February 19, 2013 Minutes

ANA board members in attendance: Tom Alagna, Sarah Broich, Kelly Falsani, Jeff Forss, Denis Houle,
Steve Johnson, Nikki Lindberg, Betsen Philip and Keith Swanson.

Others in attendance: Tina Erazmus, ANA staff member; Matt Perry, NEHBA; Anita Kempf, Danielle & Tom Walczak, and Bonnie Riley.

Armatage Neighborhood Association Meetings

Called to order at 6:31 by Betsen Philip

City Council report – Jennifer Swanson, Aid to Council Member Betsy Hodges

Update on Penn Avenue construction: There was a public hearing at the end of January, the committee resloved to move ahead on the street improvements, but will not be doing the lighting. In preparation for the construction, fire hydrants will be replaced and all ash trees will be removed (trees will be replaced after the road work is completed).

The Share the Love event will take place in February at Animal Control, and offers animal adoption deals.

Step Up internships  are available for people aged 14-21. Applications are accepted through March 4 for summer positions.

I 35W Gateway Landscape Project  – Tina Erazmus

The city has given $500,000 to this project. They are looking into improvements at 11 high traffic/high visibility locations along 35W to help distinguish areas of Minneapolis. Neighborhoods will have representation on the planning committee. They are hoping to have a website up soon. Project plans are to be set by August.

Safety Update

Two armed robberies have taken place in south Minneapolis at bus stops. Cell phones are currently a very hot item to be stolen. Betson and Keith remined people to stay alert. We should be able to get an update on this an other safety issues from Amy in March.

Park update

The ice rink is now closed. Sign-up for spring sports will take place from 6:30-8:00 pm on March 19 & 21 at Armatage and on March 26 & 28 at Kenny.

CPP Budget – Neighborhood Priorities for 2013

Suggestions were taken for neighborhood projects. These ideas will be grouped by topic for the annual meeting where neighbors can vote on the ideas they are most interested in seeing the ANA focus on in our neighborhood.

Ideas: continue the welcome packets; pair new residents with residents who have lived in the area for awhile; one mailed newsletter each year: best Xmas light contest; utility box art wraps; doggie bags available in the park; blooming boulevards program; promote a fix-up fund; speed detector signage; host a winter event (curling, dog sleds, snowshoeing, bonfire, horse drawn sleigh, winter bbq, snow sculpture/ice carving); outdoor fitness machines (Trust for Public Lands have programs available); neighborhood weight loss challenge; arbor day planting/tree adoptions; Bloom Award for gardens (sort of like Blend award); formalize cross-country skiing at the park (groomed trails, skis for rent); establish a farmer’s market in neighborhood; create a community garden.

Coordinator Update – Tina Erazmus

Airport team update: Renamed the Airport Advisory Group (no longer SWAAT). Sending letters to the FAA (with examples of why we have concerns) and provided form letters for neighborhoods to send. Creating a plan for getting information out to affected neighborhoods (such as using Facebook, Nextdoor, neighborhood websites, mass email, etc.) and will decide at their next meeting (next week) how best to do this.

Annual meeting update (March 19, 6:00 Safety Meeting, 6:30 Annual Meeting):

Current slate of speakers include:

  • Inspector Tony Diaz
  • Minneapolis park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn
  • Minneapolis City Council Member Betsy Hodges
  • Katherine Blauvelt from Senator Al Franken’s office
  • Minnesota Senator, Scott Dibble
  • Minnesota Speaker of the House, Paul Thissen

Board positions up for election: Keith Swanson, Steve Johnson, Denis Houle, Tom Alagna, Betsen Philip, Kelly Falsani

Secretary Report

January minutes accepted with no changes.

Treasurer Report

Budget presented and accepted with no changes.

New Business

Matt Perry, NEHBA – Received an additional $50,000 facade improvement grant (this is their 5th time being awarded).  They have a great grant administrator and they are able to quickly and efficiently get the grant monies out into the community. They will be submitting another $50,000 grant application, and would appreciate a letter of support from the ANA. A motion was made and passed to send a letter of support.

A motion was made and passed to spend $40 to get a gift on behalf of the ANA for our board member, Alisha, in honor of her new baby.

Meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.