November 17, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2020

Board members present: Joel Federer, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere, Sean Burke, Sharla McIntosh-
Ziegler, Adriana Dobrzycka

Support team present: Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Board Members absent: Adam Miller, Donte Mearon, Sam Bild

Additional Attendees: Sarah Komoroski, Ethan Komoroski, Irene Fleury, Eric Fleury

Rain gardens:

    • More people on waiting list than available slots.
    • Money for next year.
    • $37182
    • Spots reserved for renters.
    • 15 rain gardens $9000 Ethan/Kevin


    • Very popular, great feedback
    • Flyers really helped

Holiday light tour?

  • Taking pictures
  • December 13th week of


  • Vicky Goberdhan and Ethan Komoroski were elected to the ANA Board.


  • Board and committee members worked with Lauren to pull together a list of proposed year-end expenses for upcoming ANA meetings, programs and events. The Board approved $2336 to cover the proposed list of expenses.

Visioning/board expectations:

  • Working board vs advisory board
  • Every board members must join a subcommittee
  • Interview candidates
  • Consistent contact on subcommittees (chair)
  • Enforcement/accountability
  • This approach was passed and there will be a follow-up conversation in December on the proposed expectations and committee structure.

Lauren/Rachael contracts:

  • LAUREN $32/hr cost of living.
  • RACHAEL 50 hours (increase in hours) $40/hour

Donation button needs to be year round and more prominent.