April 26, 2021 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

4.26.21 / 6:30 PM / ZOOM 


Samantha Bild, Adriana Dobrzycka, Joel Federer, Vikisha Goberdhan, Ethan Komoroski, Nikki Lindberg, Sharla McIntosh-Ziegler, Donté Mearon, Kevin Ross, Judy Vecere



Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Jordan Nelson (Armatage/Kenny Park Director), Lara Bergman, James Riley


6:30    Welcome and Introductions

James Riley from Logan Park and a volunteer with Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) shared information about the 911 Mental Health Crisis Response Bill — A bill for an act relating to public safety; requiring referrals to mental health crisis teams via the 911 system; amending Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 403.03, subdivision 1 (to be known as Travis’s Law. He requested help to raise awareness about the bill, and, if willing, for people to contact their House representatives to encourage them to support bill SF1924 (companion bill HF1686 passed the House). James will attend the Safety Committee meeting on Saturday and can bring flyers to help share information.

6:40    Update from Armatage Park Director Jordan Nelson

The Rec Plus after-school program is back running with about 25-30 kids. This winter saw a successful basketball season and a busy ice rink, with over 80 kids skating on the weekends. Registration is open now for summer sports. Some summer programming is being revamped to use more outdoor space. The Park Board plans to have wading pools open this summer. Playground demo is planned for a June start, and the rebuild is expected to take 4-6 weeks. You can review and comment on the Park Board’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan through July 18, 2021. Public meetings and other details available online.

Board members noticed graffiti in the park during the Earth Day Clean-Up, in particular in the skatepark, and on the park sign and building. Jordan was aware of some graffiti, but will re-submit a request to have it removed. It was asked that the board follow-up to see if the city or neighborhoods have any comprehensive plan to address graffiti, and what are the consequences for these acts (city graffiti info).

The board also asked what we could do to support Jordan and the park programming. Beyond continued promotion of their programs, he wasn’t sure, but will keep it in mind and appreciates the board’s support.

6:50    Open Discussion on the Trial & Community Safety

No remarks.

7:10    2021 Annual Meeting (May 18) & Board Election Planning

  • Open board seats (half elected each year for 2-year terms): Ethan, Joel, Vicky, Donte, Janhel, Judy. If you plan to run again, please complete the online candidate application by May 9
  • Election moderators needed to help vote verification, and can’t be in the election. Sharla, Kevin, and Sam volunteered to help.
  • Speaker update — Armatage Reparations & Equity Actions (AREA), Jamie Long, Marion Greene, Linea Palmisano (10 min to speak, with 5 min QA)
  • ANA presentation — beyond the slides for each committee (3 min each to present), what ANA accomplishments should be highlighted
    • Some events like the kite building and flying day, as well as the holiday lights and Halloween tours
    • The formation of new committees
    • Plan Mod updates, securing our funding for several years
    • Participation plans (meetings, events) how/why get involved
  • Gift cards— we will give away 6 $25 cards as door prizes
  • Communications to promote the election and meeting — already in the newsletter, eNews, and on social media. Can ask to be on the park sign. Promote at May 8th event. Other ideas welcome.

7:25    Leadership Roles & Transition Planning

  • President and Treasurer positions are both up in June. Judy, the treasurer, has served for 3 terms/6 years in that role, and should have someone new step into that role. The by-laws were amended to allow a ⅔ vote to allow an extension for an officer’s term. She is willing to continue for now, but is hopeful someone will be interested in transitioning into this role. Joel also intends to re-run for his position as president unless someone else is interested. He, however, may not be able to fulfill his 2-year term as he may have outside commitments that would necessitate his stepping down. Officer elections are in June.

7:40    Coordinator Update

  • Armatage play area update — Beyond what Jordan presented, Lauren pointed out that the final plans didn’t have shade coverings due to budget overruns. However, the ANA has funds reserved for park improvements that didn’t get used during the Washington Ave park upgrades. We are trying to see if these funds ($28,095) can be put toward the Armatage park redevelopment.
  • Hennepin County ArchivesA motion was made and seconded to participate in the archive program to submit paper and digital documents (such as newsletters, event photos, meeting minutes) that will be stored and made accessible online (example in link from Elliot Park neighborhood). Motion carries.
  • City funding update — the CPP has been extended to the end of the year, which gives us time to get the required paperwork created. They are releasing a policy generator tool that will help neighborhood organizations meet these requirements.
  • ANA mail — although there is a forwarding request submitted through May, some mail was delivered to park

7:55    Green Team Roof Depot Letter

  • Ethan from Green Team presented an overview of the East Philips neighborhood redevelopment proposal. The letter written by the Green Team requests an environmental impact study (EIS) as part of their project proposal. It also addresses the Green Zone policy and how the East Phillips proposed project meets this initiative. The Zoning Committee will address this project on May 4, and City Council on May 14.
    Motion was made and seconded, after minor edits, to send the to Palmisano and Frey on behalf of the board. Motion carries.

8:05    Committees (3-minute updates)

  • Safety, Equity & Outreach (SEO) — Met on 4/10 in the park with about a dozen neighbors and discussed:
    • Social media
      • Responsible posting and reliable sources for information (post graphics and text created and sent to Lauren) want will follow up regarding engagement numbers
    • Building a relationship with MPD
      • Will look to invite to future events later this year
      • Look into catalytic converter theft deterrent program (Update: the MPD looking at the efficacy of the program to decide if they will do something similar to what was done in St Paul)
      • Re-engage with our Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisanen (she will be at our June 15th meeting)
      • Promote the new Minneapolis tip line
      • Continue promotion of block/apartment clubs
    • Address mental health and personal safety during the Chauvin trial and beyond
      • Have gathered resources onto one page on our website
      • Look at hosting a facilitated discussion about the issues raised from the trial
    • Welcome bag program partnership and potential “new neighbor” article for newsletter
    • Promote: rental assistance program, vaccine connector
    • Event idea to thank our first responders, health care workers, public works employees, etc. in partnership with the Community Engagement committee some time this fall
  • Community Engagement
    • May 8 Event: Spring Tea & Blooms (2:00-4:00 pm at the park) Jinx Tea and Sparrow Cafe will be selling beverages, Cafe Ceres (plan to open on May 8) is donating pastries and treats, we will be giving away spring planting kits for kids and books from Jump!, as well as hosting a scavenger hunt (completed forms will be entered for a gift card drawing).
  • Green Team
    • March 30 Solar Workshop -— 12 attendees, Mn Renewable Energy Society presented a lot of great information
    • Reading Circle  All We Can Save – Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis — did an activity using a Venn diagram that he will share with the board
    • Earth Day Clean-up April 24 went well with a bigger turn out than last fall’s event (so we ran out of grabbers). Please keep an eye on storm drains and help clear them before spring rains.
    • Rain and native garden program with Metro Blooms is kicking off — already have lots of excited folks signing up
    • Kid A did 11 pick-ups in the neighborhood

Meeting adjourned at 8:25


  • May 1 – Safety, Equity & Outreach Meeting (10-11am, Armatage Park Play Area with masks)
  • May 6 – Community Engagement Committee (5:30-6:30pm, Zoom)
  • May 6 – Reading Circle Meeting #4 (7:00-8:00pm, Zoom)
  • May 8 – Tea & Blooms (2-4pm at Park)
  • May 9 – Board Candidate Registration Deadline
  • May 13 – Green Team Meeting (7:00-8:15pm, Zoom)
  • May 11-18 – Online Board Election
  • May 18 – Annual Meeting (6:30-8:30pm, Zoom)