting (6:30-8:00 pm, Armatage Park)