May 15, 2012 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

ANA board members in attendance: Kelly Falsani, Jeff Forss, Denis Houle, Nikki Lindberg, Betsen Philip, and Noah Schuchman

Others in attendance: Jen Swanson, ANA staff members ; Matt Perry, Community Engagement; Fred Linehan; David DeNamur.

Welcome – Noah Schuchman, ANA President called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm

Safety Update

Keith was not able to attend, and no report was given. Denis mentioned being aware of fire, as a result of a recent episode in their neighborhood. Don’t assume if you smell fire that it is intentional.

Coordinator Update – Jen Swanson

The May newsletter has been sent. The neighborhood garage sale looks to be well on its way. The deadline for including your sale is May 21st. National Night Out (to be held Aug 7) sent emails to blocks that have participated in the past, and by responding are registered. New blocks will need to register online. For the June meeting we will get our next annual report draft and draft of our CPP plan.

Recycling stations are available for free for certain events (Jerry will help us arrange for this through the Park for our Festival) and we will need to staff this recycling station with 1 volunteer/hourr to help guide disposal.

Board Votes Between Meetings

  • ANA Officer Elections: Noah Schuchman, President; Betsen Philip, Vice President; Tom Alagna, Treasurer; Nikki Lindberg, Secretary. Motion was made to approve slate. Approved
  • Please consider this proposal for the expense of $260-$300 (up to $300, in case the price has gone up) for more reusable ANA bags and copying of neighborhood information to welcome new residents. Approved
  • Requested: 4 large yard signs with ANA logo and Summer Festival info, One stamp for depositing checks, and One mug to qualify for free shipping. Total price for this order $103.95; Product discounts: $22.28; Voucher discount: $50. Total cost: $10 for voucher and $31.67 for overage = $41.67. Approved
  • Motion to acknowledge past service for departing board member, Tina Erazmus. Approved.

Summer Festival Planning (Monday, August 13) – Jen Swanson

Volunteer information and assignments will be distributed at our June meeting.

Armatage365 Photo Books

Nikki will put book together. We hope to present photobooks to the photographers at the June meeting.

Armatage/Kenny Garage Sales – May 26

See above.

Treasurer Report

Tom forwarded an update, which Jennifer distributed.

Secretary Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer report, March & April minutes. Approved.

New Business

Roadwork meeting (Denis, David, Jeff) – three in attendance shared some of the information they learned at the recent neighborhood roadwork meeting. Because they can mill faster than pave, some roads will be milled for a while. The road crew also mentioned that some of this work wouldn’t happen until August. Denis shared the dates of NNO and Festival with them in the hopes of avoiding roadwork right by the park during these events. He also said that many concerns were raided about traffic rerouting to Upton during Penn Ave. construction, as work will also be happening on Upton.

Meeting adjourned at 6:51 p.m.