December 18, 2012 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association & Safety Meetings

ANA board members in attendance: Tom Alagna, Jeff Forss, Steve Johnson, Nikki Lindberg, Betsen Philip, Jim Steely, Alisha Strowbridge, and Keith Swanson

Others in attendance: Tina Erazmus, ANA staff member; Sarah Broich and David DeNamur.

Called to order at 6:31 by Betsen Philip

Safety Meeting

Called to order at 6:07pm by Keith Swanson

Amy Lavender sent statistics summarizing 2012. Overall, crime in Armatage has been minimal, but several surrounding areas have seen significant increases. Amy credits locking doors and windows with our lower rates, so please keep alert. If you see suspicious activity call 9-1-1 an be sure to let Amy know as well.

Neighborhood Meeting

Called to order at 6:31pm by Betsen Philip

Safety Update

See above. It was also noted that the 5th precinct commander, Matt Clark, has been promoted to Assistant Chief of Police. Our new commander is Inspector Tony Diaz.

Park Update – Jerry Peterson

The Showmobile has been reserved for the ANA Festival on Monday, Aug. 12. With the recent change in temperatures, the ice rink finally get made, but in unlikely to be available for winter break. Basketball coaches met last week, and winter program will be in full swing come January. Hockey programing takes place at Lynnhurst. It was noted that Jerry is starting his 12th year with Armatage Park.

Vote on 2013 Calendar

January 15th at 6:30; February 19 at 6:30; March 19 Safety at 6:00, Annual at 6:30; April 16 at 6:30; May 21 at 6:30; June 18 Safety at 6:00, and 6:30 for ANA; July 16 at 6:30; August 12 ANA Festival; September 17 Safety at 6:00 and ANA at 6:30; October 15 at 6:30; November 19 at 6:30; and December 17 Safety at 6:00 and ANA at 6:30. Motion to approve as presented carried.

Ideas/Speakers for Annual Meeting

Top 3: 1-Janee Harteau; 2-Tony Diaz

Other ideas: Scott Dibble, Amy Klobucher, Al Franken, Water district, MTC (in advance of construction), someone associated with airport noise, someone with stadium. Table Kieth Ellison and Paul Thissen because of past scheduling challenges.

Coordinator Update – Tina Erazmus

SW Airport Advocacy Team (SWAAT)

Group of affected neighborhoods looking to band together to stay on top of this issue. Spearhead by Bryan Simmons of the Kenny Neighborhood Association, Armatage, East Harriet, Fulton, Kingfield, Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, Tangletown, Window and possibly Edina, will try to work together on this team. They plan to meet with Betsy Hodges and John Quincy (Wards 13 & 11). Those interested in this team are invited to attend the Fulton neighborhood meeting on Wed., Jan. 9 at 7pm at Pershing Park. (More information is available at

Creek Path Update

Fulton and Lynnhurst neighborhoods, along with Armatage, were at a recent meeting about the plans for the Minnehaha Creek. As it isn’t in our neighborhood (just adjacent), the Board feels that we can keep aware, support their efforts, but probably don’t need to be intimately involved. We will keep our website up-to-date with information about the project for interested neighbors, and will invite them to participate at our Festival, etc.

Secretary Report

November minutes accepted with no changes.

Treasurer Report

Budget presented and accepted with no changes.

New Business

Sarah Broich, requested to be considered for the open board position. She has lived in the neighborhood for just over a year, is recently married, and is looking to get involved with her neighborhood. Motion was made to accept her as a new board member to complete the term vacated by Noah. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m.