May 17, 2011 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

ANA board members in attendance: Tina Erazmus, Kelly Falsani, Denis Houle, Steve Johnson, Nikki Lindberg, Betsen Philip, Noah Schuchman, Jim Steely, Alisha Strowbridge, Keith Swanson. ANA staff member: Jen Swanson.

Others in attendance: Mark Noble, Kyle Nolan

President Alisha Stowbridge called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.

Safety Update – Keith Swanson

Update regarding the Level 3 Sex Offender: He has a parole violation and is currently being held, possibly until his sentencing in June.

There have been several forced-entry burglaries in Armatage in the past month. Doors have been kicked in (reminding us that you need to have 3-inch screws securing the deadbolt) or door glass broken to gain entry (some on dwellings, some garages). There has also been an increase in auto thefts (both vehicles and vehicle contents). Be sure to keep things locked up.

Armatage365 Photography Project – Noah Schuchman

Currently in the third week. Things are going smoothly. Have gotten some great pictures already. Keep spreading the word and sharing the website ( We have Armatage365 business cards available for the photographers and board members who wish to spread the word. The photographers are having an Happy Hour tomorrow at 5:00pm at Maude’s for a chance to get to meet each other.

Additional photos taken each day are loaded into a Flickr pool (link on website) for those interested. Other 365 neighborhood programs have linked to our page (and us to them).

Summer Festival 7/19/11 – Jen Swanson

Silent Auction letters out. Sign-up sheets. Steve will help pick up items.

Have a digital frame set up with the 365 photos running at ANA table (w/ sign-up for interest in book). Tshirts (staff & photographers) website on it. Tina motion to above; second Betsen — unan approval

Coordinator Updates – Jen Swanson

The Welcome Packet distribution has begun. We are distributing to those who have moved in since November. From this point forward, Jen will get a monthly update and distribute accordingly. (Jen asked for help delivering Welcome Packets. Please check the list for address you can help deliver.)

We are hosting a Block Leader Training here on June 15. The board was asked to help distribute flyers to unorganized blocks to try to recruit block leaders.

The Armatage/Kenny garage sale date is May 28. Registration deadline is Monday, May 23. Maps will be available.

Secretary Report – Nikki Lindberg

April minutes, with a clarification from Amy added, were approved

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Steely (Tom Alagna unable to attend)

They are in the process of turning-over the bank account. We did receive an advance of $5,000 for our Community funding. No other significant activity to report.

New Business

Keith asked if we thought the ANA should post something about the national award the Armatage Montessori principal received. There didn’t appear to be much interest.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.