December 17, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: December 17, 2019

Called to Order: 6:30pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Ryan Antkowiak

Board members in attendance: Adam Miller, Ryan Antkowiak, Sara Fulton-Koebling, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Michael Kootsikas, Patty Grabski, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere, Joel Federer, Tyler Mulcahey, Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Others in attendance: Linea Palmisano (Council Member, Ward 13), Jordan Nelson (Park Director), Veronica Quito (resident)

Board members absent: Brett Anderson

6:30pm Welcome & Introductions

6:35pm Update from Council Member Linea Palmisano

  • Here to discuss the budget and to provide an update on Pedestrian Safety which are intertwined
      • The city budget process ended Friday
        • Palmisano was the chair of the budget committee and was therefore very involved with this process. Provide great detail about the process and highlighted that as modifications to the original budget take place, any modifications need to be offset elsewhere.
        • Palmisano proposed budget reform but it did not pass; unsure how to proceed here as she feels it will get lost or will be overlooked as we move into a Presidential election year; on the backburner for now
      • Majority of budget goes to Public Works, Fire & Police and to the City department
      • Social services falls under the county
    • Palmisano advocated for better collaboration with the county to more specifically address violence prevention.
      • As part of the final budget, funding that was earmarked for 14 FTE was redirected to improving the training of the policy force. The current training facility is undersized, old and not safe based on modern standards.
        • Also working to get state funding to develop a new training facility
      • Palmisano was proud of these efforts and thinks this is a positive step into helping our police force evolve with the times
    • Pedestrian Safety Update
      • Vision Zero is beginning to be implemented which ultimate goal is to have zero traffic deaths
        • Areas of focus
          • Projected future street use
          • Review of bus routes and stations
          • The movement of people and goods
          • Reasonable and technically defensible
          • Reducing speed limits (where appropriate)
          • Addressing unsafe driving behaviors (distractors such as texting)
        • Pillars of Vision Zero
          • Create equity
          • Eliminate economic disparity as it relates to traffic
          • Utilize data to drive decision making
          • Incorporate and engage the community
          • Be accountable and transparent
        • Significant efforts being made towards education, communication and enforcement
          • One such example: Gang Interdiction Unit
            • Goal is to legally remove a gang member and in doing so show them a better path forward; eliminating the need for and reliance on a gang

7:05pm Park Update

  • Park Director, Jordan Nelson provided a park update
    • Ice rinks are under construction; no open date set but expected in the next 1-2 weeks. Signage on Penn once open.
    • Youth Sports is about to kick off. Over 250 kids signed up for basketball. So much demand needed to contract gym space from Burroughs.
    • 1/24 – Fire & Ice event

7:15pm Chili Cook-off & Fire on Ice event

  • Board Member, Adam Miller provided an update
    • New event this year (Chili Cook-off)
      • Logistics coming together
      • Intend to have 12 contestants
      • Attendees of Fire & Ice can sample the 12 chili’s for $5. Funds will be split between Park and ANA.
      • ANA to provide supplies and a trophy
    • Board approved funding for this event – $105

7:25pm ANA 2020 Planning

  • Board President Joel Federer unveiled a working calendar of all of the events, activities and communications ANA is involved with.
    • With proposed 2020 budget changes, encouraged board members to think about what projects/events they are most passionate about. Expected as a board we will need to step up our volunteer efforts to put less on the coordinator.
    • This could further be needed in 2021 and beyond depending on final budget decisions.

7:30pm  Staffing Contracts:

  • Coordinator
  • Accountant
    • Board President Joel Federer dismissed current coordinator (Lauren Anderson) and current accountant (Rachel Ireland-Henry) from this discussion
      • Discussion of current city budget for staffing as well as our 2019 hourly requirements for both positions
        • Some discussion on how this may change if we see a budget cut; reiterated need for board to step up their efforts to help the coordinator
      • Unanimous desire to retain both the current coordinator and accountant
    • Accountant
      • Offered a contract for 2020. Requested better communication as we approach a budget maximum. Better metrics.
    • Coordinator
      • Discussion surrounding necessary hours (board felt these could be reduced slightly as Lauren no longer has the learning curve she had in her first year) as well as making compensation more inline with other coordinator wages.
        • Offered a contract for 2020. Reduction in hours from an average of 19 hrs/week to 18 hrs/week. Increase in wage as well to fall more in line with average.
    • Both the account and coordinator accepted the board offers

8:15pm Minutes – approved via email

Treasurer Report – financials emailed

8:17pm Committee Updates:

  • Mini Grants 2020 Round
      • Subcommittee already meeting on this and expect demand in 2020
  • Green Team February Organics Recycling Workshop
      • Lauren Anderson (Coordinator) to lead workshop. Recycling is a major passion for Lauren; thrilled to lead the workshop.

8:25pm Adjourned