October 15, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: October 15, 2019

Called to Order: 6:30pm

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Donte Mearon

Board members in attendance: Lauren Anderson (Coordinator), Michael Kootsikas, Patty Grabski, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Judy Vecere

Others in attendance: Nikki Fredricks (Park Director)

Guests: Clara Schmit- Gonzales and Mah Isaac (City of Minneapolis Department of Regulatory Services), Emma Pachutta (Minneapolis Park & Rec. Board on Parks for All Compressive Design),

Board members absent: Adam Miller, Ryan Antkowiak, Sara Fulton-Koebling, Brett Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

6:30pm Welcome & Introductions

6:35pm Nikki Fredricks (Park Director)

  • Winter programs. Basketball registration. Hockey and wrestling available at Lynnhurst
  • $500 was not enough money to fill skate inventory. They are looking into alternatives live donated and second hand skates.
  • Possible chili cook off fundraiser during Fire and Ice event
  • Looking for volunteers for Trick or Treat Trail
  • Halloween in the Park
    • Motion for $900 to pay for horse and wagon, storyteller, entertainment at event
    • Motion passed

6:45pm Clara Schmit-Gonzales (Traffic) Mah Isaac (Housing) with Minneapolis Regulatory Services

  • New website to check 30 years worth of regulatory services violations – tinyurl.com/violationsdashboard
  • Mah is the Housing Inspector

7:00pm Emma Pachutta from Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

  • Park board comprehensive plan for years 2007-2020. Next plan will be a 20 year plan. Boards mission is safety, sustainability, visionary leadership, and work with shared values of the neighborhoods.
  • Plan is for all of the park and not individual ones. Plan draft early 2020
  • Painted comment boxes are in district parks for feedback. They are collecting over 3000 pieces of raw data to come up with metrics for success

7:20pm Coordinator update

  • Plan Mod Outreach
  • Flyers – Door knocking routes were selected
  • Social media outreach – Board members needed to review comments and data
  • Motion to approve $50 for treats for Tot Lot Pop up. Approved
  • Motion to approve up to $100 for glow sticks and give away items for Halloween table. Approved

7:35pm Council Member Linea Palmisano Ward 13

  • 2040 Plan to build affordable housing at 50th and France parking structure
  • Vision zero survey – www.visionzerompls.com
  • Speed limit consistency
  • Minneapolis Police Department training facility

8:15pm Minutes from September meeting will get approved by email

8:15pm Treasurer’s report emailed

8:20pm Green Team

  • 20 volunteers and about 20 bags of trash and leaves
  • Adopt a drain
  • Rain / Native gardens wrap up & 2020 plans

8:25 Mini grants

  • Update on mural project:
    • Working with Cave Vin and Red wagon to paint parking lot walls
    • Will use social media and ANA events to get in put about mural subject
  • Thermal camera project is up on website and in the fall newsletter and neighbors are signing up to borrow it.

8:30 Adjourned