Records Retention Policy

I. Retention Schedule

File Category Retention Period
Corporate Records 7 Years
Finance & Administration 7 Years
Insurance Records 7 Years
Real Estate 7 Years
Tax 7 Years
Human Resources 7 Years
Technology 7 Years

II. Electronic Documents and Records.

Electronic documents are retained as if they were paper documents.  Therefore, any electronic files that fall into one of the document types above are maintained for the appropriate amount of time. If a user has sufficient reason to keep an e-mail message, the message should be moved to an “archive” computer file folder (or printed in hard copy and kept in the appropriate file). Backup and recovery methods are tested on a regular basis.

III. Emergency Planning.

The Organization’s records are stored in a safe, secure, and accessible manner. Documents and financial files essential to keeping the Organization operating in an emergency will be backed up at least monthly and maintained off-site.

IV. Document Destruction.

The Coordinator is responsible for the ongoing process of identifying records ready for destruction and their disposition.  Paper financial and personnel-related documents are shredded. The Organization reviews documents on file at least annually, and destroys records that have surpassed the retention period.

Document destruction will be suspended immediately, upon any indication of an official government investigation or when a lawsuit is filed or appears imminent. Destruction will be reinstated upon conclusion of the official government investigation or the resolution of the imminent or filed lawsuit.

V. Compliance.

Failure on the part of volunteers, employees, or contractors to follow this policy can result in possible civil and criminal sanctions against the Organization or its employees. Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action. The President will periodically review these procedures with legal counsel or the Organization’s CPA to ensure it is in compliance with new or revised regulations.

Approval & Adoption

Approved and adopted by a vote of the Board of Directors at a properly conducted meeting.

Secretary: Nikki Lindberg

Date: September 21, 2021

Revision History: n/a