June 15, 2010 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

6 p.m. – Quarterly Safety Meeting

6:30 p.m. President Dan Sweeney brought the meeting to order.


Board members in attendance: Sweeney, Johnson, Alagna, Erazmus, Swanson, Steely, Schuchman

City Council Update – Council Member Betsy Hodges

  • Monthly Ward Breakfast is now Quarterly Ward Breakfast – July 21st is the next one
  • Will be singing at the festival with Armatageous
  • If the neighborhood has ideas for places that need beautification, the Streetworks Youth Employment program is available – please let me know if you have suggestions
  • Fire Inspections program administration (4+ units) has been transferred to Regulatory Services. Was going to be in perpetuity but will now be for a two year trial period. We will audit the way it’s going and work to build capacity for management of that program in the Fire Department
  • 60th and Xerxes stop light – Ben and Betsy did a drivethrough of the ward and looked at it today. No staff updates, but we have it on the radar. We are working on that
  • No current plans for Nice Ride outlets to come this far south
    • What happens if the outlets are full? Unknown

Armatage NRP Phase II Balance Update

  • City Council will approve all Phase II NRP plans at 100%; report with increased funds distributed
  • We could use NRP money for additional newsletter?
  • Grant for newsletter could also be used for printing of small batches and mailing
    • Could it be used for web site or other communications?
      • Jen will check on options
  • Administration (Jen’s salary)
    • We need to do a plan modification to pay administrative costs
    • $26k in phase 1 Park improvement strategy is still available
      • Can be moved to cover
        • Noah made a motion to move the $25,000 from the Park Improvement strategy to the Administrative strategy
          • Keith seconded
          • Approved on a voice vote

Matching Business Grant Update

  • Two applications came in on the same day
    • Fred Linehan for Pizza place fencing
    • BP for north entrance concrete

Summer Festival: Volunteer Opportunities

  • Every board member has a section of the festival for which to recruit volunteers
    • Keep info and also call to remind – also pass along information to Jen for the master list/check in
  • Car show – Tom and Jake
    • Will also need volunteers – 1 or 2
    • 9-10 cars already planning to be there
    • Have a meeting scheduled for June 22 at 6 to discuss the Car Show
    • We have two sponsors (possibly a third) – cash sponsorships and possible silent auction items – trophies and awards
      • BP/Mobil confirmed
      • Lerum Auto confirmed
      • Possibly Linehan
      • Possibly Carquest Auto parts

Treasurer Report

  • Paid a couple of bills
  • Looks about the same

New Business

  • Tara Carson – What if any communication do you have with block captains related to the block party?
    • Emerald Ash Borer – do we need to talk to the community and Park Board to get some info on the website?
      • The City forester gave a map of ash trees in the neighborhood – there are a lot, specifically on Upton
      • The tree canopy is really important – so Tara thinks it’s important for blocks to try to work together to try to stave this off
      • The only reason this is a problem is that there is firewood being brought in
      • Tom suggested allocating money for new trees through the City’s tree program
      • Park Board has stopped allocating money toward ash trees
      • City Forester – Ralph Sievert – at the August meeting?
      • Post something online or have a table at the fair?
        • Dan can post an article or links on the website if someone submits
      • Came across a great website today on ten simple ways to go green with the block party
        • Dan will put on the website

Meeting Adjourned.

Secretary for this meeting: Noah Schuchman