October 20, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting

October 20, 2020

Board Attendees: Joel Federer, Patty Grabski, Sharla Mcintosh, Adriana Dobrzycka, Kevin Ross, Adam Miller, Donte Maran, Sean Burke

Board members absent: Judy Vecere

Support team: Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Additional attendees: Ethan and Sarah Komoroski, Linea Palmisano, Stephanie Vigen, Bob Cooper

Start time: 6:37

Update from council member Linea Palmisano

  • Snow plowing today/tomorrow – street sweeping is underway which limits plowing ability – the vehicles are the same
  • Please send mail-in ballots within the next 7 days; MN can start counting 14 days prior to election day; Mount Olivet is the closest drop box location for Armatage; over 100,000 people in Mpls have voted to date
  • Plan to open 38th and Chicago (site of Floyd memorial); barricades currently exist to cordon the space but also allow for emergency access, but blockage is difficult for local residents and businesses and metro transit; open to recommendations for a winter setup/design
  • Linden Hills trolley path soil regeneration initiative
  • Working on plan to address homelessness in the area

Neighborhood funding update (NCR staff) & ANA 2021 budget: Bob Cooper

  • Two topic priorities: New neighborhood programming, funding levels
  • Neighborhoods get 4.2M, dropping progressively down to 3 in 2023
  • $31k in 2020, $25,600 in 2021, $23 in 2022, $14 in 2023 for Armatage; additional 1800 for equitable engagement fund
  • Next steps and decision points: Nov 5 for Public Health and Safety committee vote, then to city council, Dec 9 budget adoption

Halloween Decoration Tour

  • 15 houses signed-up
  • Help needed in the next week from board members as ambassadors to spread the word for signups and viewer participation; asking for individual Nextdoor posts
  • Flyering around the park and at local businesses – Adriana and Donte volunteers
  • Program begins Sunday 10/25
  • Discussion re local businesses to support via purchase of prize gift cards

Holiday Lighting at the Park

  • Need park to confirm if there will be an ice rink
  • Proposal to utilize CPP funds to purchase lights for use this year and years forward VS hiring a vendor to hang tree lights (~$600)

Fall program Wrap-up & Recommendations

  • Fall neighborhood clean-up
    • 34 volunteers, 12 teams, 18 bags of trash, 10 bags of recycling
  • Let’s Get Uncomfortable Workshop
    • Some mixed reviews from attendees; attendance was lower than desired
  • Fall Food Truck Night
    • 200 attendees
    • Dinner hour traffic and long menus slowed down the process significantly – some hour-long waits to receive food
    • Vendors were pleased with sales

President’s Report

  • Brett Anderson resigned from the board effective immediately (home move)
  • Patty Grabski resigns from the board effective November (home move)

Minutes – approved via email

Committee Updates

  • Green Team:  Ideas for future equity-focused engagement
    • Ongoing discussion re how to diversify and expand outreach to residents, building off of popularity of the rain garden program; expand seasonal programming
  • Mini Grant:  Update on 2020 grant projects
    • Armatage school projects on hold for the time being
  • Subcommittee assignments and structure – plan to discuss at November board meeting

Coordinator Update

  • November HH
    • 11/10, 8-9pm, virtual on Zoom – proposal to cancel due to previous very low participation VS plan a structured activity or game
    • Decision to cancel and perhaps plan something later in the year/season
  • Supply and Tech needs continued
    • Funds leftover in CPP
      • T-shirts, rechargeable speaker, microphone
      • Plan to organize for November meeting to vote on spending and supplies

Adjourned 8:30