April 17, 2012 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

ANA board members in attendance: Jeff Forss, Nikki Lindberg, Betsen Philip, Noah Schuchman, Keith Swanson

Others in attendance: Jen Swanson, ANA staff members: Ben Hecker and Zack Farley, Ward 13.

Welcome – ANA Secretary Nikki Lindberg called the meeting to order at 6:44 pm

City Council Update – Zack Farley with Ben Hecker

Ben provided some updates about the Penn Avenue reconstruction (plans available online). The city is looking at ways to connect Richfield to the lakes, especially for bikers. Lyndale Avenue and bridge construction is expected to be complete by fall.

Safety Update – Keith Swanson

From concerns expressed to MPD about the speed of Penn Ave. traffic, Officer Clark had the speed wagon (mobile sign showing your speed) and extra officers assigned to issue tickets as needed. They stopped 64 cars, and ticketed half of those drivers.

ANA Board Officer Election

Unable to vote.

Summer Festival Planning – Jen Swanson

Jen will arrange with the same people as last year for the entertainment at Summer Festival. She is also working with the park to provide more recycling options and building in ways to reduce waste.

Armatage365 Photo Books

Discussed ordering enough for the photographers involved, but will need to vote on final cost. The domain has been renewed, and currently, without an administrator, we are on a break from the 365 project.

Welcome Packets – Jen Swanson

We have used up the 100 welcome bags ordered last May. Jen requested $160 to order 100 more plus $100 in copying expenses. Will need to vote via email. (Email vote: Please consider this proposal for the expense of $260-$300 (up to $300, in case the price has gone up) for more reusable ANA bags and copying of neighborhood information to welcome new residents. Approved)

Treasurer Report


Secretary Report

Approval of minutes tabled.

New Business

  • Jen will ensure our Community Participation plan will be submitted. We will need to also submit the Neighborhood Priority Plan soon. Our 2012-13 allotment for our CP plant is $45,010 (2012-2013).
  • Jen mentioned using a soon to expire Vistaprint coupon – and will submit an email vote. (Requested: 4 large yard signs with ANA logo and Summer Festival info, One stamp for depositing checks, and One mug to qualify for free shipping. Total price for this order $103.95; Product discounts: $22.28; Voucher discount: $50
  • Total cost: $10 for voucher and $31.67 for overage = $41.67. Approved)
  • Jeff asked Jen about the issue of missing documents off the website, and if anything had been resolved. He has a client he can have look at the site and see if he sees issues, but we suspect it is something with the host site.

Meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.