December 19, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Armatage Rec Center

Date: December 19, 2017

Called to order: 6:37 pm

Presided by: Denis Houle, President

Note taker: Joel Federer

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown, Kelly Falsani, Joel Federer, Jim Hoch, Denis Houle, Bri Keeney, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Stephanie Vigen
Other — Nikki Lindberg, Coordinator; Nikki Friederich, Park Director; Rachel Ireland-Henry, Accountant; Cynthia Skrzy, Kenny resident


Kelly Falsani motioned to amend agenda and go around the table with introductions. Bri Keeney seconded. Motion carried.


Council update – No update this week


Park update

  • Ice rink is being flooded.  Anticipate opening the week of Dec 26th
  • New programs are starting in January


President’s Report – Denis Houle

  • Attended tree lighting ceremony
  • Attended 2040 event Attended 2040 event to give community input on the vision of Minneapolis.
    • Another event in January
  • Neighborhood funding group is presenting a plan
  • Request a micro-grant subcommittee that can assist in creating the wording and help to create the criteria. (people within the community can apply for small grants)  See Fulton neighborhood


Secretary Update – November minutes approved online


Treasurer Report – Judy Vicere

  • Current financial statements sent via email.  


Committee Updates

  • Community Engagement – Bri Keeney and Nikki.  Washburn Tot Lot next meeting is Dec 20th from 6-8 pm
    • Issues were raised about safety. Project planner will respond to ANA on this topic
  • Next Happy Hour is January 9th  7-9 pm at Red Wagon Pizza
  • Green Team – Rain garden consultations should be done, property plans developed in January; install date should be decided in February


Coordinator Update – Nikki Lindberg

  • Business facade grant for Penn Dental in process (grant will be for just over $3k)
  • January newsletter – Michael volunteered to be our board member highlight; include info on use of salt on sidewalks, park info, Mobile Menders event, park events/activities

Coordinator Contract Renewal

  • Contract to be renewed for another year with an $1.50/hr wage increase.


New Business

  • Mobile Menders event, providing free sewing and mending services, to be held at Armatage Community Center Feb. 10 1- 4 pm.
  • Neighborhood Forests – Armatage school is not interested. Still trying to confirm with Kenny school.


Meeting adjourned: 7:59 pm


Next regular meeting: January 16, 2018 • 6:30pm