October 25, 2022 eNews

The Halloween Tour is Here!

Enjoy the sights and frights around Armatage AND Kenny for this year’s Halloween Tour, which runs each night from 6–8pm through October 31! The tour is self-guided and great for all ages with 23 fabulous displays. Please be respectful and minimize idling if you drive.

Find the tour map and a PDF to print with all the tour stops at armatage.org/2022halloweentour/ Once you’ve visited every address on the tour, head back here to vote for your favorites in the following categories: Best Use of Pumpkins, Spookiest, Armatage Neighborhood Fave and Kenny Neighborhood Fave. The display with the most votes in each category will get a $50 gift card generously donated by Book Club at 54th & Penn!

Oct 18, 2022 Meeting Recap

The ANA had a great October meeting with Park Commissioner Cathy Abene and Aryca Myers from the City’s Neighborhood & Community Relations Department. Commissioner Abene walked the ANA through the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board’s proposed budget and answered questions on low-cost youth programming and repairs for the Lake Harriet Bandshell. The ANA Board also went through its 2023-2024 city funding applications, outlined and edited engagement plans, and approved the final draft. The meeting wrapped up with a quick refresher board training.

Thinking of Adding Rooftop Solar?

If you’re thinking about going solar, it’s easier now with the Solar United Neighbors Twin Cities Area Solar Co-op. Solar United Neighbors is a nonprofit that has done more than 350 solar co-ops around the country helping over 7,400 people go solar. Solar co-ops are neighbors joining together to get the best price and service from a solar installer, tap into the expertise at Solar United Neighbors, and support each other through the process and Members will access incentives including Minneapolis Green Cost Share funds.

Co-ops are free to join and there’s no obligation/ Learn more, including how to join, at www.solarunitedneighbors.org/twincities and attend an upcoming webinar:

Public Hearing for MPD Chief Nominee Tomorrow

The City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee will hold a public hearing tomorrow (Wed Oct 26) at 1:30pm at City Hall on Mayor Jacob Frey’s nomination of Brian O’Hara to serve as police chief. See below for meeting information and learn more about participating in a public hearing including how to stream it here.

  • Public hearing on nomination of Brian O’Hara for police chief
  • 1:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 26
  • City Council’s Public Health & Safety Committee, City Hall, 350 S Fifth St, Room 317

Room 317 will be open 30 minutes prior to the meeting and you are welcome to register to speak.

Get Ready to Vote in the 2022 Election

The November 8 election is almost here! Make sure you’re ready to cast your ballot. We’ve included lots of helpful links below but if you’ve got more questions, https://vote.minneapolismn.gov is sure to have the answer!

21-Day Equity Challenge

In 2021, the United Way of Olmstead County challenged Minnesotans with a powerful opportunity for learning, action, and growth. The concept was simple – spend 10-15 minutes a day learning about equity and justice issues. Although you cannot sign up to receive daily emails any longer, all 21 days of activities can still be accessed on their website. Activities include watching short videos, reading articles, and listening to music; all things you can do from the comfort of your home. More than 1500 Minnesotans participated in October of 2021; will you challenge yourself to participate now? Access the activities here: 21-Day Equity Challenge | United Way of Olmsted County (uwolmsted.org)

“We must see who benefits from their race, who is disproportionately impacted by negative stereotypes about their race, and to who power and privilege is bestowed upon – earned or not – because of their race, their class, and their gender. Seeing race is essential to changing the system.” – Reni Eddo-Lodge

Thank you to Armatage neighbor, Sheila Dingels!

Keep Leaves Out of the Street

Please do your part to protect our local waterways and keep your leaves out of streets and storm drains. Collect leaves and other yard waste and place them next to your regular recycling and garbage containers for city crews to haul. You can also use leaves as mulch in your garden, mow them into your lawn, or add them to your backyard compost.  In Minneapolis, it is illegal to rake leaves from your yard into the street (Title 17, § 427.270 of the Minneapolis Code).

Decomposing leaves wash into storm drains and eventually end up in Minneapolis’ lakes, streams, and the Mississippi River where they over-fertilize the water and help harmful aquatic plants and algae thrive. The result is murky water that isn’t good for swimming or fishing and harms wildlife. Thanks for doing your part this fall! Visit minneapolismn.gov/ solid-waste/yardwaste/ for more information or call 612-673-2917.

Street Sweeping Has Begun

Watch the progress, look up your sweeping date, and get all your street sweeping questions answered at https://www.minneapolismn.gov/getting-around/parking-driving/streetsweep/

Crews will post temporary “No Parking” signs at least 24 hours in advance so streets will be clear of cars when they’re swept. Anyone who parks on the street will need to follow posted parking rules or their cars may be ticketed and towed.

Neighborhood Funding Changes for 2023

The Southwest Connector released released a story on the reduced funding for many neighborhoods including Armatage starting this January. In previous years, Armatage received around $31,000/year in funding and as of January 1 that number will drop to just over $14,000/year, which is a big change. Please check it out and learn more here.

Pumpkins Can Go in Organics Recycling

When you’re done with your carved pumpkins and other gourds, you can put them in your green organics recycling cart. They don’t need to be bagged but do remember to remove any candles or lights first.

If you haven’t signed up for organics recycling yet, you can also put them with your other yard waste. Added synthetic materials such as paint, permanent markers, glitter or jewels make that part of the pumpkins non-compostable, and then they have to go in the black garbage cart.

Remember: Wrappers from Halloween candy go in the garbage. They are not recyclable or compostable.  Find more information on organics recycling on the Solid Waste & Recycling webpages.

Runway 17/35 has Reopened

Runway 17/35 at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport (MSP) reopened last week after being closed since September 6 for safety area restoration work adjacent to the runway. Aircraft operating at MSP had been directed to use Runways 12L/30R and 12R/30L while Runway 17/35 was closed. This caused an increase to air traffic over southwest Minneapolis. More information about the project is available here.

Now that Runway 17/35 is open we can expect a return of typical aircraft activity. Anyone with questions regarding airfield or aircraft noise and/or runway closures may call the Community Relations Office at 612-726-9411.

Apply for Neighborhood Traffic Calming by Nov 1

Each year the City of Minneapolis receives 2,500+ requests for traffic calming measures – far more requests than resources. In an effort to better serve residents, the City just launched a new Traffic Calming Request Process! Visit https://bit.ly/mplstrafficcalming to learn more and apply for traffic calming at an intersection or on a street around Armatage or anywhere in Minneapolis now through November 1!

The ANA submitted comments on this process this past winter and are glad to see the application launch. Please go check it out!

Weekly Yard Waste Collection is Back!

Weekly yard waste pickup is back and the yard waste collection season has been extended through the end of November going forward to catch all those late-to-fall leaves! The week of Nov 28 will be the final week for collection of leaves, brush and other yard trimmings.

Set out property prepared yard waste at your alley or curb next to your carts by 6am on garbage/recycling day. You can use a reusable container, compostable bags (kraft paper bags or BPI-certified compostable bags – look for the BPI logo) or bundled branches string or twine (no wire or tape). Learn more about yard waste collection requirements here.

Help Needed: Racial Housing Covenant Interviews

Do you live in a home that had a racial housing covenant? Daniel Rosenblum, a visiting PhD researcher working with the Mapping Prejudice Project, is looking for residents from Armatage who would be open to participating in interviews. This would be a great opportunity to share your perspective on your home, neighborhood, racial covenant histories, and recent events in Minneapolis in relation to covenant data compiled by the Mapping Prejudice Project.

To sign up, contact Daniel Rosenblum at rosen918@umn.edu or 267-337-0670.

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