Armatage Reading Circle

Our first Reading Circle has wrapped up! Meetings were held monthly, first on Zoom and then outdoors + distanced in members’ backyards (in case of rain, we’ll meet on Zoom). This was a such a success that the group will have a second reading circle that starts in January 2022. Email for more info.

The Armatage Reading Circle will choose a new book to read and discuss next. Even if you weren’t able to join the first meetings, please consider signing up below to join the e-list be a part of the next Reading Circle.

We know everyone is busy these days, so this is a slothful book club: each month, neighbors will read one section of the book individually, then come together as a group to discuss. The pace ensures everyone can digest each section without feeling rushed and engage in deeper dialogue about the current climate crisis in a way that fosters genuine neighborly connection, creativity, and maybe even some action, using this book as a guide. More enthusiastic members can dive deeper into supplementary materials if they wish!

We know this is tough time for many, so if you are unable to purchase a copy but would like to participate in the reading circle, please email us at, and we can get you a copy.