March 19, 2019 Minutes

Date: March 19th, 2019

Called to Order: 6:35PM

Presided by: Tyler Mulcahey (Secretary)

Note taker: Lara Bergman

Board members in attendance: Tyler Mulcahey, Stephanie Vigen, Adriana Dobrzycka, Michael Kootsikas, Brett Anderson, Judy Vecere, Lara Bergman, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator)

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant), Stacy Sorenson (City of Minneapolis NCR), Nikki Fredich, Tara Carson (green team), 3 community members, SW Journal reporter Nate Gotlieb

Board members absent: Joel Federer, Ryan Antkowiak, Tara Brown

Park Update- Nikki Fredich

  • Crews are making their way around to take down hockey boards
  • Please stay off the fields until dried up
  • Sports programs have begun, younger ages are growing in popularity
  • In need for head track and field coach (2 assistant coaches returning): May- mid June, Mondays & Thursdays
  • New at Armatage: Pickle Ball (already at Kenny)- do we want to add lines to tennis court here?
  • Egg Hunt April 13th: egg hunt, bunnies, character artists, arts and crafts, refreshments, need help handing out prizes 11am-12pm

Committee Updates

Mini Grants- Adriana Dobrzycka, Stephanie Vigen

  • Review of program for community members present:
    • Main goal: engaging the neighborhood
    • Individuals, businesses, school are eligible
    • ANA will serve as a resource, technical assistance, application assistance
    • First year for learning, other neighborhoods with programs have offered to act as a resource for ANA
    • Could ask for letters of support for accountability
  • Communication efforts: website, promote annual meeting q & a, Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor
  • Board members should promote program to neighbors

Green Team- Tara Carson, Lauren Anderson

  • Fix-it Clinic Recap: great turn out, 49 people, 66 items, 30 volunteers, Tara and daughter handed out cocoa
  • Donation Drive – April 6: need volunteers to sort
    • Advertise through social media- Lauren will use Facebook funds to boost event
    • Possible to post at Settergrens, Red Wagon, community boards- Starbucks and Sparrow, at the Park

Rain Gardens- Lauren

  • There was a lot of interest last year and the reason some gardens were not installed was because of timing conflicts and because some homes were not eligible for a rain garden and residents opted out of having a native garden instead. A community member from the town homes on 58th has offered to have people come see her native garden and rain garden, which was installed with help from Metro Blooms. There is discussion of whether or not to host a garden tour to promote the program in conjunction with the Garage Sales. Other promotions include possibly doing a wrap around the utility box on 58th. Lauren will follow up on that inquiry.
  • This year Metro Blooms will be more upfront about timing so that residents have a better idea of when to expect the work to be done. There will be spots reserved for renters, with Green Team members offering weeding assistance. Also, it was proposed to include 5- $100 grants for residents who meet income requirements.

Plan Modification- Stacey Sorenson

  • ANA can move up to $25,000 at a time (more requires more community input)
  • Funds are from the return from home improvement loans, which can be reinvested into other projects
  • There is approximately $135,000 in loan returns so if our projects are a success, then we can request more funds in future months

Motion to request $25000 from home loan repayment with funds not to exceed $14000 (17 gardens) for Metro Blooms and funds not to exceed $11000 for mini grants. Approved by the board.

Neighborhoods 2020- Brett Anderson

Brett will draft a letter and share it with the board for feedback. The deadline for the comment period is the end of the month.

SW Parks & Minnehaha Parkway Master Plan

        Motion to submit feedback letter for submission. Approved by the board.

Other New Business


Secretary Report – minutes approved via email

Treasurer Report – financials emailed

Coordinator Update

  • Garage Sale: Lauren will let the board know when Kenny confirms the date, which is proposed as May 31 and June 1, 2019. This year participants will submit via a google form and there will be no fee.
  • Shredding Event: May 11, 10am-noon, sponsored by Kelly O’Neil
  • Will include Jim’s board spot at the May meeting, listed as 1 year term
  • Spring Newsletter

Motion to approve $1400 for publication of spring newsletter. Approved by the board.

  • Summer Festival: The planning team met to discuss layout and entertainment options. Discussion of whether to rent a tent for dining/ vendors. Thinking of ways to generate funds. Lauren will send out a doodle poll for next meeting.
  • Lauren requested $300 for technical support for website/email. Motion for $300 to be used in technical support. Approved by the board.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm

Next Meeting: April 16th • 6:30pm