December 16, 2014 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:33 by Board President, Denis Houle

City Council Update by Ken Dahler, Aide

Ken highlighted some recent topics, including: the enforcement of the parking within five feet of a driveway; e-cigarettes are being included in the Clean Indoor Act; parameters have been created for accessory dwellings; and more talks will be held with the FAA regarding runway usage and noise. The 58th & Upton traffic circle has been removed and Public Works will evaluate the results to determine a more permanent solution which should be implemented this spring. Construction on 54th Street will begin in 2106, but the design process is underway. More details and public meeting notices available on the city website (search for Penn-Lyndale project). Although our ward saw an increase in our property taxes, it was lower than initially proposed.

Park Update by Nikki Friederich, Park Director

The basketball program has 21 teams enrolled (a great showing). The park will be hosting a new winter event, Fire & Ice, on Friday, January 23 from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Safety Update by Jennifer Waisanen, Specialist

Jennifer presented a map summarizing that last quarter of criminal activity. We have been pretty fortunate the last few months, with little crime of note. Topics were solicited for the January Safety Seminar. A few suggestions included what to know about door to door solicitation, when to call 311 versus 911, and personal safety tips.

CPP Budget Update

The CPP budget was presented with updated verbage and corrected budget amounts. A motion was made to accept this budget. Motion carried.

Coordinator Update by Tina Erazmus

  • The housing loan program language as agreed upon by the multi-neighborhood committee was shared with the board. The board opted to take time to review the documents and vote in January.
  • The calendar for 2015 was approved as follows: January 20th (Safety Meeting); February 17th; March 17th; April 21st (Safety Meeting); May 19th (Annual Meeting); June 16th; July 21st (Safety Meeting); Monday, August 10th (Summer Festival); September 15th, October 20th (Safety Meeting); November 17th; and December 15th.

New Business

  • Some corrections need to be made to the website, and monthly updates were suggested, including the posting of the most recent minutes.
  • Tom wondered if there would be neighborhood interest in forming a group for small business owners (self-employed, freelancers, etc.) to meet quarterly to socialize and share ideas with each other.
  • There were concerns raised about parking for Kwan’s, which is being used by Red Wagon patrons. It is hoped that this will work itself out as the novelty of the new restaurants levels off.

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m.