July 21, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Commence: 6:30

Location: Zoom/ Virtual

Board attendees: Joel Federer, Judy Vecere, Brett Anderson, Patty Grabski, Kevin Ross, Sharla McIntosh, Sean Burke, Adam Miller

Board absentees: Adriana Dobrzycka, Donte Mearon, Samantha Bild
Additional attendees: Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Board Elections

  • Secretary – Patty Grabski – ran unopposed, unanimous vote
  • Vice President – Kevin Ross – ran unopposed, unanimous vote

Community Conversations

  • Community Safety survey feedback
    • Question is really broad – comments accepted to improve clarity
  • Interest in offering Workshop re race and anti-racism
    • Motion passes unanimously to allocate $500 towards Theater of Public Policy event
    • Potential to share event with another neighborhood
    • Discussion re virtual vs in person event

August Community Outreach

  • Food Truck Night
    • Team not getting responses from many vendors
    • Red Wagon – declines to do any face to face customer interaction
    • No food permits from the city; would have to be park facilities
    • Sunny’s Ice Cream said YES
    • Milk and Cookies truck could be available
    • Challenge of dealing with / organizing congregation of people
    • Budget $500 for communications; $150 in supplies
      • Up to $650 : motion carries unanimously, dependent on subsequent committee plans
  • Bike Parade event
    • City not allowing any block permits, but said to go ahead and do it on our own, as long as participation is below 250
    • No volunteers to chair the program – will communicate to full board via email
    • Table for now

Summer 2020 print newsletter

  • Article submissions due July 31
  • Content
    • Kevin Ross – feature new board member
  • Census Update
  • Mail-in voting
  • Article re ‘20 is plenty’
  • ‘Nature’s Best Hope’ book recap

Other Business – none

President’s Report

  • Meeting with Carol, Kenny president, N2020, discussed possibility to merge neighborhood associations

Minutes – Approved Via Email

Treasurer Report – Financials Emailed

  • CPP funds – possibility to move $ around the following:
    • Transfer $3,000 from Staffing to Professional Services
    • Transfer $1,500 from Communications to Professional Services
    • Transfer $570 from Communications to D & O Insurance
    • Transfer $700 from Communications to Supplies & Materials
    • Transfer $383 from Occupancy to Supplies & Materials
    • Transfer $2,300 from Occupancy to Meetings & Community Building events
  • Motion passed to move $8453 in CPP funds
    • Pay $4500 for Metro Blooms out of CPP (i/o NPP)

Committee Updates

  • Green Team:
    • $1,000 approved for Native Plant Rebate Program
    • $75 approved for Adopt a Storm Drain Challenge
    • $150 approved for Litter Be Gone Clean-up
  • Complete Count:
    • Census Social Media Campaign Recap
    • $50 gift card to 4 respondents from digital campaign
  • Mini Grants:
    • Happy Hour 2 Min Recap
    • Safety and engaging children with the arts
    • Held an orientation in May for new grant recipients
    • Staying flexible through COVID re uncertainty of kids in school – both grants are with Armatage school

Coordinator update

  • Neighborhoods 2020
  • Armatage funding is proposed to go down yearly $32,000 – $23,000 – lower – $10,000 in base funding
  • Financial orientation
    • Training/ deep dive for board members
    • Rachel/accountant to lead the training
    • Proposal for Zoom
  • Website info
    • Need board member info, paragraph
  • August board meeting
    • Typically not held due to Summer Festival
    • Hold short official meeting for few topics – add Financial Orientation
    • August 18
  • Park updates from Jordan
    • Rec centers closed indefinitely
    • Parks attempting to accommodate tents/ campgrounds – limits on number; goal to add toilet facilities and handwashing, sanitizer

8:16pm Motion to adjourn