September 17, 2019 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Date: September 17, 2019

Called to Order: 6:35PM

Presided by: Joel Federer (President)

Note taker: Patty Grabski

Board members in attendance: Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Donte Mearon, Patty Grabski,
Joel Federer, Brett Anderson, Ryan Antkowiak, Lauren Anderson (Coordinator) Adam
Miller, Michael Kootsikas, Judy Vecere

Others in attendance: Rachel Ireland-Henry (Accountant)

Board members absent: Adriana Dobrzycka, Tyler Mulcahey

  • The ANA discussed its draft plan to reallocate remaining, unspent neighborhood
    funds to keep programs and community services going for approximately the
    next 4+ years should there be a gap or significant decrease in City funding. Bob
    Cooper and Aryca Meyers from the City of Minneapolis were in attendance to
    answer questions on ANA’s remaining funds and draft plan.

    • Category items and dollar allocations were discussed, particularly areas
      that were decreased in allocation going forward: mini grants, staffing and
      safety rebates
    • Estimated current budget is $241,500, plan mod total is $209k, leaving
      $16k uncontracted which will need to be allocated by November
  • More information will be shared starting October 15 for community members to
    give feedback on the draft plan through the ANA’s fall print newsletter, on, in the eNews, on social media, as well as at outreach events
    (Halloween at the Park, a Washburn Tot Lot pop-up play date, and the November
    18 neighborhood meeting where a final vote will take place).

    • A key requirement will be to give a minimum of 21 days notice to the
    • The board discussed creating teams to door knock to solicit resident
  • Summer festival download, key learnings
    • Food vendor setup was an improvement over last year
    • Significant increase in revenue over recent years
    • Screen printing was successful – few kinks to work out to improve
  • Fall and Winter upcoming programs
    • Litter B Gone – all is set for 10/5 event; discussed social media outreach to attract volunteers; see budget request below
    • Halloween party
      • Discussed volunteers to staff a board table
    • Park tree lighting
      • Vote passed to simply light trees and cancel ‘event’ with sleigh, lighting, etc. Supporting details include cost, difficulty in scheduling/ choosing a date near holidays, potential for inclement weather
  • Budget items The board approved motions for the following items:
    • $600 to wrap lights on two trees in Armatage Park next to the skating rink again this year,
    • $20 for warm drinks at the Green Team's upcoming Litter Be Gone clean-up on October 5,
    • A budget increase to $250 for each Neighborhood Happy Hour plus $40 (including tip) from the ANA cash account due to increased attendance at the events,
    • $200 for new shelving and organization in the ANA office.

Meeting adjourned: 8:35pm