November 21, 2017 Minutes

Armatage Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Armatage Rec Center

Date: November 21, 2017

Called to order: 6:32 pm

Presided by: Ryan Antkowiak, Secretary

Note taker: Stephanie Vigen

In attendance: Board Members — Ryan Antkowiak, Jim Hoch, Michael Kootsikas, Laurel Luxenberg, Judy Vecere, Stephanie Vigen

Other — Rachel Ireland-Henry (accountant)

Residents – Gary Remafedi, Matthew Larson

Guest Presenters

  • Late Night Take Out/Diamond BBQ
    • Did not attend

City Council Update – (Linea Palmisano, City Council Member; Kendal Killian, Ward 13 Aide; Patty Day, Ward 13 Aide)

The following officers were nominated and approved.

  • Did not attend

Park Update – Nikki Friederich, Park Director


  • Nikki Friederich could not attend but Nikki Lindberg provided updates.
  • Youth sports registration is open but filling up fast.
  • Fire and Ice event – January 19th 6:00-8:30pm
  • Tree lighting this Friday @ 7:00pm
    • Sleigh will be delivered on Wednesday.
    • Will collect diapers and formula donations that night. Nikki Lindberg will drop off.

President’s Report – None

Secretary Report

  • October minutes approved online

Treasurer Report – Judy Vecere

  • Current financial statements sent via email.
  • Rachel Ireland-Henry, Accountant
    • Rachel will begin tracking numbers at the first of the year.

Committee Updates

  • Community Engagement – 12/2 open house for Washburn Park
    • Will take place at Armatage Rec Center
  • Happy hours at Red Wagon Pizza – Ryan Antkowiak
    • Next happy hour will be on Tuesday, January 9th from 7:00-9:00pm

Coordinator Update – Nikki Lindberg

  • Communications policy
    • Nikki sent info to NCR. They thought it would be better to meet with some ANA board members so Nikki would like to see who is interested.
    • Sample communication topic: Should ANA accept advertising in the newsletter?
  • Bylaws (link of review went to board)
    • Ready to send to the city.
  • Tree lighting, Friday at 7pm
  • Business facade grants: Penn Dental
    • First application for the grant.
    • Grant would be for a sign that will be internally lit.
    • Roger from SW Business Association will follow up with Nikki Lindberg when that organization receives funding.

New Business

  • Trees for Kids
    • Need to determine if ANA would like to be involved in this for Earth Day 2018.
    • Organization is Neighborhood Forest.
    • Cost to sponsor is approximately $2.00 per child.
    • Tree will be given to children to plant at home.
      • Trees are 6-12” and native to MN.
    • Targeted toward elementary school children although ANA does not have a strong relationship with either of the elementary schools.
    • Ryan Antkowiak will address at the next PTA meeting to help determine interest.

New Business/Other

  • Crime statistics
    • Nikki Lindberg spoke with Minneapolis Police. The Police agree that the crime information should be presented in a different way, however, they do not have a statistician to work on this.
  • Minneapolis 2040
    • The event that is closest to Armatage is at MLK Park on December 11th.
    • Conference is in January.
  • Parking lot at the park is extremely dark.
    • Need to determine what can be done about this to improve safety.
  • Minneapolis Crisis Nursery volunteer event
    • Tara Brown is organizing an event on December 2nd if anyone is interested in participating.

Next ANA meeting is scheduled for December 19th.

Meeting adjourned: 6:55 pm

Submitted by: Stephanie Vigen