January 19, 2010 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting Minutes


Keith Swanson, Noah Schuchman, Steve Johnson, Jerry Peterson, Scott Silver, Jen Swanson, Dan Sweeney, Amy Lavendar


Committee for Park & Community Life – update from Peggy

  • Plan to meet Thursday, February 4
  • Focus on the park building as the hub – Tina
  • Possibility of soccer moving to Kenny? – Jerry
    • Fields are essentially overused
    • MPRB looking at scheduling things at different parks – Kenny soccer, Armatage something else, etc.
    • Scheduling would be the same
    • Combine the boards? – Already do everything together anyway
      • Trying to figure out the right way to do that
      • Don’t want people to think that either ACC or Kenny is going away
    • Fields are widely used by multiple users
    • Received a grant for upgrades/irrigation – unknown install date
    • Tennis courts will be re-surfaced and fixed in the spring
  • Focus on ID banners and light pole banners
  • Portraits of Maude Armatage and the Armatage Park area will be going up in the lounge area

Variance for 5440 Penn Avenue South – church tower

  • Concerns about noise from bell tower – is there a plan for when the bells would ring?
  • No vote because there was no requested action by the applicant

ANA Annual Meeting Agenda/Ballot/Speaker

  • March 16 Annual meeting
  • Jen will email out ballot information/list of board members up for re-election
  • Jen will work on a mailer once we have confirmation from speakers

2010 Armatage Treasure program

  • Will be announced in the new newsletter
  • Would need to order some reward/award and frame
  • The idea is that we’ve had this program but it hasn’t gone anywhere…
  • At the end of the year, volunteers/the board would work on the awards for the nominees – to be recognized at the beginning of the annual meeting
  • Work on ideas for rewards
    • Boundary sign version
    • Framed newsletter article/certificate
    • Window cling
    • Logo mugs
  • Noah moved approval of recognizing the nominees at the annual meeting.
    • Keith seconded
    • Approved on a voice vote


Amy Lavendar – Safety Committee Update

  • Neighborhood policing plans
  • Precinct/neighborhood-wide crime maps were distributed
  • Burglaries happening during the day
  • There is a potential suspect who has a warrant out – hope is that when he is picked up, the burglaries will stop
  • Guy who stole Tom’s trailer will be having a first hearing on February 4th
  • Amy hopes to know more about her job situation soon, but if she is bumped out Chelsea and Tom will cover for her

Summer Festival – same Tuesday

  • Steve will talk to the band again
  • Any other ideas?
    • Expand the time?
    • Car show?
    • Looked into a company that runs all the games for you

New business

    • Bylaws need to be changed to reflect the changed boundaries – will be voted on at Annual Meeting and will be noticed in the neighborhood

Adjourned at 7:26 p.m.

Dan Sweeney                                      Noah Schuchman
President                                             Secretary