October 18, 2011 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting Minutes


  • Alisha Strowbridge*
  • Betsen Philip*
  • David DeNamur
  • Denis Houle*
  • Jennifer Swanson
  • Kelly Falsani*
  • Max Broich
  • Noah Schuchman*
  • Sarah Pesola
  • Tina Erazmus*
  • Tom Alagna*
  • Matt Perry
  • Amy Lavender
  • *Board member

Amy Lavender

  • Update on the shots fired incident on 6000 block of Penn
    • Working on developing charges
  • Only 2 part 1 crimes in Armatage in September
  • Residents finally calling 911 when they see problems
  • January 1 is likely last day – hopefully we will be getting a new CPS

NRP Policy Board Election – Elector selection

  • Noah nominated Denis
  • Betsen seconded
  • Approved on a voice vote

CPP Program Guidelines

  • Feedback?
    • Matt Perry says to please submit comments – most of the comments come from the same 10-12 neighborhoods, not neighborhoods like Armatage
    • Matt Perry – Information session on October 27 at King Park

Great Streets RFP

  • Jen presented a draft of the grant proposal
  • Target the building on the NE corner of 60th and Penn as a possible recipient
  • Matt Perry – suggests making a guesstimate of buildings/businesses that may use the grant and how – be more specific
    • Also, letters of support from businesses who like the idea or are interested, have worked with the ANA, etc.
    • Increase the ask to $50k, but be as accurate as possible
      • Jen notes that the staff person thinks we’re better off asking for $25k
    • Suggest a “Crime Prevention through environmental design” agreement with the applicants
  • Tom – why do we not have a neighborhood business association?
    • Jen – ten years ago there wasn’t interest and it quickly disintegrated

Year-end newsletter

  • Suggested use of the Communications & Outreach money we were given
  • Discussion of newsletter for the end of the year or potentially a couple of times a year
  • Noah expressed concerns about calling anything a “newsletter” – particularly after we spent time telling people a mailed newsletter is ending
  • Idea to do an annual report rather than a newsletter
  • Noah moves to allocate Communications & Outreach money to an “annual report” that would go out in February to report on 2011
  • Betsen seconded
  • Approved on a voice vote

Secretary report – sent via email

Treasurer report

  • Tom distributed the treasurer’s report

New Business

  • Noah gave a brief report on the Armatage 365 project
    • Hits have been consistent in the 1,500 range