September 22, 2020 Minutes

ANA Board Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2020

Board members present:  Joel Federer, Kevin Ross, Patty Grabski, Samantha Bild, Adam Miller, Judy Vecere, Sean Burke, Sharla McIntosh, Donte Mearon, Adriana Dobrzycka, Brett Anderson

Support team present:  Lauren Anderson, Rachel Ireland-Henry

Board Members absent: 

Additional Attendees:   Sarah and Ethan Komoroski (Green Team), Ben VenZant, Stuart and Cindy Tapper, Tommy Cohen, ‘echampion’, Merrie Sjogren, ‘Jeff’, Stephanie Vigen, Michael Kootsikas, Tara Brown

  • Discussion re possibility of new wine and liquor store at Snap Fitness location at 54th and Penn
    • Merwin Liquors
    • Stuart, Cindy and Tommy Cohen partners
    • Large independent chain – 8 stores
    • Goal for Upscale with focus on wines and craft beer; MN local craft beers
    • Timing Q1/Q2 2021
    • Request for a letter expressing support from the board to pass to council
  • Fall Food Truck Night
    • Sunday 10/18, 430-6pm
    • Confirming Gerhardt Brats, Fairfaves (fair food), Thumbs cookies
    • Park is trying to bump the event for a baseball rain date – need ideas for new space
    • Supplies: EVENT TODAY large feather sign – reusable; flyers; A-frame signs = $600 budget request – motion carries unanimously
  • Halloween Decoration Tour
    • Planning support volunteers needed
    • Request for $150 – 3 x $50 gift cards for category winners = motion carries unanimously
    • for local COVID guidelines
    • Donte suggestion for at-home make a Halloween t-shirt kit; Donte to initiate committee to review ideas
  • Let’s Get Uncomfortable Workshop
    • 10/6, 830-10pm; DangerBoat Productions
    • Board members may observe, but not participate
  • President’s Report – no Updates

  • ANA response to Neighborhoods 2020
    • Motion carries unanimously to approve ANA letter and send to council
  • Welcome Bags
    • New volunteers needed to adopt ownership of the program
      • Sean B volunteers to be delivery person (only) and Kevin Ross
      • Sarah and Ethan Komoroski volunteer to take over execution of the program (non-board)
      • (Sarah) (Ethan)
  • Green Team Updates
    • Native Plant Rebate Program
      • Participation at 14
      • Great opportunity for those unable to participate in raingardens
    • Adopt a Storm Drain Challenge
      • Participation at 5
      • Plan for monthly reminders
    • Neighborhood Clean-up (Litter Be Gone)
      • 10/3 9am , setup at the park
      • 25 teams signed up
      • Chinook book codes
  • Mini Grants
    • HH discussion re committee priorities, outreach to potential grant participants
    • 2 current grant recipients programs are on hold due to COVID and virtual school
    • Donte shared ideas for his grant mural project
  • Coordinator Update
    • Neighbor issue with dumping – request for letter of support, in lieu of we will direct him to 311 and councilmember Palmisano
    • T-shirt order, possibly hats – request for funding $800, motion carries unanimously

Adjourn at 8:51