November 20, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: November 20th, 2018

Called to Order: 6:33PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Tyler Mulcahey (Secretary)

Board members in attendance: Lauren Anderson (coordinator), Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Ryan Antkowiak, Judy Vecere, Stephanie Vigen, Jim Hoch, Michael Kootsikas, Adriana Dobrzychka

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland and about a dozen neighborhood residents

Board members absent: Kelly Falsani, Tara Brown


  • Kathy Waite, 5th Precinct Inspector & Jennifer Waisanen, 5th Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator – Provided map of crimes that have happened in the neighborhood since May 2018. No “major” crimes like homicide, rape, etc. Mostly burglaries and thefts of motor vehicles. Only 1 arrest has been made of a business burglary. Hard to catch the others because they are crimes of opportunity and there usually are no witnesses. Police force relies on neighbors to report suspicious activity. Residents can reach out to Jennifer for a free home evaluation to go over any potential weaknesses in your home. She can be reached via phone at 612-673-5407 or e-mail at

    Armatage board has a safety rebate program – $100 for individuals and $1000 for businesses.
  • Larry Matsumoto, City of Minneapolis Public Works – 2nd phase of Armatage road resurfacing update – provided maps to show where future resurfacing will take place. Properties within the Pennhurt Residential resurfacing project will see assessments mailed to them soon. Estimated start and end dates of Pennhurst Residential project are unknown at this time, as Public Works is waiting to hear back from the gas companies on their timeline.

Discussion was had about condition of 60th street from France to Kenny neighborhood. This would be a reconstruction project – not resurfacing – and is more costly. Timeline for the reconstruction of 60th is around 5 years.

Discussion was had about sidewalk replacement this year. These were forced assessments due to the fact that property owners are required to maintain their sidewalks. These are different than the resurfacing projects, which are considered “betterment” assessments.

President’s Report  – We recently hired a new ANA coordinator (Lauren Anderson). Welcome and thank you for joining the crew.

Secretary Report – October 2018 minutes approved by the board via e-mail and posted to website.

Treasurer Report – Financials e-mailed to the board (to request a copy of the financials from this month, email

Vote on Proposed Bylaws – Amendment proposed to update Article IX: Fiscal Year in the bylaws: Requesting to change fiscal year from March 1 through February 29 (current bylaws) to January 1st through December 31st to match the city’s fiscal year.  Amendment approved by the board – fiscal year shall now be January 1st through December 31st.

Motion to approve the proposed bylaws (along with previously approved amendment). Approved by the board (see approved bylaws here). 

Park Update, Nikki Friederich –  

  • Halloween event recap: Weather wasn’t the greatest (i.e. raining), so the event was moved indoors. Horse & wagon still did laps outside. Had at least 275 kids that showed up – close to 700-800 people in total showed up.
  • Hockey rinks at Armatage Park will be poured soon. Rinks aren’t ready until the hockey boards are up, so please don’t use them until then. If lights are not lit up, that’s also a sign that the ice is not ready yet.
    • Fire on Ice skating party at Armatage Park – Friday, January 25th from 6:30-8:30pm – DJ, hot coco, s’mores, etc.
    • Skating lessons Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday afternoons. Registration has already started, so if you have kiddos who want to sign up, please do so ASAP! Registration can be found on Minneapolis Parks website.
  • Basketball registration is underway – registration open for 10 days so far and 160 kids signed up so far. Registration is on separate website (not Minneapolis Parks website). Still looking for volunteer coaches for ages kindergarten through HS.
  • Adult fitness classes – new program brochure is available online. Hard copy is at the front desk at Armatage Park.
  • Pre-school offered at Kenny Park

Committee Updates —

  • Community Engagement
    • Washburn Park – No update
    • Happy Hour at Red Wagon – Really good turnout at last HH. Next HH will take place on second Tuesday in December – December 12th
  • Micro-Grant Program – Adriana has been reaching out to other neighborhoods that have similar programs to understand their micro-grant model. Denis will also be helping with this task. My Very Own Bed may be a good candidate for a first applicant for our micro-grant program.
  • Green Team – No update

Coordinator Update

  • 2019 Metro Blooms Rain Garden Project – Armatage partnered with them to install 12 rain gardens in 2018. In order to continue this project in 2019, Metro Blooms needs a commitment ASAP from the neighborhood how many the neighborhood will install.

    Motion to approve 20 “engagements” with Metro Blooms for 2019 (rain gardens or native gardens) pending budget approval by the board at the next board meeting. Motion approved by the board.
  • Charity Drive/Tree Lighting – Happening on Friday, November 23rd at 7pm. Renting a sleigh for folks to take photos. Formula & diaper drive will take place there.

New Business – Voting of new board member to replace Laurel will take place at next month’s board meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:34PM

Next Meeting: December 18th • 6:30pm